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Union For Democracy and Unity

Union For Democracy And Unity

The Union For Democracy And Unity is the party for India and the party for YOU! It is a party of freedom, justice, unity and democracy. It is not a personality cult centred around any one nation, but founded to serve our region, India. We are also allied GPP in the Assembly of Regions politics.

We are united in our ideas and the phrase 'Vande Mataram'-Bankim Chandra Chatterjee meaning “Mother, I bow to thee”. This was the name of a poem written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, an Indian journalist, and activist. He is the one who personified India as Goddess and mother during the Indian National Movement in this poem which was later translated as a song by Rabindranath Tagore. The first stanza of the poem has been adopted as the national song of India in present times. 'Mother' means India, our eternal homeland, and 'I bow to thee' means I will serve this region.

We are a Kemalist Party meaning we believe in the six principles of Kemalism.


Republicanism is the rule of law, popular sovereignty and civic virtue, including an emphasis on liberty practiced by citizens. Kemalist republicanism defines a type of constitutional republic, in which representatives of the people are elected, and must govern in accordance with existing constitutional law limiting governmental power over citizens. The head of state and other officials are chosen by election rather than inheriting their positions, and their decisions are subject to judicial review.


Populism is defined as a social revolution aimed to transfer the political power to citizenship. Kemalist populism not only to establish popular sovereignty but also the transfer of the social-economic transformation to realize a true populist state. However, we reject class, race and language division and believe that regional unity is above all else.


Kemalist social content does not accept any adjectives placed before the definition of a region [a nation of ...]; denies the types of national unity based on racial, religious, totalitarian and fascist ideologies. It strongly opposes any kind of authority, oppression, raiding, coup, etc., against the sovereignty of the people. Sovereignty must belong solely to people without any term, condition, etc.: Sovereignty belongs to the people/nation unrestrictedly and unconditionally.— Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


The laicism of Kemalist ideology aims to banish religious interference in government affairs, and vice versa. It differs from the passive Anglo-American concept of secularism,but is similar to the concept of laïcité in France. We must keep religion out of government, though we can celebrate religion.


Reformism or "Revolutionism" is a principle which calls for the country to replace the traditional institutions and concepts with modern institutions and concepts. This principle advocated the need for fundamental social change through a quiet revolution as a strategy to achieve a modern society. The core of the revolution, in the Kemalist sense, was an accomplished fact. In a Kemalist sense there is no possibility of return to the old systems because they were deemed backward.


Nationalism: The Kemalist revolution aimed to create a nation state from the remnants of the multi-religious and multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire. Kemalist nationalism originates from the social contract theories, especially from the principles advocated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his Social Contract. We are Global Nationalists. We believe in national pride and globalism.


Statism: Kemal Atatürk made clear in his statements and policies that Turkey's complete modernization was very much dependent on economic and technological development. The principle of Kemalist Statism is generally interpreted to mean that the state was to regulate the country's general economic activities and engage in areas where private enterprises are not willing to do so. This was the result of post-revolutionary Turkey needing to redefine the relationship between societal and international capitalism.


Party Members

Party President: Neo Kerala
Chairman: Indusse
Vice-Chairman: South Kerala

Proposed Cabinet:
WAD:Neo Kerala
Prime Minister: Indusse
Chief Justice: RIHAAM
Minister Of Sports: Rajputura
Foreign Affairs Minister: Hindu Mahasabha
Minister Of News: South Kerala
Minister Of Roleplay: Indusse
Minister Of Rajyasurakshaikk Manthralayam: SAH2
Home Minister: Andhrastate

Opposition Leader: Indusse