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List of My Favorite and Recommended Dispatch (Meta)

Wanting to expand your NS experience? Well, look no further. Here is a list of sites and tools to add more depth to NationStates.

Though I have tried, this is most likely not an all-inclusive list. If there are any sites or utilities that you believe should be added to the list, or if one of the items listed stops working, please TG me. I always appreciate the help.

NOTE: All of these sites and utilities have been created by third parties and are not affiliated with the NationStates website or myself. While I believe all of them to be safe, you are using them at your own risk.

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Auto Telegramming Programs
If you are tired of having to use stamps to send mass telegrams, or you just need help sending large numbers of TGs you may want to try one of these. NOTE: Be sure to follow all mass telegramming and API rules, or you will face the wrath of the Mods.

NationStates AutoTelegram- This is a utility to allow you to send mass telegrams without using NS Stamps. I have used it many times in the past. It has been extremely useful for WA campaigns and mass TGing my region. This is no longer supported, meaning bugs and errors will not be fixed.

pyNSrecruit- This is another auto telegram program. It has a straightforward and easy to use interface, plus it supports use as a recruitment tool.

Agadar's Telegrammer- This is a desktop application that automates sending telegrams, so you don't have to use stamps. It is useful for recruitment, WA campaigning, and region-wide telegramming.

Communiqué 8 Telegram Client- Communiqué is a simple open-source way to send telegrams through the Telegram API. It is built using Java (you will need an up-to-date version of Java), so it will probably run on your home computer.

nstg-web- stg-web is a free and open source web application that allows you to easily send telegrams to a list of NationStates nations. This also has the benefit of being a web app, so you don't have to download anything.

Flag Creators
If making flags in MS Paint is too basic, and Photoshop or GIMP is just too much try one pf these flag creators.

LinkFlagMaker 2.0- FlagMaker is a tool to easily create flags that includes many different flag elements and emblems. You can create a flag with six different base types and then add as many overlays as you like. It even has a random function if you are all out of ideas. (Special thanks to Zambara for finding this.)

LinkFlagMaker Jr.- FlagMaker Jr. is a simplified version of FlagMaker. It is also an online app, so you don't have to download anything. There is a bit of a learning curve and the options are arranged in a way that is not immediately intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, you can create good looking flags.

LinkFake Flag- This is a flag creator app that allows you to mix and match elements from real flags. You can create unique, and interesting flags that also look professional. The only downside is that you can't add art or colors of your own. This is a very good option if you want a realistic flag.

LinkFlag Designer- This is an extremely simple flag making app. Not too many options, but the user interface is very straightforward and easy to use. This is a good way to make decent looking flags quickly. Plus, the flags are made in SVG files, so they scale without pixelating or distorting.

LinkFlag Designer - Tennessine- This is another online flag making app. You start with a real-life flag and then insert different elements into it. There are plenty of options that allow you to make pretty unique flags.

LinkFlag Creator- This flag creator allows you to make flags completely from scratch, rather than using real flags as a base. This app can be a little tricky to use at first, but with a bit of playing around it becomes intuitive. This is a pretty good option if you don't want a flag that looks like every other one.

Name Generators
Having difficulty coming up with names? These name generators will help you come up with as many as you need. These are not strictly for NationStates, but they are site commonly utilized by NS users.

LinkRandom Name Generator- This is a basic name generator that will give a block of names according to the simple parameters you set. This is ideal for generating a list of names for an entire sports team or military unit.

LinkBehind the Name- This name generator allows you to choose the category of the name, and how many names the person has. You definitely want to narrow the options before making a name, or you may get very strange ones.

LinkFake Name Generator- Despite the name, this generator doesn't just give you a name but also gives you a full online profile for the character. Very good if you want details, but don't have the time to make them up yourself.

Nation Stats Calculators
Are graphs and descriptions on your nation's NS page not enough for you? These stats calculators will give you the specific numbers and details about your nation. They are perfectly suited for getting stats for Role Playing.

LinkNSEconomy- This is the stat calculator I personally use. It is simple and easy to use.

LinkNSDossier- This stats calculator provides the most regional information but is also the slowest loading calculator.

Phone Apps
Looking for a better, or at least different way to look at NationStates while on your phone? Try out one of these apps for your phone.

Stately- This is an Android App for your phone. It allows you to answer issues, compare stats and graphs of multiple nations, and track your nation stats over time.

LinkNSDroid- This is another Android App to make using NationStates on your phone easier. It allows you to post to your region's RMB, send and receive TGs, and keep track of nations in your dossier.

Plugins and Extensions

NationStates++- This is a browser extension for the NationStates site. It adds stats and reorganizes some of the pages to be easier to use. It also has a feature that allows you to switch between nations you control with one click. It is very nice and kept up to date. This is a third party extension, so use at your own risk. However, NationStates is in the process of acquiring the extension, so it may gain "official" status in the near future.

LibreNS++- This is another, similar browser extension for the NationStates site. Much like NS++, this extension adds more functionality to the NS website, including mobile support, puppet management, automatic RMB updates, and IRC chat added to the region pages.

SerinApprox- This is a bot for your NationStates IRC channels that automatically calculates regions' approximate update times. It is an extremely useful tool if you are using your IRC for NS gameplay. SerinApprox is a plug-in for the LinkmIRC client, so if you are the one running the bot on the channel you must use mIRC. Everyone else on the channel will be able to access the bot regardless of their IRC client.

NSBreeze- NSBreeze is an extension for Chrome, to add keyboard shortcuts to the NationStates site. This gives you the ability to navigate using the press of a key. This is a very useful extension if you are involved in the R/D game.

FluffyCogs- FluffyCogs is a module for the LinkRed Discord Bot. This module will add NS-related commands to your region's Discord bot, such as displaying region data or WA resolution texts. Its a great way to integrate NationStates into your Discord.

Political Graphing Sites
Looking for a way to graph your nation's place on the political spectrum? Well, these sites will help you do that. Now, These are not strictly for NationStates, but they are site commonly utilized by NS users.

LinkThe Political Compass- This is the most common political graphing test used on NS. It provides a good measure of one's political stance or the stance of your nation.

LinkPolitical Spectrum Quiz- This is a good alternative to the Political Compass site. It allows you to weight each question according to how significant you feel it is, so you can add another layer of personalization. However, due to this added feature, it may not be very compatible with the Political Compass results.

Puppet Managers
Have you recently started participating in NS gameplay and now you have so many puppets you don't know what to do with them all? These programs will help you stop them all from CTEing.

NationStates Nation Manager- This is a small application that allows you to log in to a long list of puppets with one click of the mouse. I used to use this program frequently when I was juggling 50+ puppet nations. It is very helpful.

Autologin Script- This is a simple Python script to automatically log in to your puppet nations. It also provides you a list of notices that your puppets received, so you can better monitor what is happening with your nations. It does require that you download LinkPython 3 in order to run the script.

Want to run a sports RP? These programs and spreadsheets will help you generate scores fairly according to the inputs. I personally have little to no experience with these, so my descriptions will be limited.

Linkxkoranate- This is a fairly versatile scorinator that allows you to simulate a wide variety of sports, both individual and team. It is the most widely used scorinator.

LinkNSFS- This is a scorinator design specifically for football (soccer) scoring.

LinkLeagion- This is a Java-based program for american football scores. Written by Rejistania.

LinkTennis 0.3.1- This is an Excel based scorinator for tennis match ups. LinkOpenoffice version. Written by Schiavonia.

LinkLeague Ranking Sheet 3.2- This is a spreadsheet for league standings and rankings. Written by Osarius.

Wiki sites
Are you looking for a good place to post a world factbook or your nation's history? These Wiki sites are the perfect place for it.

LinkNSWiki- This is a reboot of the now-defunct wiki site of the same name. It is filled with bot generated pages, so the entries may or may not be accurate. It is well kept and managed, and it is highly recommended.

LinkIIWiki- The "II" stands for "international incidents", so this is a strictly In Character wiki. That means nothing can be posted that breaks the Link"fourth wall".

LinkWikiStates- This is another alternative wiki site. It is rather small but has an active community.

LinkNSIndex- This wiki site was made in response to the chaos created by NSWiki changing owners. The benefit of this site is that it has full access to Wikimedia Commons and there are no computer-generated pages.

Other useful things.

LinkNationStates Issue Results- This site collects data from nations answering issues to determine the results of each choice. It gives you the observed range of each stats change as well as the average change. Very useful if you want to fine-tune your NS stats, or if you just want to be a cheater.

NationStates Battle Simulator- This is a great tool to help war RPs. Instead of just rolling dice or arbitrarily deciding the results of a battle, you can just plug in various factors for both sides of the conflict and have the simulator crunch the numbers for you.

LinkNSHistory- This site allows you to look at the history of nations and regions. How many nations were in the North Pacific in June of 2008? This site will let you know. (The answer is 3,602 nations, by the way.)

LinkNSEmbassy- Regional Embassies make a web of connections across NationStates. How are they all connected? This will show you... In several different ways.

LinkNSRegionFlags- Have you ever wanted to look at all the regions' flag on NS all at once? Me neither. But if you get bored you should check it out.

LinkPlanet Creation Kit- This is a random planet generator. It allows you to set some basic parameters and then generates the scientific details of the planet. What is it useful for? I dunno.

LinkThis Person Does Not Exist- This is a site that uses a computer algorithm to generate a picture of a fake person every two seconds. If you are looking for completely unique photos of people for your nation's factbook, this is a great utility... Though, you may need to refresh the page a few times before you find one that's suitable.

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These BBCode-like tags can be used in Dispatches, Telegrams, Regional Message Board (RMB) posts, Regional World Factbook Entries (WFEs), and World Assembly proposals. Not all tags are valid for all message types: see below.

Bold, Italic, Underline
Valid: Everywhere
Tags: b, i, u

I [b]really[/b] like text that [i]makes a point[/i], you [u]know[/u]?
I really like text that makes a point, you know?

Strikeout, Subscript, Superscript
Valid: Everywhere
Tags: strike, sub, sup

I [strike]like[/strike] [sub]love[/sub] love [sup]love[/sup] this region!
I like love love love this region!

Valid: Everywhere
Tag: nation
Shortcut: @
Options: long, noflag

I am [nation]Testlandia[/nation]. Or, to use my full name, [nation=long]Testlandia[/nation]. If you prefer to omit flags, you can call me [nation=noflag]Testlandia[/nation] or [nation=long+noflag]Testlandia[/nation].
I am Testlandia. Or, to use my full name, The Hive Mind of Testlandia. If you prefer to omit flags, you can call me Testlandia or The Hive Mind of Testlandia.

(Tip: When writing a post or dispatch, hit "@" and begin typing a nation name for an auto-completing shortcut.)

Valid: Everywhere
Tag: region
Shortcut: @

[region]The Pacific[/region] was the very first region in the world.
The Pacific was the very first region in the world.

(Tip: When writing a post or dispatch, hit "@" and begin typing a region name for an auto-completing shortcut.)

World Assembly Proposal
Valid: Everywhere
Tag: proposal
Option: proposal ID

Please support [proposal=separatist_peoples_1416233457]my proposal[/proposal]!
Please support my proposal!

World Assembly Resolution
Valid: Everywhere
Tag: resolution
Option: council ID (GA, SC, or UN)#resolution ID

The foundation of modern WA legislation is [resolution=GA#2]the Rights and Duties law[/resolution].
The foundation of modern WA legislation is the Rights and Duties law.

Valid: Everywhere
Tag: spoiler
Options: text to display on button



[spoiler=Try this one, too!]Boo!![/spoiler]


Valid for links: Everywhere
Valid for other sites: Dispatches, WFEs
Tag: url
Options: URL

Did you know the guy who wrote NationStates is [url=]Max Barry[/url]?
Did you know the guy who wrote NationStates is LinkMax Barry?

A lot of people live in [url=]the forums[/url]!
A lot of people live in the forums!

You can actually omit the [url] tag for full URLs, like this:
You can actually omit the [url] tag for full URLs, like this: page=faq.

But it's usually most helpful to provide descriptive text, so people know [url=]this link leads to the FAQ[/url].
But it's usually most helpful to provide descriptive text, so people know this link leads to the FAQ.

Valid: Everywhere
Tags: list, *
Options: 1, a, i, A, I

  • One

  • Two

  • Three

[list=1][*]A more complicated list, which contains a nested list:
[list=i][*]"1" is 1, 2, 3...
[*]"i" is i, ii, iii...
[*]"a" is a, b, c...[/list]
[*]And the above can be capitalized, for A, B, C... and I, II, III...[/list]
  1. A more complicated list, which contains a nested list:

    1. "1" is 1, 2, 3...

    2. "i" is i, ii, iii...

    3. "a" is a, b, c...

  2. And the above can be capitalized, for A, B, C... and I, II, III...

Unformatted text
Valid: Everywhere
Tag: pre

[pre]You bold like [b]this[/b]![/pre]

You bold like [b]this[/b]!

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: size

Sometimes you want [size=150]big text[/size] but other times only [size=90]small text[/size] will do.
Sometimes you want big text, but other times only small text will do.

Valid: Dispatches, WFEs
Tag: color
Alternative name: colour
Options: name or hexidecimal code of color

I [color=red]love[/color] a little [colour=#FF9900]color[/colour].
I love a little color.

Valid: RMBs
Tag: quote
Options: name of author;post ID

[quote=testlandia;4970610]It's an outrage![/quote]
Testlandia wrote:It's an outrage!

Background color
Valid: Dispatches
Tags: background, background-block
Options: name or hexidecimal code of color

Backgrounds can be applied to [background=yellow]highlight a few words[/background].
Backgrounds can be applied to highlight a few words.

[background-block=yellow]Backgrounds can also be applied at the paragraph level, which is especially noticeable...

...when it flows over multiple lines.[/background-block]

Backgrounds can also be applied at the paragraph level, which is especially noticeable...

...when it flows over multiple lines.

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: font
Options: name of font(s), in order of preference

[font=Courier]What a beautiful font![/font]
What a beautiful font!

[font=Times New Roman, Arial, sans]What a beautiful font![/font]
What a beautiful font!

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: align
Alternative names: center, centre
Options: left, right, center, justify

[align=center]Centered text.[/align]
Centered text.

[align=right]Right-justified text.[/align]
Right-justified text.

[centre]This is also centred, especially if you're British.[/centre]
This is also centred, especially if you're British.

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: img
Options: view (standout, shadow, border)


You can also set some visual options:

[img view="shadow"][/img]

[img view="standout"][/img]

[img view="standout border shadow"][/img]

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: float
Options: left, right

Images float on either side of this text.

Images float on either side of this text.

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: box

[box]A pretty box.[/box]
(You're looking at it. Sadly, boxes cannot contain other boxes.)

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: sidebar

[sidebar]Sidebars are very similar to box + float-right, but don't stretch across the whole screen (except on mobile devices).[/sidebar]
Sidebars are very similar to box + float-right, but don't stretch across the whole screen (except on mobile devices).

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: tab
Option: number of pixels to indent

[tab=100]Some indented text[/tab].
Some indented text.

Valid: Dispatches
Tag: anchor
Option: name of anchor (no spaces or punctuation!)

[anchor=JUMPHERE][/anchor]Useful for tables of contents.
Jump to [url=#JUMPHERE]my anchor[/url].
Useful for tables of contents.
Jump to my anchor.

Valid: Dispatches
Tags: table, tr (table row), td (table cell)
Options: plain

[table][tr][td]A table's first row looks different[/td][td]Next cell[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Second row[/td][td]Next cell[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Third row[/td][td]Next cell[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Fourth row, which goes on at some length about nothing. It also has a line break in it. Here it comes. Ready? Okay!! Here it is!!
See?[/td][td]Next cell[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Hovering over a row highlights it[/td][td]Not bad, eh?[/td][/tr]

A table's first row looks different

Next cell

Second row

Next cell

Third row

Next cell

Fourth row, which goes on at some length about nothing. It also has a line break in it. Here it comes. Ready? Okay!! Here it is!!


Next cell

Hovering over a row highlights it

Not bad, eh?

[tr][td]Table type:[/td][td]Plain[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Excitement level:[/td][td]Low[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Usefulness for formatting:[/td][td]High[/td][/tr]

Table type:




Excitement level:


Usefulness for formatting:


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If you found this guide helpful, please upvote the dispatch to help others find it
Welcome to NationStates!

This guide will help if you are a new player to this game or an experienced player looking to expand your knowledge of NationStates.

This guide aims to help you:

  • Prepare you for the limitless possibilities;

  • Find out the varying aspects of this game; and

  • Manage your nation.

This guide is reasonably long, and as such, it is recommended that you refer to the table of contents to aid you in locating the specific information you may desire.

Before this guide begins, I would like to personally express thanks and credit to Testlandia, Euroslavia, and Goddess Relief Office who have kindly provided commendable information and tips to this guide.[1]

What is NationStates?

NationStates is a multiplayer online text-based game which simulates a government setting. It was created by author LinkMax Barry and was released on the 13th of November, 2002 as a means of promoting a novel Jennifer Government. The game has currently 223,380 active nations in 23,734 different regions.[2]

Players (under the guise of their nation) operate their own country by making decisions that have an impact on the economy, society, and culture of their people. The object of the game is to lead a country in the way the player finds the best. At the start of the game, the player chooses a few basic characteristics including the name of the country, flag, motto, currency, national animal, and style of government. Answers to a short questionnaire determine the initial ratings of the country's civil, economic, and political rights. The nation's population starts at five million and increases every day automatically with play.

||| WELCOME ||| ||| BASICS ||| ||| GAMEPLAY ||| GLOSSARY |||
||| ISSUES ||| | ||| TELEGRAMS ||| | ||| POPULATION ||| | ||| DOSSIER ||| | ||| SETTINGS ||| | ||| PEOPLE, GOVENMENT, & THE ECONOMY ||| | ||| ANALYSIS |||


Issues are political decisions that players make, which shape their nations as a result. The choices a player makes on issues directly affect the nation's civil rights, economic, and political freedom levels, as well as the national tax rate.
As time progresses, issues will determine the type of government a nation has, with the game categorizing the type from 'Democratic Socialists' to 'Psychotic Dictatorship'.

A player can decide how often he or she wishes to receive issues by accessing the settings page and choosing from a list of options under the sub-heading New Issues. The options available for selection are:

  • None;

  • One per weekday;

  • One per day;

  • Two per weekday;

  • Two per day; or

  • Vacation Mode (prevent a nation from receiving new issues and extending period after which a nation will be deleted for inactivity, from 28 days to 60 days).

Depending on the options a player selects, they will achieve varying ratings relating to their nation's Economy, Political Freedoms, and Civil Rights (visible on a nation's homepage).

A nation's government type is determined by an algorithm which calculates a nation's civil liberties, economic, and political freedoms and based on this result, allocates the nation a government type appropriate to that nation. There are 27 government types, ranging from Scandinavian Liberal Paradise to Iron Fist Socialists to Psychotic Dictatorship.

To view how many nations there are of each government category, please see the data compiled by Farengeto and provided in the below spoiler (data accurate as of the 8th of June 2020).

Government Category

Nation Count


Inoffensive Centrist Democracy



Democratic Socialists



Iron Fist Consumerists






New York Times Democracy



Psychotic Dictatorship



Father Knows Best State



Civil Rights Lovefest



Moralistic Democracy



Left-wing Utopia



Liberal Democratic Socialists



Corrupt Dictatorship



Capitalist Paradise



Corporate Bordello



Left-Leaning College State



Corporate Police State



Scandinavian Liberal Paradise



Authoritarian Democracy



Compulsory Consumerist State



Right-wing Utopia






Iron Fist Socialists



Conservative Democracy



Free-Market Paradise



Libertarian Police State



Tyranny by Majority



Benevolent Dictatorship



Mother Knows Best State



[The following information has been kindly provided by Goddess Relief Office and reproduced here with his express permission. You are invited to read this guide to different issue types for more comprehensive information on this subject.]

NationStates has five different categories in which issues are organized into; general, population-based, issue options, statistics, and special issues.

  • General issues:

    General issues form the majority of issues that a nation will receive. Issues of this type are randomly generated with there being no precondition to receiving them.

    Examples of general issues include:

  • Population-based issues

    Population-based issues are those which can only be unlocked by a nation's population. If a player chooses to dismiss issues of this type when he/she received them or chooses an option that he/she may later regret, the player will still be able to receive population-based issues. However, the player will receive the specific issue later and not immediately after dismissing it. Through such issues, a player will be granted the ability to edit the player's capital city, leader, and national religion.

    Examples of population-based issues include:

  • Issue-option

    Issue-option is only unlock-able when a nation chooses a specific option to one issue. The result of the issue and the effect of the decision on the nation will be a catalyst for an Issue-option issue.

    Examples of issue-based issues include:

  • Statistic-based issues

    Statistic-based issues can be unlocked when a nation has reached a pre-determined statistic relevant to the issue. Depending on how a player chooses to lead his/her nation, different statistics will apply to the nation. For example, a nation which is led in a dictatorial fashion will most likely receive an issue which relates to tyrannical nations, for example, the issue Too Low on Laws, Says Citizens. However, a nation that has high political freedoms would not receive such issues.

    Examples of statistic-based issues include:

  • Special issues

    Special issues do not occur often and are a rarity. For example, World Assembly Woes are only unlock able by member-states of the World Assembly.

    Similar to special issues, there are easter egg issues which reward nations with a unique badge to be displayed on nations' main page. There are several easter egg issues available. However, the methods of attaining them vary. For a more detailed discussion on easter egg issues, please refer to this discussion.


Telegrams are private messages that can be sent between players. When a nation is founded, it will receive approximately two dozen telegrams from regions seeking to recruit new nations.

A player can choose to filter telegrams he/she receives by accessing Telegram Preferences. There are four categories a player can select:

  • Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams are sent by nations attempting to convince players to join their regions.

  • WA Campaign: WA proposal authors may send WA-member nations telegrams of this sort to lobby for a player's vote.

  • Region (official): Founders and (if allowed) World Assembly Delegates may send regional telegrams without the need for stamps. Unless selected, these telegrams will be sent to every nation residing in the region.

  • External: External telegrams are sent using stamps and in-which the author had not pre-selected the telegram label of 'recruitment' or 'campaign'.

A player may choose to block particular nations from sending him/her telegrams. A player may add a nation to the Ignore List by writing the nation's name in the search box of Telegram Preferences. Alternatively, the player can click on a telegram's timestamp which will link to a page showcasing the individual telegram, with there being a 'Block Sender' link near its bottom-right.

NationStates is a free game however there are upgrades available to a player. One such upgrade is an Inbox upgrade which is part of packages: Supporter, Postmaster, and Postmaster-General.

    Supporter will:
    • remove ads (for faster page loads);

    • reward with a supporter trophy for your nation page;

    • last forever;

    • permanently reserve nation name; and

    • give a player a 'warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting NationStates.'


    • includes the aforementioned benefits of Supporter;

    • expand folders to hold a 100 telegrams each (up from 20 telegrams);

    • create 3 additional custom folders; and

    • create a 'deleted items' folder which will retain a maximum of 100 deleted telegrams.


    • includes the aforementioned benefits of both Supporter and Postmaster;

    • expand folders to hold an unlimited number of telegrams;

    • create an unlimited number of custom folders; and

    • includes 500 telegram stamps.

Telegram stamps allow players to send multiple telegrams at one single time. Normally, a player would only be able to send a telegram to a maximum of eight nations. Mass telegrams using telegram stamps can reach substantial numbers of nations quickly and easily and provide Delivery Reports which detail who has received a telegram and who has not.

A player can personalize the telegram sent by applying %NATION% to the text of the telegram. This will automatically translate to the nation's name when he/she receives it.

    Similarly a player can select a particular group to receive the telegram:
    • region: <Name> will send a telegram to every nation residing in the region listed.

    • tag: New<Number> will send telegrams to the aforementioned number of newly founded nations.

    • tag: Refounded<Number> will send telegrams to the aforementioned number of refounded nations.

    • tag: NewDelegates<Number> will send telegrams to the aforementioned number of new World Assembly Delegates nations.

    • tag: Delegates will send a telegram to the every Delegate.

    • tag: WA will send a telegram to the every nation who retains current membership to the World Assembly.

    • tab: All will send a telegram to every nation in NationStates.

    • tag: Welcome will send an automatic greeting to new arrivals in their region. However, telegrams of these sort can only be sent by a Founder or Delegate of a region.


A newly-founded nation in NationStates begins with a population of 5 million. Every 24 hours, the population of a nation increases. The higher the population rises, the greater the population increases per day, up until the population reaches 62 million.

The population of a newly-created nation increases by 1 million per day.

The population of a nation is related to the descriptor of its size. As a nation's population increases, it progresses through a series of size descriptors, which are: fledgling, tiny, small, large, very large, huge, massive, colossal, and gargantuan. As a nation's population increases, it eventually gains several new custom nation traits, including the capital city (250 million), the nation name pretitle (500 million), the nation's leader (750 million), and the national religion (1 billion).

Population Mark


5 million

The starting population, with the population size descriptor 'fledgling', and a population growth rate of 1 million per day.

7 million

The population size descriptor changes to 'tiny'.

10 million

The population growth rate increases to 2 million per day.

20 million

The population size descriptor changes to 'small'. The population growth rate increases to 3 million per day.

32 million

The population growth rate increases to 4 million per day.

40 million

The population growth rate increases to 5 million per day.

50 million

The population size descriptor changes to 'large'. The population growth rate increases to 6 million per day.

62 million

The population growth rate becomes randomly variable, ranging from 5 million per day to 7 million per day. The population growth rate does not change after this.

100 million

The population size descriptor changes to 'very large'.

200 million

The population size descriptor changes to 'huge'.

250 million

The nation can receive the issue to create a custom-named national capitol.

500 million

The nation name pretitle changes from multiple-choice to a custom text field. The player may submit issues from now on, at the issues page.

750 million

The player will have the option of stating the leader of their nation as well as attributing the national motto to said-individual.

1 billion

The population size descriptor changes to 'massive'. The nation can receive the issue to create a custom-named national religion.

5 billion

The population size descriptor changes to 'colossal'.

10 billion

The population size descriptor changes to 'gargantuan'.


A nation's dossier is a compilation of brief information on other nations & regions which a player can select. It allows the player to easily move between nations/regions the player considers of interest and can be a useful tool in maintaining track of puppet nations a player may have.

The brief information provided in the dossier is limited to the nation's name, the nation's WA category (for example, left-wing utopia), when the nation was last active, the region in which the nation resides, and the WA status of the nation (whether the nation is a member of the World Assembly).

Similarly, the dossier provides brief information on regions that players choose to feature in their dossier. The information is limited to the name of the region, the population of the region, and the name of the region's World Assembly Delegate.

Another feature is Advanced Dossier. This feature allows for greater control of the nations which feature in a player's dossier. As opposed to having to independently select nations, a player can upload a text file to NationStates featuring nations' names. Alternatively, a player can download a text file that contains the identity of the nations in the dossier.


The settings page allows a player to modify aspects of his/her nation. A player can set the currency, motto, demonyms, national animal, et cetera. The settings page also provides players with the opportunity to change their nation's password, flag, and select banners.

Banners are a rotating, targeted, customizable, unlock-able set of images on the nation's page. There are over 250 banners, which unlock upon achieving various feats, such as developing a strong economy or reaching high levels of political corruption. There are also custom slots for uploading a players' own images, once they have reached particular population levels. For a full list illustrating every banner achievable, you are invited to Linkview this collection.

People, Government, & the Economy

People: A pie-chart and accompanying percentages illustrating the leading causes of death throughout a player's nation, for example, old age.

Government: An illustration and accompanying percentages showing the distribution of your budget, for example, education, environment, healthcare, public transport, and administration. The illustration also details the amount of a player's currency and the percentage of the player's total gross domestic product (GDP) spent on government expenditure.

Economy: An illustration of the division of the public, private, and state-owned sectors. Here, a player can also read the total GDP of the nation and the GDP per person.


Each day, there are two updates in NationStates. The major update occurs at approximately 00:00-01:00 Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EST/EDT). The minor update occurs at approximately 12:00-13:00 EST/EDT. Due to a large number of nations and regions, these updates may take an hour.

In the major update, NationStates generates a World Census Report on a particular subject and will rank all nations and regions from highest to lowest. Such topics include 'Most Extreme', 'Most Cultured' and 'Best Healthcare'. If a nation scores highly in these reports, the player may expect to be rewarded with either a silver or gold badge which will feature on the main page of the player (top 10% and 5%, respectfully).

||| WELCOME ||| BASICS ||| ||| GAMEPLAY ||| ||| GLOSSARY |||
||| REGION ||| | ||| WORLD ASSEMBLY ||| | ||| ROLEPLAY ||| | ||| BBCODE |||


In NationStates, regions is to a nation how a real-life country/city is to a person. It is a community of nations which generally incorporates at least five basic social values that all regions, regardless of their ideological foundation, are expected to provide and uphold for the benefit of their citizens. These values are security, freedom; order; justice; and welfare. This is not to say that there are no regions in whom's founding ideals differ from those stated. There are thousands of regions in NationStates, each with its own personality and direction, for example, a Pokemon-themed region, a Communist region, or a democratic region.

Different regions have different focus points, some choose to be specifically themed with a general-purpose whilst others are just a casual gathering place for nations. The defining aspect of regions is their home-pages (which you can locate by clicking on a region's link). The regional home-page showcases a wide range of customizable features:

  • World Factbook Entry;

  • Regional flag;

  • Dispatches;

  • Regional tags;

  • Embassies;

  • World Census Report;

  • Regional polls; and the

  • Regional Message Board (RMB)

Nations can select the region they want to belong to by various means; accidental stumbling upon, specific searches, recruitment telegrams, looking at regional tags, etc.

For a comprehensive guide to "Building a region", you are invited to view this forum thread.

World Assembly

Given the international diplomacy theme which underpins NationStates, an important aspect of the game is an institution called the World Assembly (WA) formerly known as the United Nations. This is a fairly large component of the game and therefore this guide will detail it under sub-sections (highlighted in bold)

Membership to the World Assembly is entirely voluntary. A player may choose to join this organisation and in doing so, gain them in-game functions of being able to endorse other nations as well as receive endorsements. However, the player also submits their nation to the effects generated by various WA proposals. This may have an inadvertent effect on a nation's statistics, for example, their military situation (ability to construct nuclear weapons may be limited by a WA General Assembly resolution). A player can choose to join the World Assembly by clicking on the 'Apply to join' button in the World Assembly page.

Delegate are elected by a region to serve as their representative at the World Assembly. Unlike ordinary members, they can approve newly-suggested resolutions. Delegates may also have administrative control over their region, though this is entirely dependent on the settings decided with the region's creation.

Becoming a delegate can be an easy or difficult process, depending on the circumstances. To be elected, a nation needs endorsements (a minimum of two) from the majority of members in their respective regions. Whilst a region composed of said-nation and a friend(s) can guarantee the nation the delegacy, larger regions with a vast collection of players are often much more challenging. Not only must the nation convince people to support their cause (and potentially have the current delegate demoted), the nation needs to hold this position by respecting the demands of the region.

Gaining endorsements, you've decided to join a bigger region with little to no support from friends, here are a few tips to receive the endorsements needed: (note: the following is the author's own opinion)

  1. Patience is a godsend. Don't expect to march in some random region and have endorsements thrown at you. You need to prove your place.

  2. Get friendly with some of the other nations, people who you can count on to support your ascent to power.

  3. If they have one, find out about the current delegate. Is he well-liked? Does he listen to the nation's wishes? Does he abuse his power? Use this to your advantage...

  4. NationStates truly is a game of politics and roleplaying. To that end, feel free to blackmail and bribe your peers.

Councils, the World Assembly is divided into two entities; the General Assembly and the Security Council [3]:

The General Assembly is concerned with passing international law: resolutions to improve human rights, environmental standards, and the like. They have an immediate and material effect on all WA member nations, and can change your laws and category. For example, if you are a protectionist nation, and the WA passes a resolution promoting free trade, you may find your nation becoming abruptly more capitalist.

Broadly speaking, the General Assembly does not concern itself with individual nations or regions, but humanity as a whole. It has a vibrant roleplaying community in the General Assembly forum, which debates and drafts legislation.

The Security Council, on the other hand, is very much about specifics. It passes resolutions that Condemn or Commend particular nations or regions, and authorises Liberations, by removing a Delegate's authority to set a regional password (usually to restore order following its capture by invaders). Compared to the General Assembly, it is more concerned with gameplay (regional politics, invasions) than roleplaying.

Both Councils function similarly in that they accept proposals, which enter the voting floor to be voted on as resolutions. Each Council may have a resolution at vote at the same time.

To vote for a resolution, click on its link within the World Assembly tab. You'll be taken to a page giving you the full details, including the category, resolution number, and who proposed the resolution. Below that, you'll find a complete explanation, with the option of voting For or Against.

To pass your own resolution, you need at least two endorsements from members of your region. Once you have those, you can propose your resolution to the World Assembly. However, before people are given the chance to vote on it, it needs to be approved by 6% of the World Assembly Regional Delegates. If it reaches the necessary number of approvals, it will be brought onto the voting floor, where all members of the WA can make your resolution law, or fail to pass it. (note: the following is the author's own opinion)

When you decide to pass your resolution, you have two choices. You can create a brand new one, or you can attempt to repeal an old one.

Creating a new resolution is basically one that does not currently exist. If you do so, make sure you look through all previous resolutions. There's nothing more embarrassing than attempting to introduce laws on toilet paper which already exist...

If you too are angered about the increase of tax on tea bags, then you have the chance to get things changed! You can vote to re-appeal a resolution, which will render the resolution in question null and void. This is normally when old laws conflict with new methods.

Tips on Passing a Resolution:

  1. Gather up support within your region. If it was proposed by someone, all the better!

  2. Spread the word on the forums. There is a section dedicated to the discussion of resolutions. You can make friends and get some critique on your law, which will let you make the edits necessary to give it an air of professionalism.

  3. Don't get too frustrated if your resolution doesn't make it to the voting floor. You can always try again.

Influence is a game-determined categorisation applied to each nation. A nation's influence is a measure of how 'well-respected' a nation is considered in its current region. Nations earn influence in a region the longer they remain there, and the more WA endorsements they have accumulated. When a nation leaves, though, its influence in that region will begin to decline.

Influence serves an important gameplay purpose. The ability of WA Delegates to eject and ban nations from their region, and to password-protect it, is limited by their Influence. Delegates consume some of their Influence to exercise their power, so the more often the Delegate uses their influence, the more difficult it is for them to wield those powers in the future.

When a nation moves to a region, it does not influence within that region. Nations accrue influence in a region by remaining in the region, and by receiving endorsements from the region’s members. Arguably, being a member of the WA has no value unless the nation gains endorsements, the more endorsements one gets, the more influence one will accrue.

The regional influence is equal to the sum of the national influence of all its members (updated each game-update (refer to Analysis)), and is displayed as a ranking on a scale ranging from ‘moderate’ to ‘Extremely High’.

The national influence ranking (ranging from ‘Minnow’ to ‘Hermit’) is determined by the ratio of national influence to total regional influence and the previous WA update.

Influence levels achievable

Influence Level


















































Eminence Grise














[The following advice has been kindly provided by Euroslavia and reproduced here with his express permission. Should you wish to further explore this dynamic aspect of NationStates, you are invited to read the many roleplay guides available in the forum.]

Welcome to 'Getting Started with Nationstates'. This (advice) will provide the basic framework for general rules and learning and all things in regards to how to properly Role Playing in the International Incidents and Nationstates forums. The following is merely a snippet of advice, please visit this forum thread for more comprehensive information and advice relating to roleplaying in International Incidents.

  • Work things out OOC: First piece of advice is fairly simple; you will find that when you start a roleplay with a nation you may have combat with, you will find that most of the time you will both have different technologies and ideas on how the roleplay will go. As such it’s important to work out any problems OOC before you start the RP. You can do this in MSN, telegram or even in a separate thread… if you don’t do this you may waste a lot of time arguing with the other nation over the power of your weapon, why they aren’t taking enough damage and so on.

  • Spelling, Grammar and Format: This is a quick addition, but basically if you want to be understood you should make it easier to read for everyone else. You should try and make sure that you’re spelling it reasonable, your grammar is ok and your format makes it easy for people to read. The best way to achieve this is to use a program like Win Word to spell check your post and maybe even point out some grammar problems.

  • Its freeform baby!: Yeah, I know I should have pointed this out earlier, but it goes without saying. You can RP anything you want and there is little anyone can do about it. Remember, while you can roleplay anything, you can also ignore anything. So while you can RP your nation being the best in the universe, everyone else can ignore such a claim and choose not to RP with you. That’s the beauty of freeform, and it’s the greatest frustration. This is why you should be reasonable.

  • Be descriptive: This isn’t really as important, but it makes the thread a whole lot better. The more description you put into it, the more interesting it is to read and the more you will enjoy the roleplay on the whole.

  • Have fun: It gets forgotten a lot of the time but Nationstates is just a game; albeit an addictive game which takes a lot of time and effort for some people. The important thing is to have fun; if you are not having fun then you should try something else. Tired of having wars with everyone? Chill out and try something else, make peace with those you fight or have a peace conference… that way you automatically have a character/diplomatic roleplay.

To garner more information on general roleplaying, the author strongly recommends a visit to the forum thread Roleplaying Tips and Suggestions.

Roleplaying in NationStates is such an exciting and fun aspect of the game, as such, there are thousands of people all around you who would be happy to help you, you need only ask. Similarly, if you are stuck on something or would just like a bit of advice here and there, the forum contains dozens of guides and helpful tips. Always remember, the world is full of possibilities and you are only limited by your imagination.


Players not accustomed to formatting may have noticed custom markup tags being used in the regional message board, the NS Forum or in Dispatches. These custom markups help to format a text to make it bold, italics, add images, add url, etc. These are known as BBCode or Bulletin Board Code.

BBCode or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language generally used internet-wide format posts in blogs and message boards.
The BBCode tags usually have a beginning and ending tag similar to HTML. BBCodes are usually indicated by the square brackets [ ] and contain a keyword within the [] tag, and the ending tags have the same keyword with a backslash ” / ” preceding the keyword. These BBCodes are parsed during the run-time to produce HTML or XHTML that can be understood by the browsers. It should be noted that players need to nest the tags properly as otherwise, it might not work.

[The following information has been kindly provided by Testlandia and reproduced here with his express permission. The following list is not exhaustive. To view the full list, please consult with this dispatch, the Complete List of NSCodes.]

These BBCode-like tags can be used in Dispatches, Telegrams, Regional Message Board (RMB) posts, Regional World Factbook Entries (WFEs), and World Assembly proposals. Not all tags are valid for all message types: see below.























[background=#0080FF]text highlight[/background]

text highlight



[background-block=yellow]Block highlight[/background-block]

Block highlight







[font=Newtimesroman]John Smith[/font]

John Smith







[region]the South Pacific[/region]

the South Pacific





WA proposal


[proposal=chester_pearson_1421530135]War Crimes Tribunal[/proposal]

War Crimes Tribunal

WA resolution


[resolution=GA#2]The Rights and Duties law[/resolution]

The Rights and Duties law







Dispatches & WFE

[url=]Max Barry[/url] created NationStates

LinkMax Barry created NationStates



[anchor=A][/anchor]The anchor will be placed here

[url=/page=dispatch/id=444406#A]Anchor link[/url]

The anchor will be placed here

Anchor link





RMB & Dispatches

[quote=amerion;100000]Oppa Gangnam Style[/quote]

Amerion wrote:Oppa Gangnam Style




  • Bullet

  • List

  1. Number

  2. List

  1. Alphabetical

  2. List

  1. Roman

  2. Numerals

  3. List

    Unformatted text


    [pre]You bold like [b]this[/b]!

    You bold like [b]this[/b]!


    Dispatches & WFE

    [color=red]Red text[/color]
    [color=#0431B4]Blue text[/color]

    Red text
    Blue text







    [tab=10]This is an indent[/tab]

    This is an indent

    Horizontal Line





    [box]This is a box[/box]

    This is a box

    ||| WELCOME ||| BASICS ||| GAMEPLAY ||| ||| GLOSSARY ||| |||




    An act which prevents a nation from entering a given region.

    Cease-To-Exist (CTE)

    The deletion of a nation after a period of inactivity lasting 28 days or 60 days if vacation mode is set. A nation can be 'refounded' by the owner by login.


    An act of ejecting a nation from a region. This can be performed by the Founder (with cost to the nation) or by the Delegate (with an influence cost incurred on the Delegate). Nations who have been ejected will relocate involuntarily to The Rejected Realms.


    Regions that new nations are founded in. Sinkers include The Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, and The East Pacific.


    A nation who 'founded' the region and hence is the original inhabitant. The Founder, depending on access to the administration panel, has the power to ban, eject, banject nations, change tags, suppress RMB posts, change the flag, construct and close embassies, and change the World Factbook Entry.


    Regions that nations returning to the game, or in the case of The Rejected Realms are ejected from a different region go to. Sinkers include Lazarus, Osiris, Balder, and The Rejected Realms.

    Out-of-Character (OOC)

    Post of this sort is used to convey messages unrelated to the roleplay, such as informing fellow players that you will be out of town for a week and therefore will not be online in NationStates.


    Nations created to be used secondary to the primary nation. Some players choose to use puppet nations as WA nations while others choose to use it to boost a region's population. Reasons vary and there is nothing wrong with creating puppets for one's purpose.

    Regional Message Board (RMB)

    A chat function visible in a region (scroll down the region's homepage). This aspect allows nations to communicate and displays their flag as well as allowing them to 'like' others' messages and quote them.


    A private messaging system that acts as emails for NS.


    Regions which have no founder and cannot be refounded. In these regions, ejections/bannings do not incur an influence drain on the Delegate but can only last a limited amount of time. Warzones include Warzone Airspace, Warzone Africa, Warzone Europe, Warzone Asia, Warzone Australia, and Warzone Sandbox.

    World Assembly

    An institute of global governance in NationStates, similar to the United Nations in real-life.

    World Assembly Delegate

    A nation who possess the largest number of WA endorsements in the region, thereby allowing it to represent the region in the World Assembly.

    World Factbook Entry (WFE)

    World Factbook Entry is an area visible at the top of a region's homepage which describes the region, etc. Typically, it would state members of the region's governing entity, links to an offsite forum, etc.


    [1] Testlandia, Euroslavia, and Goddess Relief Office contributed whole information towards sections regarding Bulletin Board Codes, Roleplay, and Issue Types, respectfully.

    [2] Exact figures may fluctuate over time as new nations are founded and existing nations are ceasing-to-exist.

    [3] This information on World Assembly Councils was sourced from Frequently Asked Questions.



    The NationStates Guide

    Read dispatch

    Ever wondered why you get some issues but never get the others? Or why some are rare and others are common? Below I'll attempt to provide an overview of the different issue types and the methods to unlocking them. Basically there are 5 types.

    1. The normal ones

    These make up most of the issues you get. They are randomly selected and placed in your inbox. There are no preconditions to satisfy to get them. From my estimate, 9 out of 10 issues on NS are of this type.


    2. The issues that get unlocked by population size

    The second type of issues are those that are unlocked by your population size. The process is automatic, you will get these issues when you reach a certain population milestone.


    If you choose to dismiss these issues when you first got them, or picked the wrong option that you regret later (for example, if you selected not to build a Capital City when given the choice). You will still be able to get these issues. Once they get unlocked, they act just like normal issues. They will be randomly selected and placed in your inbox until you've filled up your Capital City, Leader, and National Religion fields.

    3. Issues that get unlocked by an issue option

    The third group is determined by your actions. You won't get them automatically. They are triggered if you picked a certain issue option beforehand. It's best to illustrate with an example.

    #034: Don't Puff On Me, Say Non-Smokers
    The Issue
    There is a growing call within @@NAME@@ to abolish smoking in public areas.

    The Debate
    1. "I'm in full support of this motion," says man on the street Konrad Wu. "I'm sick of being stuck behind smokers, sucking in their pollution! They can light up in the privacy of their own homes, if they want."
    Result: smoking is banned in public areas.

    2. "What's so special about their homes?" says anti-smoking campaigner Tim Mombota. "The government has a responsibility to stop people from hurting themselves -- it's the same reason we should make them wear seat belts in cars. Sooner or later, they end up in one of @@NAME@@'s hospitals, sucking on taxpayer-funded healthcare. Not that that's why we should ban smoking. We should ban it because we care."
    Result: an underground movement of cigarette smokers has sprung up in response to a government ban.

    3. "Get your hands off my fag!" wheezes long-time smoker Pete Nguyen. "I've been smoking for fifty years and it's never done me any harm. Helps me concentrate, it does! The government should back off on trying to tell me what I can put into my own body. Telling a smoker he can't light up in a restaurant is discrimination, pure and simple. If you want to put a stop to unfairness, stop that."
    Result: eight year-olds can be seen lighting up in public areas.

    If you picked Option 2 to ban smoking completely, you will unlock issue #139 below.

    #139: Drug Debate Hits The Streets
    The Issue
    Tens of thousands of citizens have taken to the streets demanding the right to smoke whatever they want, wherever they want.

    The Debate
    1. "Ever since smoking was banned, I've been a gibbering wreck," laments Kathleen Brown, handing you a cup of strange-smelling tea. "You just don't understand - I need to smoke! And sometimes I need to roll a little bit more than tobacco....(etc, you get the idea, this option to unban smoking, is a direct consequence of the ban you picked from option 2 in Issue #034)

    For most cases, the unlocked issue will be randomly delivered. Since there are over 360 issues as of this writing, a random chance is approximately 0.27 percent. (there is only one exception to this rule, which is issue 361. In this case, you will get the follow-up Issue 362 the next day)


    4. The issues that get unlocked by statistic

    The fourth type of issues are those that get unlocked only if you have reached some pre-determined statistic. They are, in a way, similar to the issues that get unlocked by population (Capital, National Leader, and Religion). The only difference is it is not automatic. You will have to swing your nation one way or another to get to them.

    The general idea is that the options you picked in daily issues will affect your nation in different ways. Some will increase your Economy, some will increase your taxes, etc. The changes can be seen from the 'Government' indicator pie chart (which shows spending allocation), the various trend graphs, and the nation analysis link (page=compare). These stats can help unlock hidden issues.


    5. The easter eggs and special issues

    The last type of issues are the easter eggs and other special issues. Doing the easter egg ones will get you a special "badge" on your nation's main page. There's a total of 7 easter egg issues out there. The methods to get them are different in each case. They are combination of types 1 to 4.

    For a FAQ on how to get them, see discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=193229

    Besides Easter eggs, I've also mentioned "special issues", these are very rare issues like #132:World Assembly Woes , which you will only get if you are a WA nation, and commemorative issues like #077: World To End, Or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary (This was a One Year Anniversary issue sent out in 2003. It has now become an Easter Egg issue)

    That's all folks!

    1) I'll be grateful if you can up-vote this dispatch if you think it's informative. ^_^♥
    2) I'm doing research on all the issue option results and I'm nearly done. If you would like to help, please take a look at the list of issues I still need results on.
    3) If you have a specific question about an issue, please post it in the issues subforum or just TG me. I'll try to help if I'm around.
    Read dispatch

    The "I'm new to NationStates I have no idea what I'm doing" Comprehensive Guide to NationStates

    *Or more sadly, the "I wished I had this comprehensive, yet mildly funny guide when I was new" Guide to NationStates

    🚧 This guide is still under construction!
    Please bear with us as we add more and more content.
    Thank you all for your support!

    Hello newbie, welcome to NationStates! NationStates is a multiplayer text-based nation state simulator which was created to promote a new novel known as Jenn- oh whoops you drifted off already.

    Yeah no .. I'm not going to bore you. You're welcome. The guide is written in chronological order, but you can skip to specific parts using the contents page.

    My telegrams are being bombarded. How the f*ck do I stop this spam?

    Oof. The first thing most new players get is a cascade of junk mail in their inbox. A large majority of your spam mail are recruitment telegrams which want you to join their region (I'll explain that in the future, but basically they're like tribes or clans).

    But right now you don't give a sh*t. Firstly, we need to stop more garbage polluting your inbox. To do this, click this link. Under Filter, go to Recruitment and click Block All.

    Click update filter when done. Now you will no longer receive more recruitment bullsh*t! Hooray🎊! All you need to do now is to delete your inbox and send angry telegrams telling your spammers to never spam you again.

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are issues?
    Issues are the main feature of NationStates and it's the thing that makes the game fun! You are the leader of your country, and issues are scenarios your country is going through. Each issue has a list of different options you can pick to resolve these scenarios. The fun thing about all the issues is that usually none of the options are 'good'. They all have drawbacks and some of the options you pick can have unintended consequences.

    Let's take a look at an example...

    Oh dear. In this issue, you basically have two options: force the company to give the pay rise or frankly fire the fish farmers furiously (I apologise for the abject alliteration).

    So let's assume you go for the "DSJFJISDFJISDFJIPSDF CAPITALISM! DESTROY CAPITALISM NOW!!111" option. Under this scenario, the workers now have a 20% pay rise and the prospect of not having fish and chips this Friday has been thoroughly diffused. Power to the workers🚩! Viva la Revolution or whatever you hip socialists say nowadays, idk.

    The unintended consequence however is that now your people know if they want something, they can go on strike. So they will do... like all the time. And you'll be getting a f*ckton of strikes now.

    To illustrate why this may not be a good thing, I have hired an economist from the Department of the Treasury of His Excellency to draft a graph showing the relationship between economic productivity and the amount of people going on strike:

    In other words, your economy is going to die. Oof.

    So let's go for the other option then, i.e. "Tiannamen Square 2: Electric Boogaloo (ft. Margaret Thatcher)". Crush those fish f*ckers! Now you've given companies and corporations more power to make your economy more competitive. Yay to laissez-faire economics📈!

    As a side effect of relaxing industrial laws, now thousands of people will randomly be fired (because their bosses don't like them or something), creating mass unemployment. And also.. uh.. rolling in the tanks isn't very.. shall we say.. conducive to democracy I mean like, as a dictatorship this is actually a very very good thing, but this guide is supposed to be "impartial" so pshhh.

    So overall, none of the options are 'good' options. They all have glaring flaws in them. So you have to pick the best one out of all your crappy options. But that is what makes this game so fun! There is no 'right' answer, and some options have wildly unanticipated side effects. Issues are important because the way you answer issues affect the statistics and status of your country (which will be explained in more depth in the next question).

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are civil rights, economy and political freedom? Isn't 'political freedom' an oxymoron?

    Civil rights, economy and so-called political freedom are the main gauges of your nation. Every time you do an issue, your civil rights, economy or political freedoms will go either up or down. Your nation classification (in this example, the classification is Civil Rights Lovefest) depends on how much civil rights, economic freedom and political freedoms your country has.

    In this example, a progressive policy has led to the economy to go down. But don't worry! You'll soon have lots of other issues which will give you opportunities to get it back up. It is possible to have any classification and increase your statistics even if they're currently crappy, it just takes time and answering specific issues.

    So to roughly recap, here is a table you can refer to tell you what your country is like:


    Having lots means..

    Having little means..

    Civil rights

    Pot-smoking, gay rights loving, liberty spreading, freedom embracing lovefest

    Slavery is a good idea as it gives people jobs which they can never resign from


    GDP is bigger than a potato

    GDP is a potato

    Economic freedom

    Pinochet did nothing wrong

    Stalin did nothing wrong

    Political freedoms

    Rule by ballot

    Rule by ballistic missile

    It is also possible to check your statistics over time. If you go to Trend, you can see the ups and downs of your basic metrics (civil rights, economy and political freedoms) in the form of a graph.

    Presumably you are a noob, in which case your graph will consist of three straight lines. If you're an old player, you can see something slightly more interesting than straight lines like squiggles, bumps, dramatic falls and exponential rises. *The audience proceeds to go "ooooh"*

    Just look at this very exciting graph!

    What do you mean you don't care?

    However, civil rights, economy and political freedom aren't the only metrics and measurements you can use to gauge your nation. There are also other ways you can measure your nation such as the policies it has enacted (which will be discussed in the next question).

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are policies? And lul wut since when did I legalise polygamy?

    Policies are general laws your nation has passed. You get new policies by answering issues. Depending on what policies your country has, you may get certain issues. For example, if you are an autocracy (dictatorship), you won't get any issues related to democracy. The fun thing about policies is they are a by-product of issues, and therefore sometimes you will enact a new policy as an unintended consequence.

    For example, look at this cute little boy on the right. He has a passion for acting. Who could dare to crush his innocent dreams of being an aspiring actor? me lol SURPRISE BISH💥 You just legalised child labour. Now go work in the factories for the fatherland! *throws the cute child into the assembly line*

    Or, another example, marriage laws. If you have a compassion level that is higher than a literal kidney stone, you would be naturally inclined to legalise gay marriage. However, read the small print very carefully. Or ... SURPRISE BISH💥 You just legalised polygamy. Not what you meant? Sorry, your civil servants got a bit overzealous and now you have this weird law you did not ask for or maybe you did, I mean I won't judge😒.

    Like statistics and all the other metrics, policies are reversible. So don't worry if you have a democratic robo-socialist polygamous pot-smoking feudal society. Just give it time, answer the right issues, and it will change.

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are the 'people', 'government' and 'economy' statistics?
    The categories of "people", "government" and "economy" are another form of metrics to gauge your nation. Each three of these options are presented in a pie chart. [insert sarcastic amusement here] It's not really that exciting unless if you like maths and yes I call it maths do you have a problem, no that's what I thought.

    So unless if this arouses you in some way...

    You really needn't bother. I am only aroused when 100% of money is spent on defending oil- I mean uh self-defence yeah.

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are ranks? Is this just more statistics?
    Ranks are individual statistics to measure your nation. They vary from boring statistics such as "economic output", to more average ones like "averageness" (yes there is a literal statistic on averageness), to more exciting interesting ones like level of public "nudity".

    "Holy sh*t. Why are there so many statistics in NationStates?" That's a dumb question. You're playing a text-based simulator you dimwit. What did you expect? "Are you making me ask stupid questions to insinuate and perpetuate stereotypes of my ignorance as a noob?" Yes.

    Depending on how you answer every issue, your plethora of statistics change. To see these changes, you can scroll down after answering an issue.

    What makes ranks so much more different that the other eight million other statistics in NationStates, is that you can get badges for ranking high on each of these ranks!

    These badges appear below your nation's main page and they are usually a source of honour and pride for the owner of the account. Green badges are given to top 10% of nations (of that certain statistic) in the entire game, orange badges are given to the top 5% and golden badges given to the top 1%.

    As you can see, this is my own private collection. I'm extremely proud and honoured to have the Top 1% for Public Nudity. "I don't care, do you have any other information regarding ranks?" My golden badge reflects on a sadder tone of general society. Societal progres- "Yeah OK, I'm going then." - WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

    [ Return to Contents ]

    What are regions?

    Time to finally explain what regions actually are. While your individual nations are the single player aspect of the game, regions are the multiplayer aspect. Regions are basically groups, clans or guilds. Every nation must be part of a region. As you've probably encountered beforehand, there are a f*ckton of regions and they all want you to join them.

    If you are a newbie, you are probably in one of the five main starter regions: the Pacific, the North Pacific, the South Pacific, the East Pacific and the West Pacific. New nations are automatically randomly assigned to be born in one of these starter regions, s-pacifically known as 'feeder' regions. I refuse to apologise for this pun.

    Read dispatch

    Interested in Building Your Dream Deck?

    Disclaimer: This guide is intended to be for the benefit of all players/regions. Have fun reading! :)

    If you found the guide helpful, please upvote this dispatch to help others find it!

    Absolute Somethingarchy,Advancement and Progress,Akwotika,Alacernia and Tremonia,Allied States of Kungran,Altayis,Ancapistan VII,Aniue Colandly,Archendom,Asia Molleran,Atonement,Babeufia,Bakroyatal,Banabna,BanVille,Barkerland,Barkerrrland,Bezian,Binod,Botopushardorusstaso,Buttandboobs Island,Cairno,Cali-Sota,Cancer the crab,Catretoal,Celestial Cards,Celtlanda,Cid Pen Kluesaya,Ckuaks,Classy10,Classy11,Classy12,Classy13,Classy14,Classy15,Classy16,Classy17,Classy18,Classy19,Classy7,Classy8,Classy9,Cocain3,Contarini,Corcoranistan,Crazedlandia,Crossproductia,Czechystan,Czesulan,David Fincher,Deltuvia,Digbyskagg,Dukesa,East Goose,Eggnogan,Elegion,Emptayk,Epmo,Estona Cemorialmai,Everythingship,Exipnos,Extranjero,Fetaria,First Caltharusian Regiment,Fluffytown,Flurn Sound,Freedom town incorporated,Freesiana,Free State of Northern California,Free Tyrania,Fumeiyo,Gardener42,Gardener43,Gardener44,Gardener45,Gardener46,Gardener47,Gardener48,Gardener49,Gardener50,Gardener52,Gardener53,Germanian Rebublic,GladosLaboratories,Godless heresy,Greaderiland,Grongangulous,Habsberg,Heramia,Higolis,Himesaka Noa,Ingurkwo,Insed Ath,Intsocland,IRL002,IRL003,Islace Theribaltorri,Islamac Teatoptiland,Jaguary,Jefff,Jin Kisaragi,Jomoland,Jude s,Kajoheet,Kamiigusa,Karagistan,Kaurland,Kingdom of Limburgia,Kladosia,Koytus,Kpop Stans,Krukowicz,LandOfDeadMemes,Latina America,Laurus Altat,Leromai,Library of Phoenix Arizona,Liverian Conclave,Mandalay Bay,Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino,-Marinera-,Mazart,Mentego,Me Swamp,Mostarda,Nakala,Negiellia,NeposiaV2,New Boew Ther Tedamahann,New Eastaland,New Texuatan,New zelang,Nociav,NoFreedomLund,Northern Allies,Northern Bad Nemene,Not Active Right Now,Obscenia,Otapia,Panda Empire,Parosiya,Pattanis,Peachie,Pengasas,Peoples Republic of Pirates,Powerful Dill,Puttaparthi,Quiboloyandia,Rapchure,Ravondia,Razgryz,Reginae-Strelitz,Repubbliche sovietiche,Revmacia,Right Dictatorian Platypus,Rmu0,Rmu1,Rmu2,Rmu4,RNGemon,Rothbard land,Sabidos,Sengregity,Sen Khitai,Shackleford,Shalom Methuselah,Sherinada,Shevia inscorpis,Shinian,Shrek 42069,Snickerz Bar,Solosina,South Untecna,Spiritual Platypus,Stronk Polish Lands,Sulen Farm Card 26,Sulen Farm Card 27,Sulen Farm Card 29,Tanneria,Technocrachia,Teodorius,Terry Gilliam-,The Caitian Homeworld,The Clever Crow,The Consecrated Lazul Grounds of Lapinda,The Great Republic Of Iran,The New Contract,The New Dawn Imperium,The Oduman,The People of Utah,The Slightly Gayer Cousin of Beaverwa,The Sul Hom Laks,The united peoples if cornellia,The village of Ilblu,Torgat,Torinnian Republic,Undertale Gaster,United Kingdom of Tea,United States of Alexia,Verlaunia,Vitaa,Vries land,West Earth,Wombona,Xaconia,XXX Paradise,Xyprei,Young Thug City,YouTube Nation of California,Zaneriaa,Zomighing,


    Trading cards? What's that?

    The Northern Light wrote:

    Trading cards are NationStates' own trading card game. You can generate, trade, and collect cards representing other nations, with each card having its own rarity and value. There is a whole dedicated market where you can buy or sell cards, and compete to rise through the rankings for most valuable decks, as well as increase the value of your nation's own card. Or, you can simply create your own themed collections, e.g., your friends, enemies, regionmates, best flags, and anything else you can think of!

    Why should I start trading?

    Given that players from many regions (including The North Pacific, The West Pacific, The Pacific, The Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, and Texas, to name a few) have actively been involved with cards, deciding to get involved with this field will open players to an entirely new community to explore! (And yes, even game administrators, issues editors, and moderators are heavily active.) Of course, not just the wide-ranging community is to take note of, but you're also entitled to making a name for yourself, whether by collecting the most cards of a specific theme, achieving one of the most valuable decks to ever grace the leaderboard, possessing the most bank out of any player, or by becoming a philanthropist whom continues to serve as an example of pure generosity (people have actually done this in the past)!

    Whoa. Sounds cool! But how do I start?

    Each player has a (roughly) 20% chance to obtain a card pack from answering an issue. Answering these daily will reward you several packs, and the maximum you may store per nation is 9. You will know if you won a card pack by scrolling to the bottom of the screen right after answering an issue, as seen here:

    ... or by answering all your issues, going back to your nation's main page, and clicking on the card logo:

    ... in order to check whether you've won any packs! Each pack contains 5 cards, and some might already have bids placed on them. If you wish to quickly gain some cash, sell the card to that bidder, especially if said bid happens to be over junk value!

    Junking is the act of trashing your card (done by clicking on the card and pressing "junk"; note that cards from rare rarity and upwards will require confirmation before junking) in order to accumulate a set number of "junked bank". This varies by rarity, with commons yielding a junk value of 0.01 bank, uncommons a value of 0.05 bank, and so forth. Players typically do this in order to quickly generate bank (since selling a card at auction takes a minimum 1 hour) and instantly pay for a card. Do this if you're short on time!

    Of course, sometimes you won't immediately get a card you want. If you're caught in this situation, you are able to do the following: A) lodge a standing bid with the bank you have and wait for someone to notice, B) telegramming an owner of that card, or C) by posting on the card forum to have people quickly check whether they can sell a copy!

    Once you gain a card (whether from buying or simply opening packs), assuming you wish to actually keep the card (and not junk/sell it), you can then A) start a collection (done by clicking "Create a collection" at your nation's card page and adding cards to said collection) and/or B) view the cards you have in your deck, and you may even use deck filter buttons to narrow down the list of cards you possess in case you want to view specific ones!

    Finally, it's important to know that all nations possess an official deck limit for how many cards each nation may store. Once you reach said limit, you must consume a certain amount of bank in order to expand your current capacity, otherwise gifting becomes unavailable and your nation will be restrained from opening further packs (though you may still purchase more cards from auctions).

    Expanding your capacity increases by the squared exponent of every whole number (i.e. 1, 4, 9, 16, etc.), and purchasing the Site Supporter badge from the store grants you double the permitted capacity (along with doubling the capacity you gain each time your limit's expanded).

    To give you an idea, here is a table of the expansion costs for (both) regular users and Site Supporters (brought to you by Valentine Z):

    Without Site Supporter

    With Site Supporter


    Cumulative Cost



    Automatically given to all players














































































    The list goes on, naturally. Don't think that this is the maximum number of cards you can store!

    Any particular tools to help me trade?

    Yes, actually! There are several useful player-created features to utilize at your convenience:

    1. List of Cards in XML - Created by active code junkie and trader Ballotonia, this downloadable file contains an index for every single card in the game! In total, there are an estimated 180000 cards (per season), so use this list if you are aiming for a massive collection! [Note: it is highly advised that you download a text editor such as Sublime in order to better read this file.]

    2. Card Queries Page - Created by (another) code junkie + trader The Northern Light, this tool allows players to look up cards of a particular type, including card rarity, badge type, government type, and more. Use this if you don't feel like manually searching for what you need!

    3. Card Market Watch - Another creation by The Northern Light, this document serves to actively track the statistical data regarding the entire card market, including auction activity, every legendary's combined market value, the total amount of cards currently pullable, and just how generous the gifting has gotten; all of these are noted daily and recorded up to its date of creation (i.e. July 7, 2019).

    4. LinkGoldretriever-Web - Created by Java enthusiast Racoda (and inspired from the original version by Valentine Z), this open source application will (automatically) output the total amount of bank + deck value (along with, should you input the password for each nation, the number of unanswered issues and unopened packs) for each nation listed! As to how it's done, 1) go to the website, 2) input the name of your nation(s) (if you have multiple accounts, press the "Enter" key each time you list a nation's name to add new lines), and 3) press "Start". [Note: if you wish to also calculate the number of unanswered issues + unopened packs per nation, you must ensure that the mode is set to "Auto" to enable the feature and then list both the nation's name & password and separate the two with a comma.]

    5. NationStates Card Management Queue - Created by long-time user Anozia (and later expanded upon by traders Destructive Government Economic System and Racoda), this script utilizes the Tampermonkey extension (instructions on how to use the script + extension being found here) in order to allow many features, including 1) the saving of specific (or all, when using the Card Queries tool) cards to a queue for selling/gifting when needed, 2) the addition of a cards icon at the top of your nation's page (clicking on the icon will conveniently redirect you towards the deck page), and 3) the removal of the nation-name from Season 2 cards (when the lower half of the card is clicked) to allow full access to the flag appearance of the cards! [Note: the script version that you must use to access these features is within this post, as provided by Vylixan.]

    Final thing, please note that using a script that automatically performs card-based actions (including answering issues to obtain card packs, placing bids/asks, or junking cards) has been ruled illegal, per Eluvatar's and [violet]'s respective announcements, so if you plan on developing any of these tools... you'll probably realize that none of the players will actually use them. Other than that, have fun with coding!

    Special thanks to Destructive Government Economic System for writing the entire guide!
    Read dispatch

    Lesson 1: Introduction to Influence

    What is Influence?

    Influence is created when a nation collects endorsements from other nations within their region by joining the World Assembly and endorsing everyone and waiting to be endorsed back. A nation starts at 0 endorsements and can take as long as a year to reach 300 endorsements. With a high endorsement count, nations gradually gain influence everyday; the amount of Influence gained is proportional to the number of endorsements the nation has:

    What is the point of endorsments? It seems to me they are to express your opinion that a nation is worthy of particular merit, but this doesn't seem to reflect how they are used in game. Can you tell me why you allow and support the current use of endorsements?

    1. You should join the WA (abbreviation for World Assembly) on your main nation in TEP(abbreviation for The North Pacific) and collect endorsements because:

    • when WA voting, the delegate's vote is counted by how many endorsements the delegate has. Literally we won't have a say in the WA which handles interregional gameplay concerning us if the delegate doesn't have a high endorsement. And likewise, we won't have a voice towards whether a GA resolution passes/fails if the delegate's endorsements are low. Seeing as this is are political simulator, the more power(votes) you have, the better, that's the point of the game . And votes are re counted by endorsements. Therefore, even if a player doesn't care about the WA, s/he should still join it, endorse the Delegate and ignore.

    • on the contrary, if the player does care about the WA, that's even better we have TEP government positions/ranks for players who advise the delegate on how to vote in the WA. To work in the WA ministry, fill in Verdrassil's sign-up thread in the forum and contact that player on discord. This team trains new WA resolution writers too if you're interested in that.

    • there's a game mechanic called "influence", which is measured by number units. Every nation with 0 endorsements gain 1 influence per 12 hours. The formula is this: every 12 hours (specifically everyday at 12pm and 12 am EST), your nation gains influence by the number of endorsements you have plus 1. So if you had 30 endorsements, you'd gain 31 influence per 12 hours. That means if you have 30 endorsements and have been a resident of TEP for 48 hours, you would have 124 influence.

    • influence and endorsement count resets back to 0 if your nation dies, so be sure to log in at minimum once per 28 days or set your nation settings to vacation mode for 60 days(you won't receive issues though.) Conversely, if your nation moves out of TEP, your influence will significantly decrease every 12 hours that you're outside of TEP, so don't move your nation out. If you must, just create a new non-WA nation as your alt account. (Non-WA because NS only permits 1 WA nation per player.)

    • Influence is more than just a nation ranking statistic, althougj you can check how much influence you (or someone else's nation) have by checking your nation's Rankings at the Influence category.

    • That number you see is how much influence it would cost a regional officer to eject your nation. If you have 400 influence, and the regional officer has 300 influence, that nation cannot ban you. However, if that nation has 500 influence and ejects your 400 influence nation, that nation will lose 400 influence and end up having just 100.

    • alternatively, you can become a future regional officer so get more influence(endos) and someday if you get more involved with TEP matters you can get promoted to that rank. However, if you're not interested in being in TEP Government, then as a regular citizen, click to give your endorsements one time, that's all you're required to do.

    • however, there is a second benefit to my asking you to endorse every WA nation you find:

    • if you endorse someone, they're likely to endorse you back, which increases your endorsement count. So endorsing everyone is obviously the fastest/easiest way to collect endorsements.

    • if everyone has a high endorsement count, whoever becomes delegate or a rogue regional officer decides to troll and ban the entire region and ban everyone-- it wont work. Everyone's collective influence is 98% and the delegates influence is 2% of the pool.

    • in a region with a Founder (basically tiny regions that are not a Pacific) it costs a founder 0 influence to ban anyone regardless of their endorsement # (which won't be very high in the first place in tiny regions.) Founders can be boot happy and this is one reason players opt to stay in a Pacific to avoid drama. Ofc different people have different experiences.

    • P.S. if you are ever tempted to join an outside region(obviously we want you to stay in TEP,) please consider having your WA nation remain here in TEP, which is a founderless region that relies on WA endorsements on the Delegate, and creating a second nation (new & non-WA) page=create_nation. Use that nation to join elsewhere. The NS site rules permit you to create as many nations as you want, but forbids you from having more than 1 WA nation. Hence, you should use the SAME email address for ALL your NS nations, which helps ensure that you don't accidentally join the WA on 2 nations (NS automatically stops you from joining WA twice on the same email, so you won't end up getting caught/punished by the website.) Remember to log in your nation at least once every 28 days (or 60 if set on vacation mode.) If your nation dies, remember to revive it through logging in normally, and moving it back to The North Pacific XD

    2. Another perspective (a real conversation that happened recently)

    • Anglarond: Thank you so much for the detailed response
      So basically endorsments arent used as a measurement of how may nations think it is worthy of merit just how much political power a nation has

    • Queen Yuno: Yes ^_^
      I don't think merit can be measured by numbers or at least not by NS stats

    • Anglarond: Well it at first seemed to me that if you thou a nation was good youd endorse them showing that you thought that

    • Anglarond: I mean merit as in people just thinking that that nation is good

    • Queen Yuno: You can do that too ^-^ For example, Ramaeus (Ram) used to give endos out only to nations she thought "deserved" it
      Consequently she only had 100 endos for the longest time
      I nagged her to collect more


    How to Endorse?

    Step 1: First, join the World Assembly
    1. Click the "World Assembly" link in the sidebar

    2. Click the "Apply to Join" button to be sent an invitation email

    3. Click the link in the email to join the World Assembly

    Step 2: Second, endorse the Delegate (McMasterdonia) and her Viziers

    1. Click on her nation page

    2. Scroll down to the bottom

    3. Click "Endorse"

    Step 3: CASUAL endorsement collecting (optional)

    1. Endorse all the actives here: page=activity/view=region.the_east_pacific/filter=member+endo

    Step 4: HARDCORE endorsement collecting (optional)

    1. Go to:

    2. Just click on "General Endotarting Queries"

    3. Type in "notendorsedby:YOUR_NATION_NAME"

    4. Hit Submit, and endorse everyone down that list.

    Step 5: Profit


    Benefits of Endorsements

    Contrary to what many others might say, there are indeed benefits to endorsements, and more than one might imagine or even acknowledge. Below is a list that is in no way exhaustive:
    • The clickable convenience of having your endorsers listed at the bottom of your nation (similar to a friend list or a team roster)

    • Your nation receiving endorsements from President McMasterdonia herself, Vice-President Sundred, Secretary of State Kranostav, Secretary of the Interior Prydania, Ambassador to the WA Gorundu, and Xagill, and endorsements from active endorsement givers.

    • Gaining Influence for your nation, which is the only important Ranking

    • Gives you something to do on-site other than answering Issues

    • WA members are trusted members of the community, because NationStates rules permit only 1 WA nation per player, (and NS the website auto-checks IP addresses to make sure you're not cheating with 2 or more WA nations.) Therefore, we use WA nation as a safeguard method to ensure a player isn't holding 2 citizen forum accounts, and that each citizen is a separate person to ensure fairness and lack of spies.

    • For this reason, we often ask players "What is your WA nation?" to make sure we're talking to their main identity rather than a puppet/sleeper agent.

    • Therefore, it would be in your best interest to join the WA: page=un
      It takes 2 minutes only.

    For more information, go ask questions about influence in the University of TEP discord: Link
    (Both foreigners and residents are allowed)
    Written by Queen Yuno

    Read dispatch

    The Reference Library

    The Reference Library gathers together the definitive "how-to" guides from around NationStates. If you find the linked dispatches useful, please give them an upvote. That helps other players find them more easily. The dispatches are written by other people, and so may also promote their, or their region's, agenda.


    Other Reference Libraries
    New Players
    Dispatches and Factbooks
    World Assembly
    Raiding and Defending
    Region Building
    Technical and Tools

    Other Reference Libraries

    Reference Library
    by August
    A great resource, linking to more of August's well written, comprehensive dispatches.

    A Collection of Interesting Dispatches
    by Chava Cal

    New Players

    NationStates FAQ
    Official NationStates resource

    How to NationStates: The Comprehensive Guide (for noobs)
    by His Excellency

    New to NS? Read this!
    by United russoasia

    The Survival Guide to NationStates
    by Yy4u

    NationStates Guide
    by Amerion

    NationStates Encyclopedia
    by August
    A glossary of NS jargon

    Issues (spoiler alert)

    How to start a nation with any WA classification
    by Vivolkha
    Not strictly to do with Issues, but will affect your nation stats!

    Got Issues?
    The forum for issues. Sneak a peak at the options for existing issues. Report unusual effects. Help fix issues with issues. Or help write a new one.

    NationStates issue results
    by Trotterdam
    Want to know what an option will do before you choose it? Well, now you can.

    NationStates Banners
    by Mediobogdum

    NationStates Policies
    by Llorens

    LinkNationStates Policies
    by Trotterdam
    Which issue answers add or remove policies?

    Dispatches and Factbooks

    The Complete List of NSCodes
    by Testlandia

    How to Write a Dispatch
    by Testlandia

    Macros in factbooks! All the codes!
    by Noahs Second Country

    NSC's guide to coloring dispatches!
    by Noahs Second Country

    A Guide on How to Put Pictures In The Factbooks
    by The Democratic Nation of Unovia

    How to Copy a Disptach
    by Freedom planita 2


    The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards
    by The Northern Light
    (There are additional links in the header of the page which are worth exploring too)

    NS Trading Card Discord

    The Collection Collection

    Wrong way to play?
    The original post in this thread is a specific question, but the thread goes on to give various views on what is acceptable behaviour.

    The North Pacific Card Market Watch
    by The Northern Light

    Card queries page
    by The Northern Light
    Allows searches on the official XML card list

    SherpDaWerp's Puppet Checker - Easily Manage Card Farms!
    by SherpDaWerp
    See how many issues, card packs, bank, and deck value your puppets have

    Card Management Queue Tool
    by Anozia

    The Auction That Lasted Forever
    by Noahs Second Country

    World Assembly

    Why and How to Join the World Assembly (and other Frequently Asked Questions)
    by Europeian WA Headquarters

    So You Want To Write A Resolution?
    by Damanucus

    So, ‘You say you want a Resolution’ : A beginners’ guide to writing GA proposals
    by Bears armed mission

    Probably not useful, but I think interesting:
    Against Security Council Statement
    by Mikeswill

    The Commended and Condemned
    by Whole India

    Raiding and Defending
    (See also Technical and Tools)

    Detagging a Region
    by We Are Not the NSA

    So you've been invaded…
    by Consular

    Basics of Military Gameplay
    by August

    About Influence
    by August

    Hobbes' Handy Guide to Military (R/D) Gameplay.
    by Hobbesistan

    Complete Guide to Military Gameplay
    by King nephmir ii

    Detailed Raiding Guide
    by Snezzy

    The Predator Scandal
    by The predator scandal

    What Is Defending?
    by Imperial rivercorps armada 2nd fleet

    Thou Shalt Not Retag: 10 Commandments of Detagging
    by Union of kiwi socialists


    Roleplay 101
    by Damanucus

    Roleplay for Dummies (and other useful things)
    by Diogott

    How Roleplays Die: A Detailed Explanation on the Nature of Thread Death in Portal to the Multiverse
    by Finland SSR

    How To Write an RP News Post
    by Imperialist sweden

    Worldbuilding resources for fun and profit
    by Vrnallia

    Region Building

    How To Build A Region
    Forum thread by Consular

    Region Tags
    by All Wild Things

    Branding, Advertising, and Recruitment
    by All Wild Things

    Region Building (radio show discussion)
    by Ambrella and King HEM

    Regional founder Discord server
    Read the forum post before joining the server.

    How to Write a Basic Constitution: A Beginner's Guide
    by Prybourne

    Basic Security Checks
    by All Wild Things

    Technical and Tools


    Useful NS Sites and Utilities
    by Nullarni

    RMB Search patterns
    by Testlandia


    NationStates API (nationdata/regiondata)
    The main forum thread about the API

    NationStates API Documentation
    The documentation on the API

    NationStates API for Python
    by The united island tribes

    Discord Bots

    AugustinAndroid NS-based Discord bot
    by August

    NationCogs - a module for the Red Discord bot
    by Darcania
    (Take note of this update before installing)

    Puppet Management

    nslogin-web (web app to log into/restore nations)
    by Auralia
    (web-based app, ready to go)

    PuppetMaster Login Script
    by Wolfram and Hart
    (Copy & paste JavaScript to get set up)

    Sleeping Beauty
    by Wolfram and Hart
    This script answers issues for your puppets. Copy & paste JavaScript to get set up.


    SherpDaWerp's Puppet Checker - Easily Manage Card Farms!
    by SherpDaWerp
    See how many issues, card packs, bank, and deck value your puppets have

    Card Management Queue Tool
    by Anozia


    *THE* Simple Guide to Sending Telegrams via API
    by Ever-Wandering Souls


    Free triggering guide for R/D purposes
    by Queen Yuno
    Uses Link by Derpsles.
    A newer version, Link is also available

    Bowzin's WFE Archive
    by Bowzin
    Great for detags. Eventually should become a history resource too.

    Python RMB saver
    by Merni

    Delegate endorsement checking script
    by Merni


    NS History: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!
    Forum thread

    The Compendium: The Nationstates History Book
    by Lavenza

    The Anatomy of the Coup: How Francos Spain Won (How did Francos Spain take over the Pacific?)
    by Unibot III

    Anatomy of the Coup II: Attack of the Puppets (The Invasion of the North Pacific)
    by Unibot III

    Anatomy of the Coup III: TEP, the Early Days
    by Unibot III

    Something Stirs: The History of Early Balder & Osiris
    by Unibot III

    The History of Abydos
    by Qon
    (The history is embedded in the linked dispatch. Scroll down and you'll find it.)

    The Refound of Australia
    by Mcmasterdonia representative

    The History of The Black Hawks
    by TBH Commander

    A History of Boston
    by All Wild Things

    The Story of Christmas
    by All Wild Things

    The History of the DEN
    by General Knot

    History of Gay
    by LGBT Equality

    The History of Hell
    by The Stalker

    The Mountains to the East
    by All Wild Things

    A Warzone history, through Dispatches
    by Domais

    History of the Delegacy of The West Pacific
    by All Good People

    NS Gameplay History - Updated 24/1-2014
    by Ananke II

    NS History Resources
    by All Wild Things


    This may be my favourite:
    All You Need to Know About NationStates Arguments
    by Ovybia

    "Everyone I Don't Like is Hitler", A Child's Guide to Online Political Discussion
    by Schultzhafen

    Other Resources

    Links to resources for those who feel depressed/suicidal

    Keeping NationStates Safe: A Campaign Against Harassment
    by New ex patria

    The One Stop Rules Shop

    Getting Help

    Eligible Polls

    The NewsStand
    by All Wild Things

    Obscure NS Links




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    The World Assembly and Endorsements:
    Why Should I Care?

    Joining the WA and endorsing other nations has a number of advantages, some of which are of high importance to the region as a whole. By joining the WA and actively endorsing others in the region, especially the delegate and CRS, you:
    • can 'endotart' and endorse your fellow South Pacificans (which is fun) and gain endorsements and therefore influence (which protects you from ejection from the region) yourself;

    • help strengthen our regional security;

    • can vote in our Delegate and Local Council elections;

    • can vote on resolutions in the World Assembly (and with two endorsements, can begin to propose them, too);

    • increase the power and influence of our delegate’s vote in the World Assembly (and thus, of the region);

    • can support the military of the South Pacific (the South Pacific Special Forces) in times of need or to aid our allies (or just join them for the fun!)

    You can read on for more detailed information.

    How do I join?

    Joining the World Assembly is easy.
    • Click on the 'World Assembly' tab to visit the World Assembly page;

    • Click on 'Join' near the top of the page;

    • Click on the link in the validation e-mail the WA sends you to finish joining. You must do this or you won't be admitted as a member.

    • You are now a member of the WA!

    • Start endorsing the delegate and the CRS.

    • Endotart your way to fame!

    ⚠️Please note, players are only permitted to have one nation in the WA at any one time. Failure to obey this rule may result in a temporary or even permanent ban from WA membership by the NS mods!⚠️
    Pro-tip: If you use the same e-mail address for all your nations the game will prevent you from doing this by accident!

    What is the World Assembly?

    The World Assembly (WA) is NationStates' answer to the UN, indeed it was even called the UN, to begin with, and that's still visible in the URL for its main page.

    Nations that join the World Assembly get to vote on resolutions made in either the General Assembly (GA) or the Security Council (SC). GA resolutions serve as international laws or agreements and will affect the stats of any nation that is a member of the WA, albeit very minutely. SC resolutions mostly serve the so-called Gameplay community, mainly those who engage in raiding and defending regions (more on this later), or foreign affairs between regions. These can be resolutions to commend or condemn a nation or region (which is basically just a badge) or to liberate a region which has been raided and locked-down by the raiding force.

    Being a member of the WA also allows you to endorse other WA members in your region and this opens up whole other avenues of gameplay.

    What are endorsements?

    On the surface, endorsements are a small sign of recognition from one WA member to another in the same region. Many players give them out to nations they admire or who share similar politics or outlook. Endorsements come with gameplay mechanics, however, and so there is more to them than meets the eye.

    Firstly, and most obviously, the nation which receives the most endorsements in their region automatically becomes the WA delegate of that region. In some regions, the delegate is only decided by who can amass the most endorsements, whilst in others, like the South Pacific, the delegate is elected democratically, then elevated to the position through endorsements.

    The delegate is de facto the most powerful position in most regions, especially if they do not have an active founder. Delegates can vote on proposals in the WA, putting them one step towards being resolutions, and can vote on resolutions with the additional voting power of each of their endorsements. The more endorsements a delegate has, therefore, the more influential they can be in any given WA vote.

    Within a region, the delegate can have all the various powers over communications, border control, etc. as well as being able to appoint other regional officers with some or all of those powers.

    Endorsements have other effects, too, however, including setting a base limit before a nation is allowed to make a proposal in the GA or SC (minimum 2 endorsements) and increasing both the amount of influence a nation can gain in any region and the rate at which that influence increases.

    What is influence?

    Influence is a stat which increases over time as a nation resides within a region, up to a certain cap. The more endorsements a nation has, the faster the influence rises, and the higher that cap is. For example, a non-WA nation waiting for over 5 years will eventually reach its influence cap of 4,015 SPDR, while a nation with 100 endorsements can accrue nearly 40,000 within half a year. Of course, to keep that influence, that nation needs to stay at such an endorsement count, otherwise the influence slowly decays again.

    Why does influence matter?

    Influence matters because it affects regional security. Nations with the border control power, such as the delegate, or someone the delegate appoints to have that power, can eject or even ban nations from the region, but only at a cost to their influence proportional to the influence score of the ejected nation. A border control officer with a large number of endorsements and therefore high influence will be able successfully to ban more nations from the region than an officer with low influence. Equally, a nation with high influence will be harder to eject or ban than one with low influence. By definition, non-WA nations will have relatively low influence.

    Nations which partake in military gameplay, raiding and defending regions, rely on influence to keep invading puppets safe from ejection (by first whittling down the influence of regional officers), or to remove invaders (by expending influence to ban them). Regions which want to remain safe from raiders are advised to keep a number of high influence nations at the ready to ban suspected security threats and to keep their delegate on a hard-to-reach number of endorsements so that it is not easy for invading nations to amass enough endorsements to overthrow them before they are themselves ejected.

    What is 'Endotarting'?

    'Endotarting' is the common NS slang word term for endorsing other nations in order to receive endorsements yourself. NS militaries do it all the time in order to raid or defend regions, but it's also needed domestically for folk like the delegate and CRS to stay on top with high influence, and for nations below the endorsement cap to keep their influence as high as possible as well.

    How do I 'Endotart'?

    Endotarting is actually very easy. At its most basic, all you have to do is endorse other nations and the majority will endorse you back without you having to do anything else. There are two easy ways to find nations to endorse:

    If you're really serious about endotarting, however, there are things you can do which can make a big difference:
    • Send endotarting telegrams - this means sending a polite telegram to each nation you endorse, asking if they would endorse you back. This increases the number of nations who will return your endorsements. I recommend having a copy and past telegram to us for this, so it isn't too time consuming. You can also send a template telegram to 'tag:template' and then just use the code you get sent each time you want to send a telegram with that template.

    • Use LinkNSBreeze - this is a browser extension that allows you to do things like endorse nations with keyboard shortcuts, dramatically reducing the time it takes to endorse hundreds of nations. Just press 'E' when on a nation's page to endorse them! There are other scripts ad browser extensions available, but please be aware that some of these are against NS site rules and coud result in a ban.

    ⚠️Please note: Our region has an endorsement cap for security reasons, which only the delegate and CRS are allowed to exceed. If you go over this cap you will be contacted by the CRS and asked to lower your endorsement count, so, by all means, endotart up to the cap (indeed, we encourage this) but try not to go over.⚠️

    If you've found this dispatch helpful at all, please don't forget to upvote it by clicking the green up arrow in the top right. Thank you!

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    Noahs Second Country Dispatch Office


    February 15th, 2017

    Bringing you your NSC developments since 2/22/2222

    This guide is everything concerning color.
    Most people assume that the default BBcode colors are only colors like red or gray. However, there are 140 different colors . Here is a quick list. (don't open the spoiler if you want to continue reading).


    Alicewhite | F0F8FF
    Antiquewhite | FAEBD7
    Aqua | 00FFFF
    Aquamarine | 7FFFD4
    Azure | F0FFFF
    Beige | F5F5DC
    Bisque | FFE4C4
    Blanchedalmond | FFEBCD
    Blue | 0000FF
    Blueviolet | 8A2BE2
    Brown | A52A2A
    Burlywood | DEB887
    Cadetblue | 5F9EA0
    Chartreuse | 7FFF00
    Chocolate | D2691E
    Coral | FF7F50
    Cornflowerblue | 6495ED
    Cornsilk | FFF8DC
    Crimson | DC143C
    Cyan | 00FFFF
    Darkblue | 00008B
    Darkcyan | 008B8B
    Darkgoldenrod | B8860B
    Darkgray | A9A9A9
    Darkgreen | 006400
    Darkkhaki | BDB76B
    Darkmagenta | 8B008B
    Darkolivegreen | 556B2F
    Darkorange | FF8C00
    Darkorchid | 9932CC
    Darkred | 8B0000
    Darksalmon | E9967A
    Darkseagreen | 8FBC8F
    Darkslateblue | 483D8B
    Darkslategray | 2F4F4F
    Darkturquoise | 00CED1
    Darkviolet | 9400D3
    Deeppink | FF1493
    Deepskyblue | 00BFFF
    Dimgray | 696969
    Dodgerblue | 1E90FF
    Firebrick | B22222
    Floralwhite | FFFAF0
    Forestgreen | 228B22
    Fuchsia | FF00FF
    Gainsboro | DCDCDC
    Ghostwhite | F8F8FF
    Gold | FFD700
    Goldenrod | DAA520
    Gray | 808080
    Green | 008000
    Greenyellow | ADFF2F
    Honeydew | F0FFF0
    Hotpink | FF69B4
    Indianred | CD5C5C
    Indigo | 4B0082
    Ivory | FFFFF0
    Khaki | F0E68C
    Lavender | E6E6FA
    Lavenderblush | FFF0F5
    Lawngreen | 7CFC00
    Lemonchiffon | FFFACD
    Lightblue | ADD8E6
    Lightcoral | F08080
    Lightcyan | E0FFFF
    Lightgoldenrodyellow | FAFAD2
    Lightgreen | 90EE90
    Lightgrey | D3D3D3
    Lightpink | FFB6C1
    Lightsalmon | FFA07A
    Lightseagreen | 20B2AA
    Lightskyblue | 87CEFA
    Lightslategray | 778899
    Lightsteelblue | B0C4DE
    Linen | FAF0E6
    Magenta | FF00FF
    Maroon | 800000
    Mediumaquamarine | 66CDAA
    Mediumblue | 0000CD
    Mediumorchid | BA55D3
    Mediumpurple | 9370D8
    Mediumseagreen | 3CB371
    Mediumslateblue | 7B68EE
    Mediumspringgreen | 00FA9A
    Mediumturquoise | 48D1CC
    Mediumvioletred | C71585
    Midnightblue | 191970
    Mintcream | F5FFFA
    Mistyrose | FFE4E1
    Moccasin | FFE4B5
    Navajowhite | FFDEAD
    Navy | 000080
    Oldlace | FDF5E6
    Olive | 808000
    Olivedrab | 688E23
    Orange | FFA500
    Orangered | FF4500
    Orchid | DA70D6
    Palegoldenrod | EEE8AA
    Palegreen | 98FB98
    Paleturquoise | AFEEEE
    Palevioletred | D87093
    Papayawhip | FFEFD5
    Peachpuff | FFDAB9
    Peru | CD853F
    Pink | FFC0CB
    Plum | DDA0DD
    Powderblue | B0E0E6
    Purple | 800080
    Red | FF0000
    Rosybrown | BC8F8F
    Royalblue | 4169E1
    Saddlebrown | 8B4513
    Salmon | FA8072
    Sandybrown | F4A460
    Seagreen | 2E8B57
    Seashell | FFF5EE
    Sienna | A0522D
    Silver | C0C0C0
    Skyblue | 87CEEB
    Slateblue | 6A5ACD
    Slategray | 708090
    Snow | FFFAFA
    Springgreen | 00FF7F
    Steelblue | 4682B4
    Tan | D2B48C
    Teal | 008080
    Thistle | D8BFD8
    Tomato | FF6347
    Turquoise | 40E0D0
    Violet | EE82EE
    Wheat | F5DEB3
    White | FFFFFF
    Whitesmoke | F5F5F5
    Yellow | FFFF00
    Yellowgreen | 9ACD32
    I have memorized a few of my favorite color names, such as chartreuse, which is a better green. Use the above list to determine the color name you want. The hex code is also provided. However, these 140 colors may not satisfy your needs. In that case, I have a couple of useful resources. LinkThis is my personal favorite html colorizer. It provides gradients and hex codes, as well as bbcode, for the colors you select. This is an example of what it can do. LinkThis is an intuitive color picker, which can help you find the hex code of a certain pixel on an image. These two resources are basically all you need to create a well colored dispatch! is another useful site, thank Abhichandra for this useful resource.
    Applying color
    Color can be applied in 3 primary ways: The [background-block] tag, the [color] tag, and the [background] tag.

    becomes: Goldenrod!
    This can be used throughout the site, except on the RMB.

    becomes: Goldenrod!
    This can also be used throughout the site, except on the RMB.

    becomes: Goldenrod!

    This can also be used throughout the site, except on the RMB.

    Alternate Way:
    You can also use hex codes to apply custom colors. The hex code for goldenrod is #DAA520. Use

    instead of

    Aaaand... that is all you need to know! If you liked this dispatch, upvote! TG me if you have something to add, questions, or suggestions! You can use these three tags to create headlines, well colored dispatches, and more!

    NSC Factbook Office
    Questions/Comments All rights reserved, Noahs Second Country 2017

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    A few days ago, there was a suggestion for nation-based macros in factbooks, as seen here
    The running list of the macros I have discovered
    Important: I have replaced all colons with a semi-colon to show you the code. To use the macros, you MUST replace the semicolon with a colon
    Type: [data;population]
    Becomes: 7,553 million, a number that updates daily.
    Type: [data;GDP]
    Becomes: 2,453 trillion second best currencies
    Type: [data;region]
    Becomes: The North Pacific
    Type: [data;tax]
    Becomes: 0%
    Regional Influence
    Type: [data;influence]
    Becomes: Squire
    Average Income
    Type: [data;income]
    Becomes: 324,813 second best currencies
    National Animal
    Type: [data;animal]
    Becomes: second best animal
    Type: [data;capital]
    Becomes: Soops MV Crash Site
    Census Scores
    Type: [data;census-score-33]
    Becomes: 8.31 Marx-Engels Emancipation Scale
    Census Rank
    Type: [data;census-rank-33]
    Becomes: 174,228th
    Regional Census Rank
    Type: [data;census-regionrank-33]
    Becomes: 8,089th

    If you found this useful, upvote!
    TG me if you found any more!
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    With the cursor positioned inside the text editor:
    • Bold ctrl+B

    • Italic ctrl+I

    • Underline ctrl+U

    • [nation] @ or ctrl+N or ctrl+M

    • [region] @ or ctrl+R

    • Preview ctrl+P or ctrl+E

    • Post ctrl+Enter

    Did You Know?

    • If the cursor is positioned mid-word when you activate a tag, it will wrap the entire word.

    • You can toggle what you just did by repeating an action. E.g. ctrl+B twice will add then remove bold tags.

    Note: Not all browsers support all actions. For example, ctrl+N won't work on Chrome and ctrl+P won't work on Edge.

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    Govornia’s Worst Jokes in History, According to Govornia Itself

    And guys, I want you to know that THESE ARE MY JOKES!! I CAME UP WITH THEM so please DO NOT STEAL THEM! Thanks! And now...


    Govornia wrote:YASSSSSSS! Okay...

    They get jalapeño face!

    A four-chin teller!

    An old lady asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over!

    Because the cow got the udder!

    🔽⬇️THE BEST ONE!⬇️🔽

    You search for Fresh Prince!

    Govornia wrote:


    A buccaneer.

    Because they’re shady.

    They’re a total rip-off.

    A gummy bear!

    He felt his presents.

    Govornia wrote:


    You can hide, but you can’t run.

    An im-pasta!

    ...But I dropped it.

    Govornia wrote:

    But my friends weren’t on board with it.

    He’s okay; it was a soft drink!

    He needed his space.

    Never mind, it’s tear-able.

    Because they have no body to go with!

    Because it said ‘concentrate’.

    Because they have so many ant-y bodies.

    Govornia wrote:

    Great atmosphere.


    It was a little shellfish.


    To go with the traffic jam.

    Was a ground-breaking invention.

    Tentacles...(I’m so sorry!)

    Govornia wrote:

    ”Robin, get in the car!”

    A DELL.

    Now the biggest joke of them all: The fact that I spent so much time coming up with these and putting them here! And my life! Yaaaay.

    Please upvote if this made you smile! Or if you just want to, it makes me feel popular. I’m so sorry, I know these are terrible, but that’s the joke, I guess. It took me a long time to come up with all of these, and even longer to find most of these quotes (I think some of them don’t even work now) but enough whining about how ‘hard’ I worked!

    Well, I’M gonna leave this Dispatch here...If you LIKED it, PUNCH that upvote button IN the face, LIKE AN INFINIPEDE! And I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES...IN THE NEXT DISPATCH!

    Thank you all so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Bye.

    Update: Thank you guys SO MUCH for nearly TWO HUNDRED READS in just FOUR DAYS! That’s just pure insanity!

    Is this the point where I suddenly get better at writing Dispatches? Or is it a one-off? Will this Dispatch become one for the NS history books? Find out next on...Harmless Shenanigans!

    (That’s a TNTMan93 reference, btw.)

    I love you guys.

    ...No homo...?

    Wow, guys; your support is truly amazing. I have nearly 250 reads in just four days and this Dispatch is second on the list for New Dispatches. This is really a dream come true, and I hope I can start writing more good stuff for all of you to read. Thanks AGAIN, have a good day on NS! Or whatever other thing...

    +350 reads and 60 upvotes. Amazing. Thanks a lot!

    UPDATE FOR 2019!!

    Govornia wrote:

    Take your age. Add 2. Then subtract 2.

    Govornia wrote:Deerfenland

    Evening, passengers of Flight 114, this is your pilot speaking. We're approaching some rough weather patterns ahead. Expect some turbulence. So please look to the front of the plane while our flight attendants help us go over some air safety tips, once again.

    Everyone please make sure your seat belts are securely and properly fastened. Please note that in case of a water landing, your seats can be used as a floatation device. However, in the unlikely event that we crash-land in a moun'ain, we will ask that you please refrain from resorting to cannibalism. We have plenty of food to last all of us through the winter. However, in the unlikely event that it takes more than a few months for us to be rescued, we have prepared a lottery system for deciding whom to eat. Passengers will be selected one at a time from economy class, starting from the fattest. They will be flayed and served to the passengers in the first class. This will continue until we are saved or we run out of economy passengers.

    Alright, we're entering a very bad part of this right now. So please don't be alarmed. If we were ever to get hit by a lightning, it will cause our lights to flicker. But other than that it won't harm us a bit. However, in the unlikely event that a bolt of lightning strikes us and causes us to be sent through a rift in the space-time continuum, tread-forcing us to a land from a time before God, a land where dinosaurs still roam the Earth, we will need to form a tribe. I will be chieftain and the flight attendants shall be my brides as we attempt to populate this strange new world. Ahhhh, my first command to the tribe will be to find a good supply of flint for fire, then the women will search for edible roots and berries while the men hunt for dinosaur meat. Gentlemen, please keep in mind that some dinosaurs are quite dangerous and should not be hunted. The T-Rex, Velociraptor, Terroraptor, et cetera, cetera...The ideal prey is the triceratops. They provide a lot of meat and are fairly docile and easy to kill. The key to strangling a baby triceratops is to grab it by the horns and pull back, exposing the soft flesh of its neck. Then just stick your fist in there closing off its air supply until it goes completely limp. Then it's good eating for the whole tribe.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to inform you this, but a bird has just flown into one of our engines. We are going to crash in a fiery, long-lasting death. Everyone bow your heads please. Now, Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom...come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." In the unlikely event that Christianity isn't the one true religion; Baruch atah Adonai elohaynu melech ha'olam. That covers us with the Hebrews...However, just in case the Muslims got it right...Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar..." *CRASH*

    Perhaps the funniest thing I’ve written on here. (Btw I’m not religious)

    Mid-July 2019: Just looking back at this and re-reading my astonishment at its instant popularity really makes me proud. I’m very, very happy with what I accomplished here and I remember gaping my mouth open when I woke up to see that my batch of lousy jokes had blown up. I’m eternally grateful that this happened. Unfortunately, it seems like it was a one-off after all unless I put in lots of effort into some other Dispatch, which I haven’t been doing at all lately. I might put in some more content on or before the one-year anniversary of the Dispatch’s first release, although I feel like the Unlikely Event thing kind of ruined the whole vibe. I don’t think I’ll take it out though, maybe just hide it or something. Whether this happens or not or whatever whenever wherever whoever however—ever—lol sorry—I’m still glad stuff DID happen. I’m not sure what else to say besides I love you guys (lol I sound like some huge YouTuber or something oof my ego haha) and this time homo all the way! Woo. Mwah. Byeeee!

    December 2019: Just want to thank every reader again!

    If you want you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

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    Step 1: Choose Your Target
    Select one of the targets below, opening the link in a new tab or window. The links lead to the raw NationStates API data, which can be transformed into something useful in Step 2.

    WA Delegates (Campaign Telegram): cgi-bin/api.cgi?wa=1&q=delegates
    WA Members (Recruitment or Campaign): cgi-bin/api.cgi?wa=1&q=members
    New Nations (Recruitment): cgi-bin/api.cgi?q=newnations
    More Options (Recruitment or Campaign): pages/api.html

    Copy the nation names (separated by commas) between the <tags> and open Microsoft Office Word or an equivalent program.

    [!] Warning: The Dossier has a 2500 nation limit! Keep this in mind if attempting to recruit WA Members in later steps!

    Step 2: Upload Nations To Dossier
    Open a new word document and paste the comma separated list into it. Select the entire list. Click "Table" --> "From Text to Table..." and type in "1" next to "columns". Make sure "commas" is selected and then press okay.

    Select all of the text and copy it into a new page in Notepad or Notepad++, or a similar program. There should be one nation on each line. Save the file as a .txt file, and close out of the window and the word document.

    Go to a blank nation dossier (the one you plan to recruit with), scroll down to the bottom of it, and select "Advanced Dossier". Click "Browse" and select the .txt file from earlier. Click "upload". If you have done these steps correctly so far, the list of nations should be added to your dossier in alphabetical order.

    Step 3: Create A Telegram Template
    Create a recruitment or campaign telegram. You may wish to use %NATION%, which returns the name of the nation of whoever is reading the telegram once it is received. When finished, send the telegram to tag:template. Make sure it is tagged correctly! You can tag a telegram as "recruitment" or "campaign" by selecting the down arrow next to the recipient ("to") box and checking the check box that appears. The "Move %NATION% to %REGION%" button appears at the end of the telegram automatically if it is marked as recruitment (for a region).

    When finished, send the telegram and copy the "template code" it gives you, which should contain % signs, the word "template", and some numbers.

    Step 4: Send A Test Telegram
    Test to see if your telegram works by sending one of your own nations a telegram. To do this, go to that nation's page, click "telegram", and simply paste the template code in the body of the telegram and hit send. (Clicking preview should show a green box appear around the template code). You should receive a copy of your telegram instantly, marked as recruitment or campaign already.

    Since you now don't have to edit the telegrams as you send them (change nation names, mark as recruitment, etc.), you can easily send several of these telegrams in a few minutes.

    Step 5: Send The Telegrams
    Go to your dossier, click the first nation, click "telegram", and paste the template code into the body. Click send. This telegram should be received instantly (provided said nation hasn't blocked that kind of telegram in their telegram preferences) and save you a lot of time. Go back to your dossier and repeat the process for each nation on the page. It should take less than 10-15 seconds per nation. When you finish the first page, select the check box at the top of the checkbox column to the far left and click "Remove Marked Nations". The next page will be brought to the front!

    Additionally, you can go to your dossier and click "View Activity" in the far right corner. This will show you nations in your dossier that were recently active, so that you can give them first priority. This requires that you instead revisit his or her nation's page and click "remove from dossier" after having sent the telegram, however.

    Statistics for recruitment telegrams show that 1%-2% of recipients will come to your region, regardless of sending method (Manual, Stamps, or API). This means expect 1-2 nations on average for every 100 successfully received telegrams- roughly 7 pages of your dossier.


    Tip: The system blocks duplicate recruitment telegrams that have been sent within the last twenty-eight (28) days. Keep in mind that this method may not be full-proof, especially for campaign telegrams, so avoid sending multiple telegrams to the same nation more than once a month. Keep track of which nations you've already recruited from in whatever way is easiest for you. You may also wish to view the One Stop Rules Shop and/or FAQ for more information.

    Please upvote this dispatch if you found it helpful!

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    A Guide to Coding a Dispatch

    by Unified protectors


    The following has been written as a visual guide on how to use tags when writing dispatches. The code is shown first (on the left if in a table) with the result shown below (on right side if in a table). The code is active and a direct format for the result shown. Different combinations of code can also be used, so I encourage you to experiment with them! If there is any tag missing, please contact me and the guide will be modified accordingly. Enjoy!

    Note: Not all tags work in Regional Message Board Posts or Telegrams (See Tag Functionality).

    Table of Contents

    Text Modification













    [color=#00ff00]Hexadecimal Colour[/colour]

    Hexadecimal Colour

    [size=150]Size (Default:100)[/size]

    Size (Default:100)

    [font=times]Font Type (Default: Verdana)[/font]

    Font Type (Default: Verdana)

    Nations & Regions



    [nation]Unified Protectors[/nation]

    Unified protectors

    [nation=short]Unified Protectors[/nation]

    Unified protectors

    [nation=noflag]Unified Protectors[/nation]

    Unified protectors

    [nation=short+noflag]Unified Protectors[/nation]

    Unified protectors

    [region]The Eternal Knights[/region]

    The Eternal Knights

    Images & URLs






    [url=page=dispatch/id=255472#Link]Links to part of dispatch[/url]

    [anchor=Link]Link Destination[/anchor]

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    Link Destination


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    3. Etc.


    Data Table

    [tr][td]Title (Column 1)[/td][td]Title (Column 2)[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]Cell Data[/td][td]More Data[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]Some Data Here[/td][td]And Here Too...[/td][/tr]

    Title (Column 1)

    Title (Column 2)

    Cell Data

    More Data

    Some Data Here

    And Here Too...






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    Step 1: Download Script Program
    You'll need to download LinkStrawberry Perl to use and launch the script.

    Step 2: Open Notepad or Notepad++
    Open a new notepad and paste the following script into it (script written by Ballotonia, telegram checker (included) written by The Blaatschapen, all found in this thread):

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use WWW::Mechanize;

    # Enter your MAIN Nation name here:
    my $username = "YOURMAINNATIONNAME";

    # Enter names and passwords of your nations here:
    my @nations = (
    ["nation1", "password1"],
    ["nation2", "password2"],
    ["nation3", "password3"],

    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # --- Nothing to edit beyond this point ---
    my $delayTime = 6; # pause between fetches
    my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new ();
    $mech->agent ("Nation:$username ");

    foreach my $loginItem (@nations)
    my $nation = lc($loginItem->[0]);
    $nation =~ s/ /_/g;
    my $password = $loginItem->[1];
    print "\nLOGIN: $nation";
    my %envelop = ( nation => $nation, password => $password, logging_in => 1);
    while (!defined eval {$mech->post ("", \%envelop)})
    print "Trying again...\n";
    sleep ($delayTime);
    sleep ($delayTime);
    my $pageContent = $mech->content ();
    utf8::decode ($pageContent);
    if (-1 == rindex ($pageContent, "a href=\"nation=$nation\" class=\"STANDOUT\""))
    print "LOGIN FAILED! Halting run...\n";
    last; # jump out of foreach loop
    if (-1 != rindex ($pageContent, "You have <a href=\"page=telegrams\">"))
    print " has telegrams";

    You'll need to go back and edit in your nation names and passwords as indicated in the script before the dashed line. You can easily add as many nations as you like, each on their own line in the required format. Make sure all nations and passwords are typed correctly, and are inside the quotations!

    Step 3: Save the Script
    Save the file under "Documents" as "". Make sure you include the .pl in whatever name you choose for the script. Copy the direct path to the saved script (something like "C://Users/@@NAME@@/Documents/").

    Step 4: Open the Command Prompt
    Search for "Strawberry Perl (Command Line)" on your computer, and open it.

    Step 5: Launch the Script
    Type: cd..
    Hit Enter.
    Type: cd..
    Hit Enter.
    Type: cd
    Hit Enter.
    Type: perl
    Hit Enter.

    Your script will now launch after a few second's delay, followed by each nation appearing on a new line every time a log in is successful. It will also indicate if that nation has any new telegrams.


    Tip: Keeping your sleepers in your dossier is a good way to stay organized and keep track of your nations, and to easily log into them manually without a script. Also, keep in mind that nations stop gaining influence if they haven't been logged into in more than seven (7) days, and cease to exist if inactive for twenty-eight (28) days, or sixty (60) days in vacation mode.

    Please upvote this dispatch if you found it helpful!

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    How to Copy a Disptach

    by Freedom planita 2

    This tutorial will show you how to copy an another nation's factbook.

    You need: an existing factbook, an blank dispatch, a factbook you want to copy
    1. Open a random dispatch from your factbook and click the edit button on the bottom right hand side of the page

    At the top there is the url of your factbook. Note the ID of the example factbook: 228140
    Keep the window open you will need it.

    2. Open the factbook you want to copy. Then find the Factbook ID.
    In this example it is circled as 97589.

    3. Copy the ID of the the other nation's factbook
    4. Paste the copied ID over your factbook's id

    Make sure it has the ID from the other's factbook and click enter.

    5. If you had done this correctly you should see coding from the person's factbook, however you aren't done yet. Create a entirely new factbook and copy everything onto there. Edit when needed and publish!

    Thank you for Reading! Please Up Vote!

    Read dispatch

    Hello reader, and welcome to my simplistic overview of how to get Easter eggs! I’ll cut straight to the chase, as I’m not one for idle chatter.

    1. Halloween Easter egg: change your national animal to one of the following spooky creatures:
    1) zombie
    2) monster
    3) ghost

    (Others may work, but these are proven)

    2. Colour Easter egg: change your nation’s pretitle to include a colour.
    Eg: “The Red empire of Ballpit”
    (Any colour works)

    3. March Easter egg: change your national animal to Leprechaun, or your national currency to Gold Bars, or adding “lucky” to your pretitle.
    (May only be able to be activated in March)

    4. NationStates anniversary egg: simply get 3 Easter eggs and it’ll be activated.

    5. Religion egg: the only way I know how to activate it is to include the word “holy” in your nation’s pretitle.
    Eg: “The Holy empire of Ballpit”
    (May be population selective, and may need at least 1 billion population to properly activate.)

    6. Santa egg: change your custom fields to align with the holiday season! :)

    7. Friendship Easter egg: change your motto to include the word “friendship.”
    Eg: “Friendship is magical”

    8. Breaking the fourth wall: change your motto to include the word “NationStates”

    9. Remove the E Easter egg: remove all letter e’s from all custom fields.

    10. Aliens Easter egg: (unproven) make pizza delivery and space programs high. (Scientific advancement)

    11. Zombie Easter egg: let your nation CTE and then restore it. Times for egg activation may vary.

    12. Issues egg: solve at least 300 daily issues.

    You can also mix and match, setting triggers for different Easter eggs at the same time. For example:

    Changing your motto to “NationStates and Friendship” activates two for one, changing your animal to “Zombie”, and your currency to “Gold Bars” activates 2 more, and changing your pretitle to “The Holy Blue Lucky Empire” activates 2 more! (3 if you didn’t activate the March Easter egg in another custom field.)

    DISCLAIMER: Easter eggs aren’t activated immediately, and can sometimes take weeks to actually trigger.

    Read dispatch

    BLUE PAGES, the most comprehensive telecommunications database on NS. Nations and entities that have made good use of or feel positively about Blue Pages are kindly advised to 'up-flag' this page so that more may have knowledge of and access to it.

    Contributions to Blue Pages can be made at www.bluepages/data.vt.

    Internet access refers to the percentage of the population usually accessing the internet at least once per day.
    Telephone access refers to the percentage of the population in ownership of a telephone or with one in their household (cellular, landline and satellite included).

    250land and Vera
    Internet access: 80%
    Telephone access: 60%
    Internet TLD: .250 ; .kh
    Calling Code: +300
    Akhantos, People's United Provinces of
    Internet access: 61.5%
    Telephone access: 71.0%
    Internet TLD: .puppa
    Calling Code: +1110
    Internet access: 95.1%
    Telephone access: 99.7%
    Internet TLD: .al
    Calling Code: +105
    Alos'teq Diin Nastja, United Socialist Empire of
    Internet access: <100% (Government Mandate)
    Telephone access: 87.6%
    Internet TLD: .adn
    Calling Code: +436
    Internet access: 90%
    Telephone access: 99%
    Internet TLD: .an
    Calling Code: +177
    Internet access: 89.5%
    Telephone access: 92.0%
    Internet TLD: .aw
    Calling Code: +02
    Auroya, Imperial Federation of
    Internet access: 94.6%
    Telephone access: 99.3%
    Internet TLD: .ay
    Calling Code: +558
    Internet access: 99.1%
    Telephone access: 99.9%
    Internet TLD: .br
    Calling Code: +86
    Blackwater Harbor
    Internet access: 98.7%
    Telephone access: <100% (Government Mandate)
    Internet TLD: .bh
    Calling Code: +205
    Britannia, Holy Empire of
    Internet access: 91.57%
    Telephone access: 98.92%
    Internet TLD: .hbe ; .iba ; .mil
    Calling Code: +712
    Internet access: 93.1%
    Telephone access: 99.2%
    Internet TLD: .cal
    Calling Code: +19
    Canada and Qubec, United Nation of
    Internet access: 99%
    Telephone access: 98%
    Internet TLD: .qc
    Calling Code: +877
    Charellia, United People's Federation of
    Internet access: 90%
    Telephone access: 99%
    Internet TLD: .chr
    Calling Code: +251
    Internet access: 3%
    Telephone access: 11.5%
    Internet TLD: .wgn
    Calling Code: +981
    Confederate Nordenkaltian Nations
    Internet access: 87.1%
    Telephone access: 100%
    Internet TLD: .nn
    Calling Code: +4
    Cortezia, Federation of [Regional Federation]
    Internet access: <100%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .cz ; .czf
    Calling Code: +233
    Costa Luminosa
    Internet access: 97.82%
    Telephone access: 96.80%
    Internet TLD: .cl
    Calling Code: +310
    Damanucus, Nomadic Peoples of
    Internet access: 96%
    Telephone access: 98.5%
    Internet TLD: .dm
    Calling Code: +157
    Internet access: 91%
    Telephone access: 95%
    Internet TLD: .dar
    Calling Code: +1093
    Internet access: 98%
    Telephone access: 97%
    Internet TLD: .dav
    Calling Code: +6947
    Desmendura, Greater Imperium of
    Internet access: 95%
    Telephone access: 100%
    Internet TLD: .ds ; .gid
    Calling Code: +977
    Diopolis, Holy Imperial Dominion of
    Internet access: <100% (Government Provision)
    Telephone access: <100% (Government Mandate)
    Internet TLD: .dpl
    Calling Code: +17
    Dragomerian Islands
    Internet access: <100%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .drag ; .bus ; .priv
    Calling Code: +013
    Ehioreniohehsu, Emirate of [also known as Ehren]
    Internet access: 89%
    Telephone access: 96%
    Internet TLD: .eh
    Calling Code: +349
    Equestria, True Ponies' Republic of
    Internet access: 13% (Government Prohibition)
    Telephone access: <100% (Government Mandate)
    Internet TLD: .eq
    Calling Code: +602
    Internet access: 97.5%
    Telephone access: 100%
    Internet TLD: .fk ; .fkn
    Calling Code: +88 ; +145
    Internet access: <100%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .fa
    Calling Code: VOID (no international Calling Code extant)
    Gkalgacxia, Kingdom of
    Internet access: 86.24%
    Telephone access: 89.88%
    Internet TLD: .gx
    Calling Code: +024
    Internet access: 42%
    Telephone access: 96%
    Internet TLD: .hz ; (Internationalised Domain: .хз)
    Calling Code: +481
    Helvagon, United States of
    Internet access: 99.2%
    Telephone access: 62% (other methods of communication more widely used)
    Internet: .hel
    Calling Code: +230
    Internet access: 68%
    Telephone access: 90%
    Internet TLD: .hb
    Calling Code: +100
    Internet access: 93.8%
    Telephone access: 99.5%
    Internet TLD: .hyf ; .hy
    Calling Code: +922
    Italian Republics, Federation of
    Internet access: 97.66%
    Telephone access: 99%
    Internet TLD: .it
    Calling Code: +49
    Jaziriyah, Emirate of
    Internet access: 97.8%
    Telephone access: 99.6%
    Internet TLD: .jy
    Calling Code: +304
    Percent of population with internet access: 93.5%
    Percent of population with telephone access: 98.1%
    Internet TLD: .kz
    Calling Code: +62
    Lemanrussland, Federal Republic of
    Internet access: 94%
    Telephone access: 99.8%
    Internet TLD: .lm
    Calling Code: +567
    Internet access: 97.6%
    Telephone access: 99.3%
    Internet TLD: .lnk
    Calling Code: +96
    Internet access: 97 %
    Telephone access: 86 %
    Internet TLD: .lmz
    Calling Code: +65
    Internet access: 96.3%
    Telephone access: 99.9%
    Internet TLD: .mc
    Calling Code: +77
    Meinkraft, Democratic Republic of (Allied Nations of also used)
    Internet access: 98.5%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .co ; .mk
    Calling Code: +718
    Miravium, Most Serene Empire of
    Internet access: 85%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .mi
    Calling Code: +408
    Molsonian Republics, Federation of
    Internet access: 79%
    Telephone access: 93%
    Internet TLD: .ml
    Calling Code: +38
    Mons Garle, United Socialist States of
    Internet access: 99.9% (universal ultra-fast broadband)
    Telephone access: 99.9%
    Internet TLD: .mgl
    Calling Code: +200
    Mordakia, United Kingdom of
    Internet access: 99.9%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .mdk
    Calling Code: +86
    Myara, Kingdom of
    Internet access: Roughly 95%
    Telephone access: About 99% (with 98% of this being cellular)
    Internet TLD: .mya
    Calling Code: +13
    Internet access: 96.5%
    Telephone access: 98.2%
    Internet TLD: .qn
    Calling Code: +4
    New Austzeland, Republic of
    Internet access: 76%
    Telephone access: 89%
    Internet TLD: .nau
    Calling Code: +92
    New Korongo, United Provinces of
    Internet access: 87%
    Telephone access: 98%
    Internet TLD: .nk
    Calling Code: +64
    Ozya, Christian Republic of
    Internet access: 75%
    Telephone access: 95%
    Internet TLD: .oz
    Calling Code: +117
    Parhe [Holy Parhic Empire]
    Internet access: 91.47%
    Telephone access: 94.27%
    Internet TLD: .ip
    Calling Code: +777
    Pentecosta, Republic of
    Internet Access: 53.25% (primarily scientific and administrative use)
    Percent of population with telephone access: <100% (Government Defensive Mandate)
    Internet TLD: .pr (.com also used)
    Calling Code: +27

    Internet access: 80.2% (broadband usage: 2.3%)
    Telephone access: 89.7%
    Internet TLD: .rj
    Calling Code: +512
    Roskian Empire
    Internet access: 91.4%
    Telephone access: 99.9%
    Internet TLD: .ros ; .brs ; .bas ; .rus ; .em
    Calling Code: +012
    Internet access: 79.8%
    Telephone access: 99.6%
    Internet TLD: .ry
    Calling Code: +47
    Scatmans Rum
    Internet access: 0.02%
    Telephone access: 0.1%
    Internet TLD: .net (no domestic TLD extant)
    Calling Code: VOID (no international Calling Code extant)
    Silila, Enlightened Civilization of
    Internet access: 95%
    Telephone access: 99%
    Internet TLD: .sil
    Calling Code:+323
    Soldati Senza Confini
    Internet Access: 100%
    Telehone Access: 100%
    Internet TLD: .ssc ; .rsc
    Calling Code: +390 (+008 also used)
    Internet access: 75%
    Telephone access: 97%
    Internet TLD: .spr
    Calling Code: +583
    South Minorqa, Liberated Worker's Republic of
    Internet access: 87.9%
    Telephone access: 92.7%
    Internet TLD: .sm
    Calling Code: +112
    Starkmoor, People's Republic of
    Internet access: <100% (Government Provision)
    Telephone access: ~100% (Government Provision)
    Internet TLD: .sta
    Calling Code: +37
    Thurask, Socialist People's Republic of
    Internet access: 98.1%
    Telephone access: 99.9%
    Internet TLD: .trk
    Calling Code: +875
    Percent of population with internet access: 0% (P2P/FPS network system)
    Percent of population with telephone access: ~90%
    Internet TLD: .ts ; .tsp ; .pwn
    Calling Code: +770
    Tuva SSR, People's United States of
    Internet access: 96.8%
    Telephone access: 99.7%
    Internet TLD: .tssr
    Calling Code: +207
    United Federation [United Motherland]
    Internet access: 97.4
    Telephone access: 98.9
    Internet TLD: .жaж ; .tum [.жaж is .sas in transliterated Cyrillic]
    Calling Code: +14
    Verona, United Regions of
    Internet access: 97.78%
    Telephone access: 99.10%
    Internet TLD: .vr
    Calling Code: +512
    Vietnam, Republic of
    Internet access: 89%
    Telephone access: 94.7%
    Internet TLD: .rvn
    Calling Code: +84
    Voltrovia, Imperial Dominion of
    Internet access: 94.5%
    Telephone access: 99.8%
    Internet TLD: .vt
    Calling Code: +45
    Waspeaters, Kingdom of
    Internet access: 77%
    Telephone access: 95%
    Internet TLD: .ws
    Calling Code: +204
    Xyrx, Confederacy of
    Internet access: 94.6%
    Telephone access: 98.4%
    Internet TLD: .xy
    Calling Code: +86
    YellowApple, Inc.
    Internet access: 97%
    Telephone access: 88%
    Internet TLD: .ypl
    Calling Code: N/A (YellowApplan telephony constituted entirely of VoIP systems)
    Zatak, Democratic Monarchy of
    Internet access: 98.6%
    Telephone access: <100%
    Internet TLD: .za
    Calling Code: +8

    Read dispatch

    It makes me feel nice inside to see that green number go up (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Feel free to telegram me if you have any suggestions on how to make the template better. This template is under constant revision and will be improved over time to increase usability and aesthetics.

    A special thanks to Ponderosa for providing inspiration with his or her very well made national wiki page template.

    Now that all of that introductory stuff is over, just copy-paste everything in the box below.

    [floatright][box][center][b]YOUR NATION Armed Forces[/b]


    - Commander in Chief: X
    - Secretary of Defense: X

    - Army
    - Navy
    - Coast Guard
    - Air Force

    [b]NS Defense Force Rating:[/b] [url=] NUMBER
    (top X% in the world; top X% in region) [/url]

    - Total: X
    - Active Duty: X
    - Reserves: X

    [b]Budget:[/b] X


    [size=200][b]The Dolphin Isles Armed Forces[/size][/b]


    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Hist]1 History[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Comm]2 Command Structure[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Cons]3 Conscription[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Army]4 Army[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Navy]5 Navy[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Plane]6 Air Force[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Para]7 Paramilitary[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Spec]8 Special Operations[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Peace]9 Peacekeeping Operations[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Arse]10 Arsenals[/url]
    [center][url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Small]10.1 Infantry Equipment[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Ground]10.2 Ground Vehicles[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Water]10.3 Watercraft[/url]
    [url=YOUR FACTBOOK URL#Air]10.4 Aircraft[/url][/center]



    [b][u][size=150][anchor=Comm]Command Structure[/anchor][/b][/u][/size]





    [b]Budget:[/b] X
    [b]Active Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Reserve Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Divisions:[/b] X



    [table][tr][td][img]ARMY IMAGE 1[/img][/td]
    [td][img]ARMY IMAGE 2[/img][/td]
    [td][img]ARMY IMAGE 3[/img][/td]
    [td][img]IMAGE 4[/img][/td][/tr]

    [tr][td]ARMY IMAGE 1 DESCRIPTION[/td]
    [td]ARMY IMAGE 4 DESCRIPTION[/td][/tr]



    [b]Budget:[/b] X
    [b]Active Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Reserve Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Squadrons:[/b] X



    [table][tr][td][img]NAVY IMAGE 1[/img][/td]
    [td][img]NAVY IMAGE 2[/img][/td]
    [td][img]NAVY IMAGE 3[/img][/td]
    [td][img]NAVY IMAGE 4[/img][/td][/tr]

    [tr][td]NAVY IMAGE 1 DESCRIPTION[/td]
    [td]NAVY IMAGE 4 DESCRIPTION[/td][/tr]


    [u][b][size=150][anchor=Plane]Air Force[/anchor][/b][/u][/size]

    [b]Budget:[/b] X
    [b]Active Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Reserve Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Air Wings:[/b] X



    [table][tr][td][img]AIR FORCE IMAGE 1[/img][/td]
    [td][img]AIR FORCE IMAGE 2[/img][/td]
    [td][img]AIR FORCE IMAGE 3[/img][/td]
    [td][img]AIR FORCE IMAGE 4[/img][/td][/tr]




    [b]Budget:[/b] X
    [b]Active Personnel:[/b] X
    [b]Reserve Personnel:[/b] X



    [table][tr][td][img]PARAMILITARY IMAGE 1[/img][/td]
    [td][img]PARAMILITARY IMAGE 2[/img][/td]
    [td][img]PARAMILITARY IMAGE 3[/img][/td]
    [td][img]PARAMILITARY IMAGE 4[/img][/td][/tr]



    [size=150][b][u][anchor=Spec]Special Operations[/anchor][/size][/b][/u]


    [table][tr][td][img]SPEC OPS IMAGE 1[/img][/td]
    [td][img]SPEC OPS IMAGE 2[/img][/td]
    [td][img]SPEC OPS IMAGE 3[/img][/td]
    [td][img]SPEC OPS IMAGE 4[/img][/td][/tr]

    [td]SPEC OPS IMAGE 4 DESCRIPTION[/td][/tr]


    [size=150][b][u][anchor=Peace]Peacekeeping Operations[/anchor][/size][/b][/u]



    [u][b][anchor=Small]Infantry Equipment[/anchor][/b][/u]

    [tr][td][url=<TO EXTRA INFO IF APPLICABLE>]<ITEM NAME/DESIGNATION>[/url][/td][td]<IMAGE>[/td][td]<COUNTRY OF ORIGIN>[/td][td]<ROLE(S)>[/td][td]<NUMBER OWNED - IT'S OKAY TO WRITE "N/A">[/td][td]<DESCRIPTION>[/td][/tr]



    Ships are listed in decreasing size and submarines at the beginning.

    [tr][td][url=<TO EXTRA INFO IF APPLICABLE>]<ITEM NAME/DESIGNATION>[/url][/td][td]<IMAGE>[/td][td]<COUNTRY OF ORIGIN>[/td][td]<ROLE(S)>[/td][td]<NUMBER OWNED - IT'S OKAY TO WRITE "N/A">[/td][td]<DESCRIPTION>[/td][/tr]



    [tr][td][url=<TO EXTRA INFO IF APPLICABLE>]<ITEM NAME/DESIGNATION>[/url][/td][td]<IMAGE>[/td][td]<COUNTRY OF ORIGIN>[/td][td]<ROLE(S)>[/td][td]<NUMBER OWNED - IT'S OKAY TO WRITE "N/A">[/td][td]<DESCRIPTION>[/td][/tr]


    [i]Template by [nation=the dolphin isles]
    If you wish to have a copy of this template, you may find it [url=]here[/url].[/i]

    Read dispatch






    Largest City:

    Official Language:

    National Language:


    - President:
    - Vice President:
    - Speaker of the House:
    - Chief Justice:

    - Upper House:
    -Lower House:

    Establishment: from (INSERT OTHER NATION)
    Independence: INSERT FOUNDING DATE

    Land Area: mile²
    Water Area: km²
    Water %:

    Highest Point:
    Lowest Point:

    GDP (nominal):
    GDP (nominal) per capita:

    Human Development Index (NS Version):


    Time Zone:

    Drives on the:

    Calling code:

    Internet TLD:


    The PRETITLE of NATION commonly called NATION, is a GOVERNMENT TYPE in LOCATION. It is bordered on the north by OTHER-NATION, on the south by OTHER-NATION, by the east by OTHER-NATION and on the west by OTHER-NATION. NATION covers LAND AREA square kilometers and has has an estimated population of POPULATION. NATION comprises of NUMBER SUBDIVISIONS and NUMBER TERRITORIES.




    The standard way to refer to a citizen of NATION is as a "DEMONYM."














    Largest Cities



    Metro area population












































    Foreign Relations and Military




    Economic Indicators

    Fiscal Year:

    GDP (nominal):
    GDP (nominal) per capita:
    Labor Force:







    Template by Ponderosa
    Template may be found here.

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    Here I will outline a basic guide to writing a Constitution for your region. As an example on what each section should look like, I will be using one of my old Regional Constitutions which can be found here, as an example throughout this guide. Now, this guide is just supposed to be a super basic one for those who are just starting a new region and may have no idea how to organize a constitution. There is certainly a lot more one could add or organize within their own constitution and one could break down the sections and subsections even more if they so chose to and I highly encourage people who can take it to that next level to do so. However, as I said this is just a very basic guide for those who have never ever even dipped their foot into the world of writing documents and I made this to be as simple, clear cut, and basic as possible. It should be worth noting, before you begin though, that you should have some idea of the structure of government and outline of what you want to see in your region before you start writing.

    How to write a basic Constitution.

    1. Write the preamble.

    The preamble should introduce the constitution and outline the objectives in a few sentences.

    Example: The Nations of the Region of Anteria hereby establish this Concordat with the purpose of ensuring Regional stability and prosperity, and to uphold the Rights of the individual member Nations with respect to the individual Leaders of the said Nations, and the Sovereign Statutes thereof.

    2. Define the organization/region/government/positions.

    After starting your first Article as "Article 1" you may choose to give the article a name or not, that is up to you. Break it into sections to define each part. Section 1 should be the name of your body/organization/government.

    Example:There shall be a Regional Government, the body of which shall be known as the Ministry of Anteria, whose purpose is to uphold the Rights of the Nations of Anteria; to enforce the Laws set forth by this Concordat, which shall be the highest Law of the Region...

    Then follow it up with Section 2 and define the roles/positions set up by this body.

    Example: The Office of Minister shall be held by a single Nation which shall be the Primary Nation of the Person who operates the said Nation, who shall come to occupy the said Office by means of election...

    On top of each offices name and function, you should also outline the requirements and process for each of the offices you create in terms how who will hold it, how long they will hold it, and how they even get elected to it.

    Example: A single Nation which shall be the Primary Nation of the Person who operates the said Nation shall be elected to the Office of Minister by means of a Regional Poll, which shall occur on the last day of the current Administrative Term and be open to the submission of Votes for twenty-four hours...

    You also want to use Article 1 as a place where you can define the concepts or words you will be using throughout the document, so when that word arises people will know exactly to which you are referring to. For example, in my Concordat it refers to the "nations" of the region, so in Section 6 of Article 1, I also defined what a "nation" constitutes in my concordat. Which reads out as:
    In clear terms, the definitions of Nation, Person, Primary Nation, and Puppet Nation shall be inscribed here:
    Nation: An entity on NationStates which may be identified as a Country, Nation, State, or other such body which exists as a Member of the Region of Anteria on NationStates.
    Person: The physical human who identifies as or has otherwise been proven to be the leader of one or more Nations within the Region of Anteria.
    Primary Nation: A single Nation that is within the Region of Anteria such that the said Nation is the only Nation under the operation of the corresponding Person through which official Regional Votes and poll answers may be recognized.
    Puppet Nation: A Nation under the operation of a Person that is within the Region of Anteria which is not the Primary Nation of the said Person.

    3. Provide rules on functions and procedures.

    Now this is where you should start a new Article. Article 2. Now I touched down office procedures in Article 1, however this should be where you really get into the meat of what exactly your organization does and how your region itself will operate. This will tell people how things in your region are meant to function for reference.

    Example: All Laws written which shall become Regional Law shall abide by the Rights of the Nations of Anteria and Regional Laws as set forth in this Concordat. The Office of the Chief Justice and the Office of Minister shall retain the right and the duty to write and enstate Regional Laws...

    You may choose to break this into its own article or leave it as a section of the same article, but there is also the chance you might have to remove someone from office and this is the part where you can do so. This can also be where you outline the criminal code in your region, what happens to those who break your rules.

    Example: Trials which shall be conducted to interpret a violation of Regional Law by a Nation may be appealed for a new Hearing if a Primary Nation should provide significant evidence...

    4. Establish the rights.

    This can be your next article, Article 3. Arguable one of the most important parts of your constitution. What rights and privileges belong to your members? This is the part where you let your members know what they are entitled to and how they can expect to be treated within your region. It might be a good opportunity though, when writing these, to make sure people know where the line is drawn and what might not be covered by this section.

    Example: All Persons who operate Nations within the Region of Anteria shall reserve these unalienable Rights,
    One, all Persons within the Region of Anteria shall retain the Right to freedom of speech within the Region, unless the Person has uttered speech which is directly and unnecessarily hateful, discriminatory, or otherwise deeply offensive toward another Person within the Region of Anteria...

    5. Establish the means of which your document is legitimate.

    This section is mostly just a formality. What Makes your document the legitimate governance for your place? Was it voted in? Did the Founder sign off on it? was it a committee agreement? This is an opportunity to get fancy.

    Example: As written in this Concordat, the Regional Founders of the Region of Anteria and the Nations of the Region of Anteria have agreed that this Document shall govern the said Region as the absolute Law of Anteria and all entities which may fall under the administration and regulation of the Ministry of Anteria. Here on the tenth day of May, in the year two-thousand eighteen...

    6. Sign it

    This is your document, be proud of it. Those who were involved should proudly put their names down.

    Example: whereof We, The Regional Founders of Anteria, have hereunto subscribed our Names,
    The Grand Republic of Kilowatt
    The Corporate Conglomerate of Prybourne
    The Calmunist Spacecat Haven of Velnotia

    and voila! You have yourself a basic constitution! Should you wish to use this as your official document or a rough draft, it should be enough for you to comfortably get the job done! Like I said, this is meant to be a basic guide for those who are just getting their feet wet when it comes to the world of document writing and I am sure there are plenty more you could add onto and break down if you put your mind to it! If you have any questions or feedback about my guide, I would love to hear it!
    Until then, happy writing!

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    We'll begin with a quick recap of each different "Mass Telegram Category" so you know what sort of telegrams you're filtering -

    Recruitment: Telegrams from other nations, wanting you to join their region or group. (If you're happy in Europeia, you can set that one to "Block All." And if you're not happy in Europeia, let someone linked in the regional WFE know so we can try to fix whatever's wrong!)

    WA Campaign: Campaigns for/against various WA resolutions. All the vote-related WA Delegate proposals will be sent with this tag, so you can use this to affect how often (if at all), you receive these messages.

    Region (official): These are only going to include messages from our regional founder King HEM. He doesn't send out message all that often - and when he does, they're pretty important. As such, I'd recommend keeping that setting under "Allow All."

    External: These are the "other" types of mass telegrams that we send out using stamps and the like. This might include updates about regional elections, updates about cultural events, regional news, etc. I'd recommend keeping this setting as "Allow Most" or "Allow All," depending on your preference If you select one of the other two options, I'd worry you could miss important updates!

    Now, under your Telegram Settings, you're able to adjust how often (at most) your nation receives each of these types of telegrams. Understanding what each 'setting' means is somewhat self-explanatory, if you read through the text above the radio buttons:

    Got more questions, or something that just doesn't make sense? Feel free to shoot me a telegram, and I'll try to help you out as I can.

    Read dispatch

    How To Write an RP News Post

    by Imperialist sweden

    Low quality one-liners are quite an eyesore in RPs. This dispatch takes a poorly written news post and transforms it along the way, providing general tips for news posts.

    me gives pinguin citizenshipt! LOL

    Proper grammar is a must-have if you want to be taken seriously. You don't have to sit around and contemplate whether to use the Oxford comma or not, but some simple things like finishing sentences with periods, spelling common words correctly, and not using slang isn't too much to ask for. Also, make sure to use the third person when writing (or rarely, first person plural when saying "our" or "we"); you're a newspaper writer, not the living embodiment of your nation!
    Sweden has given citizenship to penguins!

    Giving background information helps inform the audience of what's going on. What penguins? Where did they come from? Why is this being brought up? Without this necessary information, your audience will be very confused.
    One month ago, Swedish scientists in Antarctica found and brought back three dozen members of what they found to be a new species of penguin - distinguished from the emperor penguin only from their brain size. Because of an executive order from Prime Minister Arjun, a federal grant was given to study this new species. Their findings were astounding: these penguins have the same mental capabilities as that of a human! As soon as the Prime Minister heard of this, he named the species Aptenodytes sapiens, suggesting the similarity between these penguins and humans.

    Sweden has given citizenship to penguins!

    Providing details as to the how and why of the event is the meat of your post. Make sure to be realistic; nobody likes a godmodder!
    One month ago, Swedish scientists in Antarctica found and brought back three dozen members of what they found to be a new species of penguin - distinguished from the emperor penguin only from their brain size. Because of an executive order from Prime Minister Arjun, a federal grant was given to study this new species. Their findings were astounding: these penguins have the same mental capabilities as that of a human! As soon as the Prime Minister heard of this, he named the species Aptenodytes sapiens, suggesting the similarity between these penguins and humans.

    The term "person" was never defined in the Swedish Constitution, as it was never thought before this that there were other animals out there capable of human mental capabilities. As such, Prime Minister Arjun took the matter to the Supreme Court, and it was ruled, because of scientific evidence of their mental capabilities, that these penguins could apply for citizenship like any human. No Aptenodytes sapiens has applied for citizenship yet because none of them have learned Swedish, or any language, yet, which is why instructors are intent on educating the penguins about our language and ways. It seems that the penguins have their own language system, and many are excited to learn their tongue as a foreign language.

    Offering different perspectives gives the reader an all-encompassing view of the situation and reveals motives, whether it be through interviews, transcripts, or even rumors.
    One month ago, Swedish scientists in Antarctica found and brought back three dozen members of what they found to be a new species of penguin - distinguished from the emperor penguin only from their brain size. Because of an executive order from Prime Minister Arjun, a federal grant was given to study this new species. Their findings were astounding: these penguins have the same mental capabilities as that of a human! As soon as the Prime Minister heard of this, he named the species Aptenodytes sapiens, suggesting the similarity between these penguins and humans.

    The term "person" was never defined in the Swedish Constitution, as it was never thought before this that there were other animals out there capable of human mental capabilities. As such, Prime Minister Arjun took the matter to the Supreme Court, and it was ruled, because of scientific evidence of their mental capabilities, that these penguins could apply for citizenship like any human. No Aptenodytes sapiens has applied for citizenship yet because none of them have learned Swedish, or any language, yet, which is why instructors are intent on educating the penguins about our language and ways. It seems that the penguins have their own language system, and many are excited to learn their tongue as a foreign language.

    Donald Clinton, head of the Nationalist Coalition, expressed his disgust about the Supreme Court ruling, saying, "Look, these things are animals. That's what they are. You can't degrade humans to the level of animals." Progressives are striking back by mentioning that the argument being made against citizenship to sentient "animals" was the same argument made against giving citizenship to people of color. "Look, I have great relations with the penguins," said Donald Clinton, "But we just can't have 'em - they're animals."

    "The Aptenodytes sapiens are sapient beings, just like us," said Prime Minister Arjun, "It's not fair to deny legal citizenship to an intelligent being just because they don't look like you. Donald Clinton and the rest of the conservative nationalists should learn what it means to be tolerant."

    Including statistics can spice up your post. Refer to where your newspaper got the statistics from. Remember that your statistics don't necessarily have to be accurate or reliable - since retrieving misinformation or misreporting data is a possibility.
    One month ago, Swedish scientists in Antarctica found and brought back three dozen members of what they found to be a new species of penguin - distinguished from the emperor penguin only from their brain size. Because of an executive order from Prime Minister Arjun, a federal grant was given to study this new species. Their findings were astounding: these penguins have the same mental capabilities as that of a human! As soon as the Prime Minister heard of this, he named the species Aptenodytes sapiens, suggesting the similarity between these penguins and humans.

    The term "person" was never defined in the Swedish Constitution, as it was never thought before this that there were other animals out there capable of human mental capabilities. As such, Prime Minister Arjun took the matter to the Supreme Court, and it was ruled, because of scientific evidence of their mental capabilities, that these penguins could apply for citizenship like any human. No Aptenodytes sapiens has applied for citizenship yet because none of them have learned Swedish, or any language, yet, which is why instructors are intent on educating the penguins about our language and ways. It seems that the penguins have their own language system, and many are excited to learn their tongue as a foreign language.

    Donald Clinton, head of the Nationalist Coalition, expressed his disgust about the Supreme Court ruling, saying, "Look, these things are animals. That's what they are. You can't degrade humans to the level of animals." Progressives are striking back by mentioning that the argument being made against citizenship to sentient "animals" was the same argument made against giving citizenship to people of color. "Look, I have great relations with the penguins," said Donald Clinton, "But we just can't have 'em - they're animals."

    "The Aptenodytes sapiens are sapient beings, just like us," said Prime Minister Arjun, "It's not fair to deny legal citizenship to an intelligent being just because they don't look like you. Donald Clinton and the rest of the conservative nationalists should learn what it means to be tolerant."

    The Swedish Bureau of Immigration and Citizenship estimates that 500 Aptenodytes sapiens will be citizens of Sweden by 2024.

    By far, the most helpful tip is to be invested in your news post. Don't consider it a chore and take your time!
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