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The Orion Spur and those that Inhabit It

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High King Eden Martin

Government: Meritocratic Elective Monarchy

Ruling Party: Shield Party

Language: Terran Standard (English) , Old Teutonic

Capital: The City of Hope

Major Religion: New Cantcarism

Species: Human, Kar Shen, Inian, Gavakian

The Reluctant Super Power of Earth rose to prominence early during Humanity's early contact with Alien Life, often competing technologically with other Human and Alien nations. Which during the Manchuvian Wars,a Teutionian by the name Mark Martin brought the Orion Spur together and helped create the Universal Order of Nations and United Warfront, during which Teutionia held high and important positions in both, involving itself in the protection of Earth and Humanity. Today, Teutionia enjoys less hegemony than it once did as Humanity's point of view on the galaxy expands, however helps lead the New Terran Compact in standem with its Historic Ally, the 21 Tribes and more recent friends the Ashian Empire, Suburbia, and Republica. It also enjoys great relations with the Vulpine Nation of Silberfluss and the newly time-warped people of Lagia, and always hopes to make new friends, but isn't afraid to protect and maintain its interests.

Prime Minister Kamillen Seyler

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Ruling Party: Dawn Coalition

Language: English,German,Japanese

Capital: Landfall

Religion: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism

Species: Humans/Synthetics, with different varieties of each

The Second Lägian Guardianship (DE: Die Zweite Vormundschaft Lägien | JP: リギア第二擁護国 / Rigia dai ni yōgo-koku) is a sovereign constitutional and federal parliamentary republic located within the Orion Spur and founded by the crew of the Vor der Morgen, a now defunct transdimensional astral vessel, in late 2639. The current government, led by Prime Minister Kamillen Seyler and the majority Dawn Coalition, has been characterized by its focus on compromise and nation building, leading to the incorporation of a variety of unique ideological elements from various backgrounds. Lägia is a member of the Universal Order of Nations and a founding member of the First Internationale, with a seat as Secretary of Foreign Affairs within the latter. Despite its small size, it enjoys a number of equitable bilateral relationships with the nations of the Spur, including Silberfluss, Republica, and Teutionia.

Königin Theres Vogel

Government: Königreich

Ruling Person: Königin

Language: Wusteschen, Viridi, Nehekharan

Capital: Sperenza

Religion: Vulpine Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Adeptus Mechanicus

Species: Vulpine, Nehekhara, Digitaleseele, Sylphs, Höggormar, Gavakans

Refugees from across the galaxy, Silberfluss persists as a semi-cohesive nation in the face of continuing challenges and threats. Originally founded by vulpine fleeing the Manchu after the destruction of their homeworld, they slowly began accumulate other races and cultures as they too faced extinction. The Necrontyr, war machines made by the Russians who broke free as they developed sentience. Soliskoeri, survivors of a brutal civil conflict that almost eradicated their kind. These radically different cultures have managed to endure together, through invasions and civil wars alike, through the shared desire to survive. And, through the decentralized nature of the nation, which is divided into client nations and duchies. The only real central authority is the present monarch, Königin Theres Vogel, who spends most of her time leading the navy while her kingdom manages and looks after more local issues.

Tsar Talyn Stratsky

Government: a Collectivist Combine of Commonwealths and Principalities

Ruling Party: Duox Councils

Language: Celt-Dane creole

Capital: Algenevieve

Religion: Cult mechanicus

Species: Cyborgs (transhuman), Elves (space), Elves (transhuman), Orks (transhuman), Dwarves (transhuman), Gavakans,

a dense and cosmopolitan nation with strong martial traditions and a zeal for engineering and trade.

King Vaterrin

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Ruling Family: The Aeschayal Dynasty

Language: Portallan

Capital: Haespalla

Religion: Pseudo Spiritualism

Species: Portallans, Gavakens, Al'Terrans, and Zephyr

The Kingdom of Portalla is a monarchy defined by it's passion for philosophy, a love that has continued into it's space age. Under the watchful eyes of the King and his council, Portalla continues to grows into what they believe to be a powerful nation.

Yamneaboon Behellekhar Rab'batt the 391st

Government: Stratified Autocratic Extraplanetary Authority

Ruling Person: The Ympir

Language: Grippli Basic, Gysjlor, Mirrir Grippli

Capital: Everlast/Eyerlis/Ecerjis

Religion: Nystarianism

Species: Grippli

The Otaxiseon is an Empire of Grippli based in the Galactic East. They are comprised of three major Systems of Everlast, Mirrir, and Saathuma. They evolved as a singular government on Everlast and have found another Civilization on Mirrir, the two battled resulting in an Everlast Victory, creating the Otaxiseon. They were built upon the tenets of Peace, Common Prosperity and spreading the words of their Machine Gods, the Nystar. They have very mysterious origins and are very secretive.

Empress Emilia Strider

Government: Transitionary Socialist Administration

Ruling Family : Strider Dynasty

Language: Mandarin Chinese, Korean, English

Capital: Dawn, Epsilon Eridani System

Religion: State atheism

Species: Human, Vaeldari, Rachn

One of the older powers of the Spur, Republica is a state caught in transition to a socialist government and society. The nation, while not the untouchable superpower it once was, still finds itself on the forefront of science, exploration, and military technology.

Celestial Emperor Aumi Kaishuma

Government: Despotic Oligarchy

Ruling Family: The Zeikeut Dynasty

Language: Zephyri (Official), Classical Montiji-Zeikeut (Commonly Spoken)

Capital: The Gold Ring, Zephyrinja

Religion: Pagan Emperor-Worship, Zephyri Asceticism

Species: Zephyr

Zeikeutsyr, unofficially known as the Zephyri Imperiumi, is a small and contemporarily irrelevant nation located deep in the southern Orion Spur. Although rapidly growing, her geopolitical location, martial tendencies, and inability to be diplomatically tamed by either the Austrian Frontier or Teutionia makes Zeikeutsyr a total wildcard in a predictable Spur. The economy is run primarily through slave labour, and although rechristened as 'Serviles', this fact has threatened Zeikeutsyr's existence multiple times.

High Lord Keram VI Damara

Government: Federated Dictatorship

Ruling Party/Family If applicable: House Damara

Language: Isaurian

Capital: Paravant, Adrestus

Religion: The Cult of Makaria, the Temple of Uhlek, the Gaivarvaran Church

Species: Noverran

The Isaurian League is a small, formerly-insular nation made up of several states unified by their obedience to the Isaurian Void Fleets and their mutual respect for the League's founding document, the Sardavar Compact. The League seeks economic and diplomatic friendship with neighboring states while it seeks opportunities to increase its prestige and authority in the Orion Spur.

Tennō Heika Kinnojo

Government: Monarchy

Ruling House: The Imperial House of The Northern Pacific Empire

Language: Japanese, English

Capital: Tōkyō

Religion: Shinto

Species: Human

The NPE is a nation located in Asia and North America. the nation is one of the largest on earth. it holds space territory in the Sol and the spur.

Emperor Gorgon Lightfeather

Government: Semi-Constitutional Monarchy

Ruling Family: Lightfeather Dynasty

Language: English, French

Capital: Elkmont

Religion: Christianity, the Great Mystery

Species: Human, Gavaken, Osire, and Saxhleel

The Ashian Empire, also called the Empire of the New Sun, is a country primarily centered around the Indian subcontinent on Earth. It holds territory in Central Asia, Russia, and North American on Earth along with dozens of star systems most notably Xanadu, New India, and Gavak. It is lead by Emperor Gorgon Lightfeather the 1st as head of state. The Sochana serves as the state's legislature but most power is concentrated in the Emperor.
The Ashian Empire has four self-governing territories which it controls most or all of the foreign policy of, those being the Kingdom of Khiva, Kingdom of Tartaria, Republic of New Ash, and the Republic of Jind.
Major species groups consist of Humans, Osire, Saxhleel, Pakado natives, and Gavakens.
The capital of the empire is Elkmont the Heartland Province located in Central India.

Potentate Atalania Newman II

Government: Federal Republic

Ruling Party/Family: The Federal Institution / The Imperial Institution

Language: No National Language, Eucadian is de-facto official.

Capital: Newmania, F.D., Neo-Pandora

Religion: No National Religion; Ren Doctrine is de-facto

Species: Al'Terran Eucadian

The Eucadian Federation, commonly referred to as "the Federation", is a multi-star system located in the Orion Spur. The Eucadians, known for their bending abilities, escaped their homeworld, Al'Terra, 30 years before its eventual destruction in a war known as the Al'Terran Extinction Event in Eucadian history.

Neo-Pandora was stumbled upon by an expeditionary team and was settled by the refugees, now known as "The First Peoples", after 3 years of drifting through space. The arrival of the First Peoples and the settlement of the planet marks the beginning of the Third Era in Eucadian history.

In 2654 GY (galactic year), 354 years after the First Peoples arrived on Neo-Pandora, the Eucadians have now spread across five planetary systems and were recently re-discovered by their fellow Al'Terran brethren. Eucadians are eager to share their wealth, knowledge, and opulent lifestyles with all the other species and nations in the Spur.

Grand Sovereign Noah Åska

Government: Authoritarian Parliamentary Federated Monarchy

Ruling Family: The Aska Dynasty

Language: English/Norse/Elemental

Capital: Gudstad

Religion: Spiritist, Elementalist, Atheist

Species: Human, Inian, Vaeldari

The Ascendancy of Stekarus is a large and major power situated in the Southwest quadrant of the Orion Spur, as well as it’s homelands in Scandinavia on Earth. The Ascendancy is made up of three major monarchies, the Empire of Stekarus (The ruling power), and its junior partners, The Vaeldari High Kingdom, and the Inian Celestial Empire. The nation boasts Eco-Based technology that is the driving force in military and civilian aspects. Stekarus is diplomatic in nature but is not afraid to fight its own battles with the help of allies.

Prime Minister Matthew Devereaux

Government: Representative Parliamentary/Constitutional monarchy

Ruling Party: National Party

Language: Terran Standard English, Maori

Capital: Arigal

Religion: Eucharistic Reformed Church of Suburbia-Purlieu

Species: Human

The Kingdom of Suburbia-Purlieu, officially the United Kingdoms of Suburbia and Purlieu, is a Terran island nation with its core possessions centered on New Zealand and extensive space territories in the northwestern Orion Spur. The nation is also responsible for the defense and foreign affairs of its four otherwise self governing crown dominions in Central and South America, remnants of a past Terran colonial empire, and in the central part of its spacial holdings. Suburbia’s reigning monarch, the Queen-Empress Terra II Marcuda, holds a personal union over the Imperial State of Sihn as well. Historically and into the present day, Suburbia-Purlieu has been a regional power within Oceania and continually seeks to expand its diplomatic reach beyond that sphere through its allies and tradition of stubbornness and grit.

Deiterich Engelbrecht Johann

Government: Federated Constitutional Monarchy

Ruling Family: Johann Dynasty

Language: Tribalsprecht/Reichsprecht, English

Capital: Einheit

Religion: Imperial Canon

Species: Human

The Tribal people of the Einheitsreich are a proud people. Led by their Kaiser they have a hope for a brighter future for the Tribal people.

The Steering Committee of the General Council of Istanistan

Government: Socialist Council Republic

Ruling Party: Istanistan Party of Labour

Language: Core Istani

Capital: The End of All Our Exploring

Religion: Varied syncretic spiritual tradition

Species: Al'terran Clone-Race

A nation of explorers, voyagers, and idealists which fled its murdered homeworld to atone for its crimes.

President Elliott Kirkman

Government: Constitutional Republic

Ruling Party: The Office of the President (Executive) and the National Council(Legislative)

Language: English

Capital: Frihet

Religion: Secular, although many trust science on almost a religious level

Species: Human

Great Argonia is a galactic republic with territory on earth, as well as several systems outside of sole. The government is split up into different branches with the executive, legislative, and judicial portions separated. The government and culture place a large emphasis on science and technology, as well as individual freedoms. The Republic is defended by a military that is made up of ground forces and a space fleet.

President Garrett Walker

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Ruling Party: Conservative Party

Language: English

Capital: District of Imperium

Major Religion: Lutheran

Species: Human

The Federation is a proud nation with a turbulent past. It strives to uphold the values of national sovereignty, democracy, and rule of law. While the people may get lost from time-to-time, they are united more than ever

Queen Ivy Warendrop

Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Ruling Party/Family If applicable: Warendrop Dynasty

Language: Meridian, Common Zanthimiri, Old-Istani, Old-Uelvan,Eucadian and Shrivian

Capital: Macross City

Religions: True Seraphicism, Seraphic Orthoxody,Sao Kuri, Uelvan Hero Cults

Species: Pure Al'Terran

The Last remnants of the 3rd Era of Al'Terra before the planet's destruction in the War of the Exodus the Union of Meridian has stood for over 400 years with the original colonizers being descendant of Xandarians extending Meridian history back well over 700 years. in its early history it competed viciously with the other nations of Al'Terra to forge its place as a middle power during the era. the war of the exodus is what finally ended Meridian's stay on Al'Terra before being isolated for 300 years on Macrossia slowly building themselves up to provenance once again but the underlying system itself began to rot on the death of the nations founder as by the mid 27th century the Union was gripped by poverty,greed and corruption like never seen before despite the Union being in most prosperous times it has ever been in.

King Empurut

Government: Socialist Constituitional Monarchy

Ruling Party/Family: Solomon Dynasty (monarchy) and People's Action Party (constituition)

Languages: Dayak languages, Kadazandusun, Mandarin Chinese, Malay

Capital: Kǔ Chǐng

Religion: Oriental Orthodox Christianity, Mahayana Buddhism

Species: Humans, Draconians

Falkland Dominion is a union of tribes, principalities and kingdoms founded after much internal unrest. It prides itself in its diversity, harmony and progressive nature despite Federates holding religious values dear to their hearts. The Dominion also emphasises in pacifism, peace-making and harmonious cooperation. Known for its love for the natural, Federates preserve their natural landscape as much as possible, hence for its abundant biodiversity and bountiful resources.

Council of Fire

Government: Confederation of Various Governments

Ruling Party: Council of Fire

Language: Titan

Capital: Neo Titanus

Religion: Xandrian Spiritualism

Species: Argent Mutated Al'terran

Born out of the dying fires of Al'terra's last war, long after the conflict had destroyed the Al'terran home, there came a confederation of four states bound together by a shared history of the Titan Imperium and common goals. The Confederation of the Unconquered Sun, colloquially known as Nominis Sol Invictus, is a nation of traders, scientists, warriors and spiritualists who came together in the years following the Great Exodus of the remnants of the Al'terran people. These 4 states, remnants of the old Titan Imperium, decided to stay behind to preserve, curate and restore what was lost rather then leave it to the past; an atonement for the sins of their forefathers. Now in the modern day each state rests as a distinct power within the confederation, differing systems of government, unique architecture, and diverging societal structures.

Emperor Frederik IV

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Ruling Party/Family If applicable: The Neuchtwald Dynasty

Language: Belkan

Capital: Rhiannon

Religion: Reformed Colossism

Species: Al'Terran Delek/Nordic

A militaristic state known for its extreme class and ethnic divisions reinforced by an Agoge-style education system and military hierarchy. A loyal defender of Al'Terra and of Al'Terran civilizations throughout the Spur, the birthplace of The Rhiannon Pact and a dedicated supporter of the Universal Right to Self-Determination for all peoples.


The New Terran Compact

Flavor Text

The Rhiannon Pact

The Rhiannon Pact was founded to promote collective security, advance economic integration, and protect the sanctity of the remnants of Al’terra. Never again would the children of that ruined world turn on each other – instead, through the Pact, they would atone for the sins of their forefathers by promoting peace, development, and independence for the new powers on the fringes of the Spur.

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