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History of the Kingarrian capital: New Trecapolis

New game
New Trecapolis was created in 1682, when Kingarria was named Bendiora. New Trecapolis was formerly named Felisop and was created by King Ar and Queen Ria (hence modern name of the country: Kingarria). Felisop got it name from latin word Felis (cat) due to large population of leopards in the forests, counting up to 150.000. Felisop was built on a river Mae. In 1695, Felisop was officially declared as a trade capital of Bendiora (Kingarria), and in 1709 became an official capital instead of Baorianda.
Every country shall be in war at least once
In 1732, country named Beliopfornada turabada Bendila (Superglorious kingdom of Bendila, later on SKB) invaded Bendiora. SKB planned on getting all the gold from merchants in the official capital, but Bendioran forces were great and powerful. Victory was declared on 1745, ending 13-year war with SKB. All territory got annexed, creating Provincao Treca (Leopard Province) which had access to the sea.
Stop renaming everything
Now Bendiora isn't landlocked anymore and started selling trout to other kingdoms. In 1759, Bendiora changed name to Kingarr, and in 1760 to Kingarria. Kingarria, becoming one of the first democratic republics at the time, started renaming cities. Felisop was renamed to Trecapolis, Kaboreal to Lapanta, old capital Baorianda to Trapalosta, etc. With access to the sea, it was extremely easy for Kingarria to gain good economy.
It's Europe so let's add a plague to our history lololol
Then, in 1782, a disease streaked Trecapolis. Turns out, local rivers were contaminated with Chloride Natrium. Leopards drinking from the water were infected with Salmorbo, which spread to humans. Symptoms included: lung poison, paralyzed mouth, lack of taste. Mortality rate was ~25%. This led to the building of first ever vet clinic in Kingarria, which healed leopards and then other animals. Disease stopped quickly in 1784.
Idk how we lived without salt
The water also was increasing the speed and quality of cooking, which also led to discovery of salt in 1789. Trecapolis was added a prefix New, due to insane discoveries. Nothing interesting happened, several years later...
In 1824 something bad happened, which is highly classified.
Fast forward to 1953, Kingarria had a big economy, great political freedom and civil rights. Then the leader died and was changed to another leader. His name was Avalo Brastolabo. He reduced political freedom and civil rights. Economy was also reduced. Avalo was killed. Police didn't want to search for the murderer due to freedom. Next leader - Brendo Protanos saved it all, except civil rights. There was partial freedom of civilian rights, but people were happy.
To this day, 2020, civil rights are still in struggle, since protests are mostly not allowed. But Kingarrians are happy, so are everyone.