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I want to host CFL

Here in The Hasrne we are very fanatic of sports, and soccer isnt an exception. Thats why we brought you 10 of the most beautiful stadiums and a little bit of history behind those stadiums:

The Crown

The Stadium is located in The Hasrne's capital called "The Monarch's District" and was built recently in 2017, this is where Hamilton was born and how his story began
Capacity: 100,000 people
The Big Nickel

His name comes from the factory of Nickels that was demolished in 1990 because they expressed their opinion against our leader, Hamilton decided to build a stadium there just to justify his intentions... Dont tell him I said that
Capacity: 35,000 people
The Jooh Stadium

The Jooh Stadium has the name of the last ruler of the small tribe of Hasrne before being colonized by Portugal
Capacity: 47,500 people
Geilon Stadium

The battle of Geilon was very important in the history of The Hasrne, after Hamilton assemble his army for the Revolution, The Council's last forces defended the city of Geilon to the very end but failed to stop Hamilton's ambitions
Capacity: 35,000 people
The Redium Stadium

Called like that because after the colonization of The Hasrne some random Portuguese drunk told everyone about this red mineral he called Redium, but after some further investigation they found it was a Red Ruby, he became rich after that
Capacity: 45,000 people
The Militar Beacon

When The Hasrne run out of steel to make the stadium, as a gesture the military offered them all of their military equipment to build it, with the condition that the stadium will be named in honor to the military
Capacity: 31,000 people
Hamilton's Stadium

Hamilton wanted to remain in the history books, leaving us a legacy building this beautiful stadium. Also because he wanted to remind us he is watching us
Capacity: 85,000 people
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Feimberg, a german who served in the Revolutionary Army who fought bravely alongside Hamilton and saved his life in several occassions
Capacity: 70,000 people
The Gambler Stadium
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Here in Yeelt City lies the big Gambling company of "The Family Gambler's" who build this stadium just because they wanted to
Capacity: 45,000 people
The Silent Stadium
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Capacity: 60,000 people
Named after the massac.... I mean the mass dissappearance of people who disagreed with the goverment and this stadium was built to represent of how rude the goverment can be... Dont tell him I write this