by Max Barry

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by The Queendom of The Oracle of the three goddesses. . 151 reads.

Our goddesses

Our goddesses stopped the great destruction and took their names to the nations they saved
The goddess Korolk
Also called korizian
The goddess Middle Vers
Also known as midicy valtentia
The goddess Soviet (she didnít take the full name Third Soviet Union) also know as Elijah, sheís a bit different from the other two though
They created a theocracy around their selfs creating this nation
May peace and love be with all
Later editions
Also Santamar is the god of the underworld but she is a disgrace to our nation, because...reasons
Bala Mantre is the only male god because he kindnapped our government to make everyone think he wasnít female, donít tell him that we didnít change anything and we think heís still female...
After negotiations he is now a male,
Except heís not for Santamars sanity
Anyway also called Balaici maontria
Cartero the goddess of crying yourself to sleep, thatís actually pretty sad, F
German Fomee goddess of decisions and pride while having none
(Goddess name fomilia)
Missouria goddess of memes,
Thatís pretty self explanatory
(Goddess name misolanta)
Goddess of dogs because She is probably a furry
(Goddess name: commina scandia)
Shadow Dealer
Goddess of terrorists, effective at running a terrorist organization that does nothing
(Goddess name: shuduna denia)
Kingdom Of Casetaria
Goddess of rick rolls,
Manages to Rick roll people so hard that everyone wants to murder him
(Goddess name: kirindgon ti caunria)