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Ethical Treatment of Animals Pros and Cons

Ethical Treatment of Animals in Research
The Rejected Realms WA Information

Reasons to Vote For:
  • The proposal addresses animal rights issues with a compromise. It gives flexibility towards beneficial researchers in testing while still mandating humane treatment and animal conservation efforts.

  • The proposal has the General Fund support researchers in need of money to treat animals humanely, which supports scientific research, which includes some that may improve the lives of animals.

    • This could be a reason to vote against if you are against the World Assembly's ever-expanding need for
      national funding.

Reasons to Vote Against:
  • Clause 2b states that “Animal research institutes may not develop products whose main purpose is to harm animals physically or psychologically unless the product minimises the suffering of an animal harmed or killed for a lawful purpose or its function is of material benefit to its sapient owner.” Which clearly allows animal abuse for the sake of material gain. While this is an exception that is certainly not in the spirit of the law, it neuters much of its ability to protect animals.

  • An "animal" is defined as a non-sapient being with a nervous system or equivalent system by which it is naturally able to experience pain;” this definition arguably excludes great apes and potentially other primates, perhaps the animals most deserving legal protection, depending on your interpretation of the WA definition of sapient.