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[Important] Codex Ylvus ❌ Nanisekai Shared Universe Oath

Codex YlvusNanisekai
Harmonic EmpireTerra Britania

Formation of the Codex Ylvus ❌ Nanisekai Shared Universe

With this comes the announcement of the official Codex Ylvus-Nanisekai Shared Universe, which will include all official works to be shared between Harmonic Empire and Terra Britania. With this document, the participants are allowed to use assets and other intellectual property of both participants without risk of being reported for copyright infringement.

Both participants have the right to, if they so wish, pass on ownership of their assets but not their main works to the other should one decide to retire from NS. When using borrowed assets, the participants must make sure to mention the other party of the Shared Universe.

This will only expire should both parties wish to cancel their participation within the Shared Universe oath, which will instantly nullify asset sharing between participants.

Signed by

Harmonic Empire
Owner of Codex Ylvus

Terra Britania
Owner of Nanisekai