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this sport is a elegant sword fight, at the begin of the fight the opponents would mostly do simple attacks and block them. after being some time into the battle the opponents would attack each other with harder attack, in wich the other opponent would need to duck, jump or back off to not get hit. in the third part the opponents would use everything they know to battle each other, in wich they can use the terrain around them. a person wins when he hits his opponent
Tunjuno looks a lot like like Tönju, as Tönju is the modern version of Tunjuno. this sport has been created in the old family war. the families wanted to find a way how they could have battles to show whos the best but wanted less casaulties as all sides were suffering from the war. because of this Aragu Tunjun invented Tunjuno, a sport in wich the best fighters of each family would battle against each other to the death. they would use this sport to decide wich family is the best or to solf issues. later an less harmfull version was made Tönjue. the sport is only done under high class citizens in porymonia at the moment.

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