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Return to Metalopolis

Artist: LinkChris Poland

Length: original- 35:40 minutes
30th Anniversary Edition- 50:00 minutes

Artist facts: Chris Poland's career take off and rise to popularity began with the band Megadeth in 1983. He left the band in protest after the release of Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, the second studio album by Megadeth, but was rehired by Megadeth for their 10th studio album The System Has Failed and has since not been involved in further Megadeth projects.
Chris Poland's post-Megadeth career includes a variety of solo and band projects, never seeming to settle for one project. Chris Poland was inducted in the Metal Hall of Fame January 2020 for a live performance of Peace Sells.

Album facts: Return to Metalopolis is the first studio album by guitarist Chris Poland, released in 1990 through Enigma Records. The album has enjoyed a remastered version and a 30th Anniversary Edition with additional songs added not seen in the first release of the album. Chris Poland plays both rhythm and lead guitar with his brother, Mark Poland, recruited to play the drums and Scott Menzies on the gong.

Review: The album is an instrumental album of the instrumental rock and progressive metal genres, but despite its genre classification, the album is an easy listen to even casual listeners. Both Chris Poland and his brother Mark Poland are heavily influenced by jazz and incorporate jazz elements to their playing. The technical skills of both musicians are breathtaking and they do not shy away from showing their skills.
Fans of instrumental music are definitely in for in treat, as the entire album establishes unique identities for each song by the use of lively and memorable instrumentals.
Although the album is in Chris Poland's name and he is credited for writing the songs, his brother Mark Poland has contributed significantly to the creative aspect of the album, having written various parts and showcased just how a talented drummer he is. The drumming compliments Chris Poland's' guitar playing while maintaining a unique sound making it a lead instrument in its own right.
My favourite song on the tracklist is the album title song, everything this album aimed to be and do can be summarised in the song.
Chris Poland's Return to Metalopolis is an easy starting point for newcomers to the metal subgenres and a different, unique experience for fans of instrumental music.


1. - "Club Ded" - 3:35
2. - "Alexandria" - 4:06
3. - "Return to Metalopolis" - 3:04
4. - "Heinous Interruptus" (only on CD version) - 2:42
5. -"The Fall of Babylon" - 4:57
6. - "Row of Crows" - 3:27
7. - "Theatré of the Damned" - 3:53
8. - "Beelzebub Bop" - 3:29
9. - "Apparition Station" - 2:46
10. - "Khazad Dûm" - 3:41
2002 remastered edition bonus tracks
11. - "30 Day Due" - 4:48
12. - "The Heavy Guitar Jam" - 14:33

My rating: 9/10 stars. The album offers a good time no matter which version it is you listen to, however, some tracks can not seem to settle which genre they want to be and it results in some odd structure, which is not a bad thing necessarily but can impact the listeners' enjoyment if they prefer simple structures.

Suggestions: If you enjoyed the album then Chasing the Sun, the second studio album by Chris Poland, is a must hear. The album focuses more on rock than metal and so is even easier to indulge yourself with.

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