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King's Speech

Following the Terrorist attacks today King Timulon III has prepared a speech that aired on all news networks in the nation.The speech was held from the Kathelion Grand Palace.
A section of the speech went as followed;
"The 22nd of May 2020 will go down in history as one of the darkest day we have known. The attacks that have taken place today against our people are beyond imaginable. I want to extend my personal condolences to all family and friends of the people involved. I also want to thank or incredible fire fighters and first responders who , without hesitation went inside the dangerous areas to safe their fellow countrymen and women.
To all who have witnessed the events, I want to say this. Do not fear your fellow humans. We are a country of freedom and liberty, such a heinous crime as this cannot and will not dempen our spirits. We shall overcome and became more stronger and resillient than ever before.
For now I want to say to you all, stay home and stay safe. Thank you. "

First Minister Grapefield will likely release more information in the coming days.

The United Kingdom of Tumolia