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by The Silverfish Army of Ruguo. . 49 reads.

A history of Ruguo's art: PFP edition

First up:

This guy is still used a very old and very terrible account.

Then we have this montage. Yep.

Don't know what that was. It contains some things I used as PFPs that I since deleted and some other art.

Now we have the current iteration for NS.

Meant to shade it more, but you know, Give how much I've evolved, I'm glad I didn't then so I can do it later properly.

Then we have the old discord PFP.

Still love the water effect here, but again, needed more patience to shade properly.

Now we've got my current discord PFP, used it on the forums for a bit too.

And there you have it. Art! Done after all the pokemon you see in the ongoing event, Sol is the culmination of everything I've learned.