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The Contextual Irrelevancy of the FCP

The Azure Watester Federation is a experiment. An experiment that has joined many different people together for many a common cause: the furtherment of liberty, free thought, and good-faith political participation. To all intents and purposes, the Federation possesses the capacity to be a key political actor in the wider NationStates world, should it grow further. Should it not, it still has within its halls the potential for great political strides and development.

From this, we can conclude two things:

  1. The political climate of the Federation is a perfectly legitimate field of development.

  2. It is not becoming of this climate to display wanton flippancy in the face of important issues.

However, those with little interest in the Federation's political climate have determined that it is proper to attempt a deconstruction of the political foundations this region was born to realise. A protracted period of steadily-mounting abrasion between pseudo-isolationists and international advocates has begun to erupt openly into a war of ideals between tradition and rebirth. There is a sect of individuals who believe in a distinct community separation from the greater NationStates world, in the same manner that the Confederation did before the 29th January secession. These people would doubtless disavow the system of governance that they were ruled under previously, but the doctrine behind foreign interaction - which is becoming the key point in this war of ideals - is to be kept the same. It is for this reason that I refer to this sect as "Confederalists".

This is where we draw a line between Confederalist and Federalist. The Federalist is the opposite of the Confederalist; they believe in a new form of community interaction that rejects the draconian systems levied by the governance we hitherto the secession languished under. We Federalists have organised into a party; this party possesses clear ideals that stand against what would otherwise be considered a reactionary tide of influences. It is a battle between the old and the new; insincerity and sincerity; regression and progress. It is for this reason that the Federalists are the indisputably superior faction. Where the Confederalists squander their time on dull irrelevancies, the Federalists strive forth. Thus, this war of ideals is inevitably to be won by the Federalists. We are organised, and we have substantial reasoning to back up our claims.

With the emergence of a proper constitution and regional governance, it is safe to say that the Confederalists have definitively lost the war of ideals. This is where a new war of ideals emerges. Principles are lining up to engage in a bitter struggle with the lacking thereof. There is an absurdity to this struggle, as the new war of ideals is simply substance against sheer nonsense. Where the Confederalists were principled, the new antagonists of the war of ideals are not. Their antagonism comes from an inability to dictate coherent political policy, in favour of chaos. These individuals have, unlike the Confederalists, organised themselves into a party that feeds off of an entropic state of gradual decay. This Concordat of the Unprincipled is a bane upon the founding ideals of the Federation. They have no directive, no charter, no political goal but what they feel at the time. This "Froggy Chair Party" [sic] has come to grow to unprecedented bounds, ones that it has no right to reach.

With that said, it is impossible that the FCP will remain relevant following the war of ideals that is soon to follow. This is for you cannot fight a war of ideals without the ideals it centres around. The coming struggle shall see the Federalists yet again prevail over the new sect, which I have every right to refer to as "entropists", for their entire party furthers a gradual decline of all things sensible and ordered. It is a doctrine even more destructive than that of the Confederalists. A doctrine that was not formulated, codified, or in any way prepared; a doctrine of chaos. Again, insincerity shall falter, wither, and die in the face of sincerity. It is the natural course of history that the organised shall prevail over the disorganised. For while the entropists have organised into a party, this party cannot organise a coherent regional administration and dominate regional politics. It is, to all intents and purposes, a non-party. With the recent convocation of key Federalist thinkers into a renewed Federalist party, the upcoming war of ideals shall see us again victorious.

This said, the inevitability of this struggle shall not dissuade us from preparing. It is only inevitable for the Federalist resolve is nigh-unbreakable. The Presidency has been lost by the Federalists, and it has been handed to the entropists. But we shall not falter. We shall not cease in our inevitable prevailing over the new menace to our government. We will not allow the entropist threat, this colossal embarrassment to all our sacrosanct institutions, to overcome the constitution we worked so hard to put in place. There stands a collected faction to which there is no concerted goal, and it holds the Presidency. But again, the disordered nature of the party prevents it from furthering its agenda in the Presidency -- for it has no agenda. No such party should be allowed to exist. When one takes a clear, objective view of the regional political scheme as a whole, it becomes increasingly evident that we require clear policy, party ideals, and political doctrine. From this, we can conclude that no reasonable, well-informed viewpoint can in any way find political merit in the FCP.

So here are, as can be established to the best of our abilities, the facts:

  1. The Federalists have set a long precedent of furthering political development in the Federation. This includes the ideals of the Federalists being added into the constitution, following the inevitable Federalist triumph over Confederalism. Our is geared away from the views of the Confederalists, and towards those of the Federalists.

  2. Furthermore, the FCP has no such boon as does the Federalists, for they are nonsensical in their lack of unifying core ideal. This means that not only do they sit at an unimaginable disadvantage when it comes to passing policy and fulfilling progressive political goals, but also that they stand at a significant risk of having their entire party torn asunder.

  3. This results in a situation in which a barely organised force with no unifying set of ideals is being actively countered by a unified, cohesive, politically-driven force that represents institutional and well-respected values. This means that the entropists will, invariably, lose the next war of ideals.

As the Confederalists were defeated by the Federalists, the FCP will, inevitably, fall. The party was built around a "meme" and nothing else. This does not set a good precedent for the region, especially the Presidency. The fact of the matter is simple: no reasonable justification can be found for the FCP's continued existence as a major political force. If the Federation is to become a serious international actor and considerable political entity, the FCP must be dissolved.

Tunchix remnants