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by The Megacorporation of Starrden. . 67 reads.

Guide to make ATA into Polandball WIP

Shapes and looks:
[nation]Onfande[/nation] can into brick.
[nation]Krystalveil[/nation] and [nation]The H Corporation[/nation] can into eyepatch.
[nation]Dollystana[/nation], [nation]New Wilsy[/nation], and[nation]Telepato[/nation] can into cat ears.
[nation]East Cashinamasian[/nation] can into cube.
All else can into ball.
Book of Börk:
[nation]Mat She[/nation]: Peace peace
[nation]Starrden[/nation]: Elections elections
[nation]Dominioan[/nation]: Rose rose
[nation]Haivon[/nation]: Sanctions sanctions
[nation]Krystalveil[/nation]: Demon demon
[nation]Onfande[/nation]: Threaten threaten
[nation]Margaux[/nation]: Military military.
More to come...
[nation]Dominioan[/nation] can into language and can into nickname.