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Space Agency

The Belkomian Space Agency, or BSA was founded in 1871. During this time the Agency was mainly devoted to the field of astronomy, and most research took place at the Brandenburg Observatory. Primitive forms of rocket artillery were used in previous wars, and in 1908 the scientific possibility was realized by the BSA. In 1909 the first suborbital flight was achieved, and several months later the first orbital flight. The first successful manned flight was on Hestia II, where Cosmonaut Amelia Valton became the first human in space. Unfortunately, in a tragic accident Hestia VI exploded after launch killing all 3 crew members. This caused a 3 year set back for the BSA. In 1913, Ledendia started their own space program in an attempt to rival the BSA. In this same year however, the BSA set history again with the launch of Independence IV, and landed on the surface of the moon. The Free Land of Belkom solidified its status as the dominant space power, and in 1928, proposed the construction of a cooperative space research platform, known as the IORC. To this day, the BSA is a proud part of Belkomish history and a major part of life. 1976 marked the first private space agency and as of 2020, there are a total of 87 private space agencies. The BSA often works closely with or contracts these private agencies to further The Free Land of Belkomís knowledge of space.