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DSA President & World Assembly Delegate

Solus Unus
World Assembly Delegate
Directors of World Assembly Affairs
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The President is the head of the DSA Cabinet, the executive branch of the region. In practice the President serves as the organizer and spokesperson of the cabinet, while every minister including the president gets to participate in cabinet votes to decide on important executive matters. While every Minister is given autonomy over their Ministry the President often closely works together with each Minister if they consent to this.

World Assembly Affairs

The World Assembly Delegate manages the World Assembly Affairs of the Democratic Socialist Assembly, ensuring that they have as many endorsements as possible to strengthen regional security and the region's standing in World Assembly Resolution votes. The WAD also works towards increasing the average amount of WA endorsements in the region and involving the residents of the DSA in the World Assembly.

To do all this the Delegate has numerous policies both already in place and planned for the future:

- Encouraging new residents to join the World Assembly and endorse the Delegate through the specialized telegram. (in place)

- Endorsing as many regional WA members to boost WAD endorsements and average WA endorsements. (in place)

- Encouraging endotarting through endorsement contest and the specialized telegram (in place) and fully developing an aesthetically pleasing and culturally important endorsement program. (not yet in place)

- Involving DSA residents in current WA affairs and the business of the WAD. (in place)

- Encouraging DSA members to author WA resolutions and having experienced authors mentor beginning authors. (not yet in place)