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Vote FOR Commend Candensia

Vote FOR Commend Candensia
The Rejected Realms WA Information


Every day, world leaders are typically hit with four major problems that they must resolve in some way. In recent years, few have done more than Candensia to ensure that these problems are resolved fairly, equitably and with at least some semblance of justice. They have also consistently supported others - not only in delivering their own issues, but also in writing Security Council legislation and high-quality roleplay. To have a great level of influence over one area of the site may be Commendable; to also wield some power beyond one's stomping grounds is certainly worthy of recognition.

If we cannot bestow Issue Editorship upon Candensia, we can at least give them the next best thing. For those reasons, the Rejected Realms' Office of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote FOR "Commend Candensia."

The rejected realms world assembly info