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Slavacian Navy

Slavacian Navy

Naval Ensign

Years of Existence




Subordinate to:

Ministry of Defence
of the Federation of
Greater Slavacia

Part of:

Armed Forces of the FGS


Military Branch


Naval operations, maritime defense,
power projection


Novosergeevsk (General Staff of the SN)

Partook in:

The Great Colonial War,
Slavacian Civil War,
Slavacian Involvement in Harren,

The Slavacian Navy (Slavacian: Военно-морской флотъ Велико-Славянской Федераціи, Voyenno-morskoy flot Veliko-Slavyanskoy Federatsii, VMF FVS, VMF, lit. military-sea fleet of the Federation of Greater Slavacia) is the naval branch of the Slavacian Armed Forces. Formed in 1654, it continues service today as the primary component of the nation's defensive triad as well as the primary instrument of power projection throughout the Sovereign Charter.

It is divided into 2 fleets of similar composition, one smaller, primarily submarine fleet as well as two smaller, coastal defense flotillas: The Twice Red Bannered, Order of the November Revolution, Southern Fleet which is based in Novosergeevsk; The Red Bannered Northern Fleet which is based in Rensk and The Far-Southern Fleet, based in Yuzhnomorsk. The flotillas are based in Velesy and Lazorevsk.



Southern Fleet

Slavacia's Southern fleet while similar in size to the Northern Fleet, is non the less considered the primary fleet and is the fleet most commonly used in expeditions and actions away from the Slavacian mainland. It is headquartered in the city of Novosergeevsk and although some heavier ships are anchored within the port of Novosergeevsk itself, the majority of the fleet is anchored at a close lying naval base, approximately 70km east of the city center, the Port Green Naval Base.

It is the oldest fleet in Slavacia and also the most renowned, as it was the only fleet that remained loyal to the central imperial and later revolutionary government of present day Slavacia, while the ships Northern and North-Western Fleets either swore allegiance to the rebels or were scuttled by their crews. For its impressive success against rebel fleets during the Slavacian Civil War, such as the Battle of Port Green and the Battle of Velesy Bay it was awarded two orders of the Red Banner and eventually the order of the November Revolution.

Northern Fleet

Mito Fleet
The smallest and newest fleet of Slavacia. Stationed at the Mito Island Naval Base.

Ship Classification

Ships of the First Rank
Ships of the First Rank are the largest and most powerful surface warships operated by the Slavacian Navy. They draw their origins from earlier "ships-of-the-line", and eventually battleships. However, modern definitions also list cruisers and carriers as ships of the first rank. Service on these vessels is highly prestigious and sought after.

Aircraft Carriers:
Slavacian aircraft carriers are the largest surface vessels (by displacement) operated by the Slavacian Navy. They, along with Missile Cruisers form the backbone of task forces, which in turn form fleets. Slavacian carriers primarily focus on support roles, providing a large amount of air superiority fighters and air-borne warning aircraft. They also have a limited number of strike aircraft for support of surface operations. All Slavacian heavy carriers are nuclear powered and as such can travel at very significant speeds for their size. Currently in service are the Project 1120 super carrier and the new Project 2000 super carrier.

Project 1400 "Admiral Mironov" class
Although classified as a carrier, the Mironov is in actuality a cruiser, with a supplementary fighter arm. It was designed to lead screening squadrons and escort groups, providing long-range intercept ability, with very limited ground strike capabilities. As such, it only carries one type of aircraft but also possesses a powerful missile armament. Unlike most other ships of it's size, it is diesel powered. Plans exist to scrap these ships or refit them with low power nuclear reactors for coastal defense operations.

Project 1400 Heavy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser
"Admiral Mironov"


Carried Aircraft:

  • 24*I-29 or I-41K Air Superiority Fighters

Project 1120 "Ostia" class
Slavacia’s first heavy nuclear-powered carrier. It was designed to complement the Project 1500 heavy cruisers and serve as the fleet’s air defense while the Project 1500 cruisers would provide offensive capabilities. As such, the I-29 air superiority fighters form the primary weapon system of the carrier. This is one of the few Slavacian capital ships that does not carry ASM as part of standard armament.

Project 1120 Carrier "Ostia"

  • 2*A-300 Heavy SAM Rotary Launchers

  • 6*Zvezda Medium Gun-SAM Turreted Launchers

  • 8*KAS-30 Close-in Weapon System

Carried Aircraft:

  • 44*I-29 or I-41K Air Superiority Fighters

  • 6*Si-25L Anti-submarine Warfare Helicopters

  • 2*KaB-16K Logistics Aircraft

  • 2*KaB-28RLD AWACS Aircraft

Project 2000 “Pobeda” class
Slavacia's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Project 2000 was conceived as a joint replacement for both the old project 1400 Heavy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser as well as the Earlier Project 1220 Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. As such, it features not only a large aircraft group, but also sizable missile armament. This allows the ship to lead small task forces without the need for dedicated cruisers.


Project 2000 Carrier "Pobeda"
  • 8*Universal Vertical Launch Tubes for: Sineva-M Super-Sonic Anti-Ship Missiles or Malakhit Land-Attack Cruise Missiles (High-Explosive, Nuclear, KMGU*)

  • 4*Zvezda Medium Gun-SAM Turreted Launchers

  • 8*KAS-30M Close-in Weapon System

Carried Aircraft:

  • 12*I-41K Air Superiority Fighters

  • 24*I-27MK Front-line Multi Role Fighters

  • 12*Sh-26K Attack Aircraft

  • 6*Si-25L Anti-submarine Warfare Helicopters

  • 2*KaB-16K Logistics Aircraft

  • 2*KaB-28RLD AWACS Aircraft

Project 2100 "General Larin" class

Project 1500 Slavacia-class
Slavacia’s first and last large nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser. These ships were designed to lead large anti-ship and anti-submarine taskforces. As such, they have a powerful radio electronics suite and a plenitude of various weapons. Their arsenal is composed of hypersonic anti-ship missiles; land attack cruise missiles; anti-submarine missiles; long, medium and short-range anti-aircraft missile and gun weaponry, as well as anti-submarine bomb launchers and naval artillery systems. These ships are the pride of the Slavacian navy and as such, service on one is considered highly prestigious. These ships are constantly upgraded and carry the latest in Slavacian weapons technology.


  • 1*2 KAS-130 130mm Naval Weapons System (Proximity HEF, Fused APHE, Nuclear Shells)

  • 72* Universal Launch tubes (UPK) for: R-500 Sineva-MS hyper-sonic anti-ship missiles, Malakhit cruise missiles (High-Explosive, Nuclear, KMGU*) or Glubina-3 anti-aubmarine missiles

  • 12*8 A-400 heavy SAM rotary launchers (96 missiles)

  • 8*ZPRK-30-K gun-missile CIWS system (192 missiles)

  • 128*3K77 Koleso point-defense SAM

  • 4*RBU-450 350mm anti-submarine rocket launchers

  • 2*5 533mm Torpedo Launchers (Lastochka Super-Cavitation Effect Torpedo; VGUT Guided Torpedo; Karp anti-submarine missiles)

Carried Aircraft:

  • 2*Si-25 Multi-Purpose Helicopter