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by The Galactic empire of Neuer Deutsches Reich. . 291 reads.

AU second partitioning of Africa

Current second partitioning of Africa

Green: [nation]The greater Portuguese confederation[/nation]
grey: [nation]Neuer Deutsches Reich[/nation]
red: [nation]The Free Bandit Army[/nation]
light blue: [nation]Elixandropolis[/nation]
yellow green: [nation]United Surabaya[/nation]
dark blue: [nation]Nacoa Dya[/nation]
brown: [nation]Reformed Staria[/nation]
purple: [nation]Gladinia[/nation]
red: [nation]The Great Imperial Roman Empire[/nation]
light green: [nation]Andronaida[/nation]
orange: [nation]Salsacia[/nation]
grey blue: [nation]Monsierron[/nation]
Dark brown: [nation]Dualu[/nation]
yellow: [nation]Ancapstands[/nation]
dark dark blue: [nation]Ballistikov[/nation]
pink: [nation]Katrzynija[/nation]
dark pink: [nation]Chick Chack[/nation]
dark grey: [nation]Moialia[/nation]
dark green: [nation]Republic of Vareshia[/nation][i]

any wishes can be told to me, do realise that smaller popuation nations can't hold a lot of territory. If multiple nations fight over the same territory, they need to fight it out who gets it.[/i]