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Ethnicity and Language of Khazar Lechia

The Turkish Slavs

Old turkish tribe of Khazars, that combined with slavic tribes of "Lechowie" ultimately forming the nation known as "Khazar Lechia" as a fusion of those two. Along the way Khazar Lechian tribes went back to the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors until they settled in 1st Epitome United as one of the founding fathers of the region. Cultures stayed separate from each other, being distinct while both are being expressed by most of the people at first, later the khazar culture took the lead, but the languages still stayed completely separate to this day.


  • Turkish 83%

  • Slavic 59%


  • Khazakh (Modern Khazar) 93%

  • Polish 21%

  • Slovenian 19%

  • Ukrainian 9%

  • Czech 2%