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OOC Rules of 1st Epitome United

Thiese rules are written OOC, to establish rules for people who are not within the region yet.
  1. Rules passed by the regional government must be written In Character similarly to WA resolutions.

  2. Regional government must be in character.

  3. Regional map may depict only the region and not be a whole world map.

  4. Serious nations, in depth national roleplay and overall serious In Character activity is encouraged.

  5. Roleplaying must be based on Nation States.

  6. Anyone willing to make any event with permanent repercussions that includes any official and/or leader of any other nation, or the other nation itself, must get their or the administration's permission via telegram first (then in case of the first happening inform about it the administration). That includes all international conflicts, all murders, all deaths and diseases.

  7. No Joke-nations.

  8. No embassies with Joke-regions.

  9. No real-life politics in Nation States.

  10. No nations made for real-life political statements (like vote for *blank*).

  11. No nations made for a joke.

  12. No spam, bots and flooding.

  13. If you need to make message completely out of character then don't! Make a telegram instead...

  14. Any player may have only a single nation in the region.

  15. Founder of this region has a duty to keep those rules maintained in the region. Nothing more or less.

  16. Regional government should help the founder in his duty mentioned above.

  17. Nations can claim descent from nations before 1918, because as far as Nation States lore is concerned, The Great War ended with shattering real life nations into nations within Nation States. Nations can also claim imaginary descent as long as it's serious and somewhat realistic.