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by The Pacifist Hamsters of The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg. . 402 reads.

The 2nd edition of the North Pacific Vision

The Second Edition Of North Pacific Vision
Link to banner:

This time The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg will host the competition after they won the last edition in Republica Guilleana with the song Kom:

Check out the first edition here:

Slogan: Be yourself


Host cities:

Arena:Las Casas Arena

Arena:Prosperous City Center Arena

Republica Guilleana ¡The final Host City!
City: Guillena City
Arena:4th Lake Arena

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg
City: Lidköping
Arena:Neknabraps Arena

Second edition!
Find it here::page=dispatch/id=1374479

Full rules here:



Republica Guilleana


Dakota sioux
Decided not to participate


The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg (Winner)

The Jovannic

Railroad Crossing


Final Results:

1)The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg 26
2)Republica Guilleana 24
3)Railroad Crossing 23
4)Santamar 20
5)Greatly 13
6)The Jovannic 9
7)Neo-ottomania 7
8)Homyland 6

Specific results can be found in the RMB of th North Pacific.
Search posts by "Republica Guilleana.

Keywords for results:
Specific Jury results: 1p
Jury Results: Final jury results scoreboard:

Read factbook

What is this for crazy stuff and what are the rules?
All rules, the concept and history can be found in this dispatch:

Credits to Ihese for creating the logo and credits to Republica Guilleana for founding this amazing show
Guide to the NPV

Basic info:
The North Pacific Vision is a song contest where every country picks a song to represent their country. It is a replica of the Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s biggest music competition. The purpose is to bring together The North Pacific to a wonderful night with beautiful music. During the contest there will be a voting system with televoting for the countries who aren’t participating and jury voting for the participating countries who rank the songs from best to worst. The song which gets the most points wins! The winner gets to host the next edition!

Rules for your song:
• Competing with more than one nation will lead to a lifetime ban from the competition
• This is a replica of the Eurovision Song Contest so all songs from The Eurovision is banned
• Don’t use songs who have already been in the competition! All songs that have been used as of the ninth edition:


• No political, religious or any message which could be counted as discrimination is allowed.
• The song has to have lyrics!
• No threatening or other similar things that for an example Country number B has to give you top points because if not you will declare war against him
• Telegram your top ten (excluding your song) to the host during the voting period.

1 - Your favourite song
2 - Your second favourite song etc.
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -

• If you don’t vote on time you will be deducted back to 0 points
• If it feels like cheating it probably is cheating. Don’t take the risk! You will get caught
• Please keep to update and read the telegrams/ messages on the rmb the host will send to you.
• Please try and keep your song at least under 5 minutes.

It was Republica Guilleana who came up with the splendid idea of making our own Eurovision.
Republica Guilleana then hosted the first edition of the North Pacific Vision. 8 countries decided to participate including The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg who won the contest with the song Kom. ( Come)
For more info read this:

The second edition was hosted by Skaraborg in a city called Lidköping. The winner was Santamar who received 118 points. The winning song was called Echao Pa Lante ( check this out)


The third edition was held in Llanura in Santamar and won by Kartujia with the song alone:


The fourth edition was hosted by Kartujia in the city Dalli Xitát. The contest was won by Railroad Crossing with the song Blinding Lights performed by The Weeknd. Check out the factbook for the fourth edition:


The fifth edition was hosted by Railroad Crossing in Economica. It was won by Cowbridge with the song September. It was performed by Earth, Wind and Fire. The fifth edition’s factbook:

The 6th edition was hosted in Sarbagne, Cowbridge. After some drama Duncan Laurence with the song “Love, don’t hate” stood on top of the podium, giving the founders, Republica Guilleana their first ever victory after many editions of being close.


Ihese snatched the win in Vellavista, capital of Republica Guilleana. The artist behind the song was the famous Alexander Ryback and the winning song was Oah! Winning with only three points the 7th edition was an edition to remember because of the dramatic ending.
The winning song:
Dispatch for 7th edition:

The eight edition was hosted in Vissette, Ihese. During this time we got to see a record 52 nations participating! Because of the large amount of nations semifinals where introduced and the nations where divided into two semifinals with 26 nations in each to avoid making the nations having to listen through all 52 songs. Due to heated relationships between Ihese and The North Pacific government Ihese was banned from talking through the rmb and telegrams. So instead of using the rmb, the semifinals were released through a factbook. Ihese later left the region in a protest and the final was also released through a factbook. The winner of the contest was Kartujia with the song Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Kartujia was the first nation to win the contest twice. What a spectacular edition!



Kartujia then managed to win it for a second time in a row with a song about the climate changes. Kartujia was therefore the first hosting nation that won the competition. This hasn’t even happened in the real Eurovision since the 1990s! The competition was hosted in Endike City. The winning Song:



Past winners:
1st edition: The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg
2nd edition: Santamar
3rd edition: Kartujia
4th edition: Railroad Crossing
5th edition: Cowbridge
6th edition: Republica Guilleana
7th edition: Ihese
8th edition: Kartujia
9th edition:

Want to join the next edition?

This edition all nations located in any of the Pacific regions will be allowed to join! C’mon and join the party! Also check out this edition’s factbook:


Read factbook

Listen to your voice - Its purpose is to make people’s voices heard and to show the importance of freedom of speech
Host City
Neknabraps Arena - Lidköping
Björn Gustafsson, Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw
22:00 CET.

Countries who have chosen songs and will participate:
Republica Guilleana
Bala mantre
The Jovannic
Railroad Crossing
Western justice
Kingdom Of Casetaria
German fomee
The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg


1. Santamar 118
2. Republica Guilleana 97
3. Skaraborg 84
4. German Fomee 78
5. Bala Mantre 71
6. Biennia 59
7. Cowbridge 55
8. The Jovannic 54
9. Railroad Crossing 53
10. Ereena 52
11. Neo-Ottomania 49
12. Korolk 48
12. Western Justice 48
14. Balaslandia 43
15. Greatly 42
16. Kingdom of Casetaria 28

Any questions: Feel free to telegram me or Republica Guilleana