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Cultural Revivalism Plan

[b]OUTRAGED[/b] at the fact that many nation states in many regions are lacking any interest in national factbooks, regional politics. We seek like-minded nations who agree that national culture (roleplay) is the base of every nation state.

[b]PLANNING[/b] a great cultural (roleplay) revivalism in the entire international community, we seek members around the entire world, not just a single region, possibly eventually founding a new region if we find enough interested nations, while encouraging keeping a puppet nation in your previous region in case the upper mentioned happens.

[b]ENCOURAGING[/b] national factbooks and overall national politics and cultural developement (roleplay).

[b]ALSO ENCOURAGING[/b] regional governments working similarily to the WA (all bills written In Character), keeping a record of all passed bills.

[b]DISCOURAGING[/b] all nations founded as a joke, and declaring them a disgrace.

[b]OUTRAGED[/b] at the fact that culturally developed (roleplay active) regions either have to enter a complete isolationism, or delegate cultural affairs outside the region (for example into discord or off-site forums).

[b]JOIN US![/b] via a telegram to [nation]Khazar Lechia[/nation].
Our association as its core goal sees raising In Character activity within nation states, similar to the way of WA.

[b]We support:[/b]
[list][*]National [b]roleplay[/b] and [b]factbooks[/b].
[*]Regions with governments working similarly to WA.
[*]Regional [b]maps depicting only regions[/b] and [b]not[/b] every region having a seperate world map.
[*][b]Serious[/b] nations, [b]in depth[/b] national roleplay and overall [b]serious In Character activity[/b].
[*]Roleplaying events based on [b]Nation States[/b] (like regional sporting events).[/list]
[b]We do not support:[/b][list]
[*][b]Real-life politics[/b] in Nation States.
[*]Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made for [b]real-life[/b] political statements (like vote for *blank*).
[*]Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made for a [b]joke[/b].
[*]Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made [b]out of spite[/b].
[*][b]Spam[/b], [b]bots[/b] and [b]flooding[/b] (including all the "you are featured" spam).[/list]
If you agree please consider joining! Telegram [nation]Khazar Lechia[/nation] to do so!
[hr][b]Regions who officially adopted this plan:[/b][list][*][region]1st Epitome United[/region]
[*][region] The United States of East Peninsula[/region]
[b]Regions who officially support this plan:[/b]

[b]Singular Nations who officially support this plan, but remain in non-roleplay regions:[/b][list][*][nation]Under Ledzia[/nation]