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Thialren Army sends regiments to quell Thalrenian rebellion against Thialrer

Written by Jake Potter

Just today, soon after Prime Minister Scorpius Kane announced that Thalrenia would impose sanctions upon Thialrer for a "tyrannical rule", Thialren Emperor William Knight has declared that all sympathizers to the Thalrenian rebellion will be tortured and executed for treason. Thialrer has sent several regiments of the Army of Thialrer to Thalrenia to combat the rebellion, and Khazar Lechia, the Founder of 1st Epitome United where Thialrer is located, has asked Prime Minister Kane to retain diplomatic relations with Thialrer and wait until our economy recovers. The Khan of Khazar Lechia has proposed that they compensate Thalrenia when the economy recovers, saying that "a fall of entire regional economy would also affect international trade". Prime Minister Kane has not made any comment.

Jake Potter is a news reporter for the Aesoran News Network.

The Free Land of Thalrenia