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The Weather

The Weather here is simple, 4 days a week is sunny paradise (These days are called the Kata Days), until those 4 days are over when it's starts to rain heavily (These days are called the Saj days). The rain is so intense that we almost never go outside and stock up on food and leave a lot buckets outside to collect rain water, there's a reason our houses don't have windows. When the rain is over we go outside and do our normal things again, like fishing.

A short example of the weather from the view of a random person living here:

Monday - The rain is over, and life resumes.
Tuesday - People are collecting and selling food.
Wednesday - People spend a lot of time outside and stocking up on food.
Thursday - People are checking and repairing their tiny houses.
Friday - Nobody dares go outside, the storm is very good at keeping invaders out.
Saturday - People are playing games inside, they're a bit loud.
Sunday - People are preparing to step outside when the rain is over and collect there water which will last 5 days.