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Guidelines for UWC RP

This is a list of Roleplay (RP) rules for all members of The United World Confederations to follow.

Three of the most important rules in RP are:

1. No godmodding- godmodding is where one person makes another do something without their consent. If person 1 makes person 2 assasinate their leader, but person 2 never agreed to it, that would be godmodding.

2. No powerplaying- by powerplaying, you make a country that is more powerful than it should be. If you have three thousand people, but also have one thousand galleys, that would be powerplaying.

3. No metagaming- throughout the RP, you may have out of context (OOC) discussions with another player. In metagaming, you use that information acquired OOC in character (IC). If someone says OOC that their army is marching towards your capital OOC, but you say IC that you attacked the army, that would be metagaming.

RP Map:

This is a map displaying the location of most of the countries participating in RP. If you wish to participate, it is highly recommended that a claim is made and submitted to an RP moderator. If you wish t know how to make a claim, please contact a RP moderator for further instructions.

Populations and Militaries:

In RP, as long as both people agree, it is perfectly acceptable to have a war every once in awhile. However, there are a few things to take into account before declaring war.

1. In order to declare war, both countries must have listed what their militaries are made of, and how many of each unit they have.
2. Obviously, you can't conscript you entire population to fight in your wars. In UWC, we have a maximum population of 15 million people. Only about 5%, however, are allowed to be in the military. If you need more forces than you already have, you may hire mercenaries, but you will need to regularly post about how you can pay for them.
3. If you want an example of what to do for your military, here is one (more will be added soon):

DO NOT COPY THE EXAMPLES EXACTLY. This is meant to show what a good size would be. This is not meant to be copied by people who do not want to put time into making their own.

IC Posts:

In order to make an IC post, put it on the regional message board (RMB). Any IC messages put on the RMB must be marked as IC, in one of two ways.

1. For shorter IC posts, it is fine to put "IC=(IC post here)"

2 For longer IC posts, it is recommended to put [spoiler = IC](IC post here)[/ spoiler], but without the spaces.

Please do not spam random posts in the RMB, and be sure to write IC posts clearly and comprehensibly.

RP Moderators:

If you wish to contact an RP Moderator, you may send a telegram to:
New eclipse imperium
The templar institute
Province Of South Telia

New eclipse imperium