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The Korolkian Military [RMB and soon to be SR]

The Military of Korolk

Flag of the Korolkian Army

Flag of the Korolkian Airforce

Flag of the Korolkian Navy

The Korolkian Army was formally established in 1798 as the Royal British Army Of Korolk Territory. . The original purpose was to defend the islands from The Chinese, Pirates, and the Americans. The Korolkian Army has 3
9.7 million Active Personnel and 2.5 million reserve personnel more in reserve, 1.4 million tanks, and 200,000 Armored Vehicles in active service .The Equipment of the Korolkian Army can be subdivided into: ground vehicles, aircraft, air-defense systems and firearms.




DESCRIPTION: The AR89 is the standard rifle used by all divisons of the Korolkian Army. Due to Korolkian Law, atleast one AR89 is required on all manned aircraft, and twenty five on ships, and three on vehicles, to ensure safety of men even if their vehicle is destroyed. It has a magazine size of 35 rounds, a ROF of 745 BPM, and a caliber of 55.6 rounds.

Submachine Guns


DESCRIPTION: The MP-18 is a capable SMG produced mainly by the Goltsar Mnarkorv Corporation, with production based in The Oracle of the three goddesses. It has a ROF of 1200 Bullets Per Minute, and a caliber of 22. rounds.

Squad Automatic Weapons


DESCRIPTION: The MG-99 is a well rounded LMG typically used by armored divisions serving in the Korolkian Military. The MG-99 was designed by a Greater New American soldier who wanted a small, but still heavy hitting LMG. In 2065, The Korolkian Institution Of Science and Advancement bought the weapon design to use for the military. It was constructed in 2100 after being forgotten for forty years, and has been constructed since. It is the main LMG used by the Korolkian Military. It has a Rate Of Fire of 1300 Bullets Per Minute, and a 7.62 caliber round.

Heavy Machine Guns


DESCRIPTION: The Fear 83 is an extremely high power LMG, that has an Armor Piercing strength in one bullet. The Fear 83 is prohibited against human targets and is mainly used against armored targets, and is attached on many Korolkian tanks. It has a Rate of fire of 895 Bullets Per Minute, and a 50 caliber.

Sniper Rifles

Krowizia-50 Cal.

DESCRIPTION: The Krowizia 50. Cal. is a Medium-Long Range rifle, with a futuristic take on the historic M1-Garand Rifle. Unlike it's World War Two counterpart, the Krowizia 50 cal has a high stopping power, and can put any man to sleep in a single shot. It is extremely lethal in close range. It has a Rate of fire of 250 Rounds per minute. It's caliber should be obvious.



DESCRIPTION:The BV9 is a high power automatic shotgun, developed in the rural town of Prosperidad, Korolk. The BV9's design came from a nation wide crime gang known as the Los Siete Pecados from Santamar. The gang was caught and taken down by KISA in 2137, where they aquired the blueprints of hundreds of pieces of equipment that the Korolkian Military use today. The BV9 itself has a Rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute, and a 12 gauge caliber. It is a great challenge at close range.

Grenade Launchers

literally just a china lake
DESCRIPTION: it's a china lake... ...

Man-Portable Rocket Launchers

DESCRIPTION: The Jawcracker-14 is a Korolkian Man Portable Missile Launcher is a large rocket launcher built for taking down aircraft. It has a long barrel, which allows it to fire itself extremely fast at it's target, and has an Infrared tracking system to lock onto targets. The Jawcracker-14 was salvaged during the Korolkian Military Occupation of Ancapstands, and has been produced ever since. It has a Rate of fire of eight rounds per minute, and a 85mm.
Kazakh Vlad missile.



DESCRIPTION: The BX-5 is an anti tank rifle designed in Third Soviet Union, and produced in Tallisland for Korolkian Use. It has a very old Anti Tank rifle design. (seeing how it is an AT rifle) It has a Rate of fire of 15 rounds per minute, and a 50. Caliber.



DESCRIPTION: The Makarov-75 is a Manchurian Made Korolkian conversion of the Soviet made PMM handgun. It has a 22. caliber bullet, and a rate of fire of 125 RPM.

Dress Uniforms



Army Uniforms


A standard infantry uniform .

A Korolkian Heavy Assault Uniform.

Navy Uniforms


A Korolkian Navy's standard outfit.

A Korolkian Submersible Outfit, capable of allowing men to go underwater without an issue.

Air Force Uniforms


A Korolkian fighter pilot's uniform

A Korolkian uniform of a bomber pilot.


The Goltsar Mnarkorv High Power Tank

M8X2 Dual Railgun Vehicle


A Van Liberte APC, produced in Americans China that is easy to produce, and carries 20 men per vehicle.
A Korolkian Landwhale IFV, that carries men through any and all terrain. It can carry 25 men


A Korolkian Anti Tank vehicle nicknamed "Big Joe" for it's large size and high stopping power. It can blast nearly any ground vehicles back to the stone age


A Korolkian Bol'shoye zhelezo Missile Launcher, which is commonly used with tank offensives.

Aerial Vehicles][box]


Korolkian version of the Middle VersIan Landing castle


The X-30-b Is the fastest man made object in Korolk, reaching it's max speed of Mach 14.7 in two hours. The X-30-b reaches such high speeds, that the vehicle has to be used from an entirely different building, built for controlling these drones.



Korolk's first and currently only class nuclear bomber.

Naval Vehicles

The Counterguard II class destroyer is Korolk's most advanced ship in it's navy. It uses a similar Hull design to that of the HMS Counterguard I. (Which is now housed at Retatuo National War Museum) It has a main gun that fires HE 12 inch shells, and five 100MM 10 cm/65 Type 98 naval guns on it's side deck and bow for Anti Air, and has 16 Short to Medium Range Missiles, fit with a gunpowder core. The ship itself has a Max speed of 75 knots, and an average speed of 45 knots, with the average in storms being 32 knots. It has fifteen lifeboats for it's 150 crew member capacity on the interior, that are launched with the push of a button.

HMS Counterguard II's start at two million KSD per ship, but are granted to Korolkian Colonies.

The Kingslayer is a humongous aircraft carrier, designed for X-29, X-30, X-32, and X-99 usage. Above deck, it has enough space for 75 Aircraft to easily takeoff with ease. Below Deck, it has a 250 Aircraft Storage Facility, where aircraft are held, and fixed for combat. There are only five Kingslayers active and ready for combat at the moment. It has a Max speed of 35 Knots, with the average being 25 knots, and the storm speed being 11 Knots

The Kingslayer is not for sale.

The Gorvo Class Cruiser is a cheaper alternative to the Counterguard Mark II, with four missile launchers, and two torpedo deployers. The Gorvo Class Cruiser has a Max speed of 45 Knots, an average speed of 30 Knots, and a storm speed of 5 Knots. It has two interior lifeboats for it's 35 man crew.

Prices start at 750,000 KSD

The Fisshuhantā Class Submarine is a Hydrogen-Vespene Submarine, which is capable of firing Hydrogen, Tiberium, H-V, or Atomic missiles. It launches two-eight missiles at a time, and has a camouflage system installed. The Fisshuhantā has a Max speed of 30 Knots, an average speed of 25 Knots, and a storm speed of 15 knots.

The Fisshuhantā starts at 1.5 Million KSD.

The Moore Class Frigate has a thin, Hardened Titanium hull, which allows it to take multiple torpedos before taking any damage to the operating system. The Moore is also used to station X-30'S sometimes. It has three 76.2 MM 3"/70 Mark 26 guns, and four missile launchers to take down air targets. The Moore also has some torpedoes to shoot at submarines, which make it a popular choice for naval convoys and blockades. The Moore has four lifeboats, for it's 65 man crew. The Moore Class Frigate uses batteries instead of coal or uranium, which allows it to sail at a faster speed. The Moore has a max speed of 45 Knots, an average speed of 35 knots, and a storm speed of 20 Knots.
Prices start at 1.2 Million KSD.

The Derwent Class Battleship was named after Derwent State, and has two main battle guns, both of which being 46 cm/45 Type 94 cannons, which have been modified to have four high power barrels. The Derwent Class has eight lifeboats, for it's 150 man crew. The Derwent Class has a max speed of 35 Knots, an average speed of 28 Knots, and a storm speed of 25 Knots

Prices start at 1.8 Million KSD.

The Epsilon Pegasi Stealth Corvette is used for fast, quiet strikes on ports or coastal defenses. Typically, Epsilon Pegasi Corvettes come to the Battle scene before it breaks out, to weaken the enemies navy or coastal Defenses as I previously mentioned. It has 52 short range missile launchers, and four medium range missiles, that are almost silent, and fast. It has four lifeboats for it's 60 man crew. The Epsilon has a max speed of 65 Knots, An average speed of 45 Knots, and a storm speed of 8 knots.

Global Firepower Index

Army Strength

Force Estimate


6.5 Million


2.5 million


1.5 Million

Towed Artillery:


Self-Propelled Artillery:




[td]Total Helicopter Strength:

Air Power

Force Estimate

Fighter Craft:

2.5 million

Attack Craft:

3.5 Million

Transport Craft:

1.5 Million/td]

Attack Helicopters:


Naval Strength

Force Estimate

Patrol Boats:












Mine Warfare Vessels:


Aircraft Carriers:




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