by Max Barry

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by The Parliamentary Monarchy of Montanity. . 73 reads.

Countries Simplified by me

Third Soviet Union - COMPLY OR DIE
Axuru - ⚫w⚫
Middle Vers - if you spend one more Karuo on your guns I swear I'm banning loafism
Reich republic of montanity - doesn't exist
Montanity 2 Electric Boogaloo - my good friend
Someones stupid alt - Axuru 2 Electric Boogaloo
Lyronesia - EMU WAR 2
Weebabo montanity liberation task force - Montanity 3 Axuru's Revenge
Santamar - Spainish or Vanish
Territorio di Nessuno - The post by Montanity has been suppressed by Territorio Di Nessuno
Dualu - Third Soviet Union expect less skull crushing and invading
Ancapstands - Serious and Memey
Archaidae - ROME
Montanity - meme man 2
The free antarctica - stab animal with pokey stick
Microsoft montanity - scp object