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Epitome United - maps, call codes and overview

Thiese are the official maps of the 1st Epitome United

OOC: Getting on the map:
  • Join 1st Epitome United

  • Be active in the region

  • Describe your nation in factbooks

  • Telegram Khazar Lechia asking for a map spot

  • You can claim up to 3 provinces at the begining

  • Your request may be denied

OOC: Expanding borders:

  • Be active in the region

  • Message Khazar Lechia about being interested in expansion

  • Determine the direction of your expansion in said telegram

  • Wait for the administration to review your facbooks and your nation

  • your expansion will be based on:

    • the amount and quality of your facbooks

    • the amount of your citizens

(the map will be expanded with the number of nations)

Call codes of the region:

This region has rather diverse terrain. Clustered between bigger and stronger ones, fairly diverse, even though small. It is centered around the Epitomic Sea, with the klocian land departing it from the ocean in the north. Most of the region has mediterranean and Semi-arid climate. along with a few deserts.

The 1st Epistome is in the southeast of the Eutropian continent and the northeast of the Afranian continent, with the border of those going through the region itself. To the northeast from this region on the other side of the Nostrumian Ocean lies The Black Hawks territory and beyond the southern deserts of Saharidin lies Lilliputia, while on the far west from the region is Maxtopia itself.

At the moment a canal that cutting klocia in half joining the Epitomic Sea and the ocean has been finished. It was Funded by Mantesa, its upkeep though is splitted between Mantesa and Thialrer and it will be defended by the navy of Khazar Lechia. The canal itself is administered by Mantesa while all of its soil and coast belongs to Thialrer at least within the borders of the nation. Khazar Lechia does not claim any interested in administrating, owning or funding the canal beyond providing its navy.

After the canal has been finally finished, it became apparent that the entire construction change the climate a lot as well as brought a bit more water into the Epitomic Sea, which instead of raising the water level created spontaneous humid raise around the region. As for now the change in climate seems to be for the better, allowing for the agricultural industries so prominent in the region to flurish, but Khazar Lechia started building artificial islands, possibly leading to another change of climate...

In other news as Cielearda becomes stable, New Vesklas-Rine had officially proclaimed a government and established diplomatic relations with the region, essentially becoming yet another country in the region. In the mean time Khazar Lechia created an artificial island very close to Praetoriius for unknown reasons, but they officially claimed it as their territory, which may cause some havoc. The island is completely empty, made of mud, sand and nothing else. The only thing existing on it is a flag of Khazar Lechia and military navy visits the island since it became a reality. It has never been left unsupervised since.

Towards the south, the land which used to be ruled by a theocratic order, which fell into anarchy have formed a new proper orderly nation called Sanesmar with the oppressive bastardly order replaced with proper catholic church and the theocratical dictator replaced with a democratic secular government.