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Victor Lloyd bans all pro-capitalist speech and actions

*Lloyd in the press conference room*
Victor Lloyd- it is as i said, it's now a felony to express pro-capitalist views in any way shape or form
Reporter- what about freedom of speech?
Victor Lloyd- it is important, but with foreign powers conspiring against our way of life we can't risk foreign spies and sympathizers selling our nations secrets to the imperialist powers
Reporter- can you clarify what exactly has been passed?
Victor Lloyd- uhh sure, so anyone caught expressing views favoring private ownership of the means of production will be arrested by the police and be imprisoned for one week
Reporter- Lloyd, we can see where this is going, so this is how freedom dies? a glorified teenager slowly stripping away more and more rights
Victor Lloyd- i know some may be worried, trust me there is nothing to worry about, these measures will be over in about 28 days and i'm only doing this because of imminent danger from the United Republic, all right no more questions
*as the reporters walk out Lloyd speaks to the lead of his security team Leon Hannover*
Victor Lloyd- *quietly* Leon, keep track of that one there that called me a glorified teenager
Leon Hannover- on it sir