by Max Barry

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by The Dominion of Norwegian dominion. . 12 reads.


1905- Norway gains full independence
1907- Norwegian Dominion Proclaimed
1917- join ww1 on allies side
1934- proclaim neutrality
1939- take neutrality off to fight Germany
1940- are invaded
1942- push Germans slowly away from their country
1943- Germans are finally pushed from Norway
1944- land in Denmark.
1945- End of war!!!
1963-1966- Sweden and Denmark declare war on me but I invade a part of Sweden.
1972-1975- Denmark and Sweden attack me again. I annex whole of Sweden.
1996-1998- war with Denmark. I annex it completely.
2016- Buy North Finland
2018- Greenland joins me, Annex Iceland. Finland is half annexed by me, half by someone else.