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Solarampan Regional Stock Exchange

Regional Stock Exchange

Rules: It is impossible to buy more than 40% of a companies stock
If you need more money head over to the bank, but you can only take out an unlimited amount of money
Do not attack other countries for their stocks

Solarampan Stocks

Kitten Ko. Current Money $184.65 Amount Went Up/Down +$1.04 Total shares: 186500 Amount Buyable: 55950

Orange Tech Inc. Current Money $27.53 Amount Up/Down -$14.89 Total Shares 10000 Amount Buyable: 3000

Lognodian Sparkling Travel Agencies Current Money $3.25 Amount Up/Down -$ 20.78 Total Shares 45500 Amount Buyable: 13650

Basket Builders Current Money $ 93.50 Amount Up/Down +0.07 Total Shares: 26900 Amount Buyable: 8070

United Rifle Association Current Money $ 54.68 Amount Up/Down +0.98 Total Shares: 200000 Amount Buyable : 60000