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Claim a spot in the map

Me the Royal Cartographer decided to set up some limits in the amount of land you can get, the things you can't do, etc.

[box][size=270]How to make claims[/size][/box]
[b]1. You cant claim other countries claims
2. Be specific in your claims, for example try to tell me which states you want to control, for example: Massachusets and Wales
3. Be realistic with your claims: You cant have colonies if you are land locked, or you cant have land in another continent that is far away from your position, For example you cant claim Asia if you are located in Western Europe
4. If you want some claims of other person, at least ask that person if he is okay and wants some land in return. [i][u](This most be discussed in Private and needs the approval of The Royal Cartographer)[/u][/i]
5. In case we have small chunks of unclaimed land between the nations, it will be divided between them fairly
6. You will be allowed to expand 2 times every week
7. Once the claim has been applied on the map you cannot change it[/b]
[box][size=270]What you [b]CAN'T[/b] do after claiming your spot in the map[/size][/box]
[b]1. Ask to reduce the size of other nation
2. Ask for big chunks of map
3. Take other nation's claims
4. Ask for more claims in the RMB chat, you must telegram the Royal Cartographer
5. For now any country wont be able to colonize America, Asia or South Africa. These claims will be on the waiting list[/b]

I will add more rules if neccesary