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Heavenly Medics

Ancient turkish mark of heaven

Tengri Medikter

Tengri Medikter or Heavenly Medics are a military group officially defined as medics, doctors and nurses under the direct rule of The Khan of Khazar Lechia who are financed similarily to the army and enforcement. Whenever they are not ordered to a specific place, they work normally in containment facilities and as traveling doctors, or in communities as local medics. Their education is payed for directly by the Khan and only upon achieving a set standard of education measured by tests both theoretical and practical they are allowed to join the Medics instead of another branch of the military.


"Send The Medics with Mark of Tengri!" Is a known and legendary sentence used many times in the history of Khazar Lechia in a lot of situations. The start of the group itself is unknown, but the first mention of it is at the first known ride of the united Khazar Lechia onto one of ancient cities. When the city was sacked one of the advisors mentioned to the Khan "A lot of fire... A lot of people died" and Khan was supposed to answer "Send The Medics with Mark of Tengri (Heaven)".

Back in the pagan days those Heavenly Medics were the only recorded scholars that have known enough western and arabic knowledge to manage a medical institution known as a "Shpital". After the religion of the Khan changed to abrahamic, he decided to keep them as a group without restructuring them or even changing their name.

Modern times

For many years they have been left to their own lives, until the leader of Thialrer asked Khazar Lechia to take a stance on their internal war. Khan not wanting to send his fragile army and not wanting to risk a conflict with other nation of the region decided to once again after so many years "Send The Medics with Mark of Tengri". Currently they are one of the available choices for conscription.


Khazar Lechia officially has a conscription of both men and women, as long as they are healthy both physically and mentally. Every citizen from the age 16 is allowed to choose a branch of the military and according to the law unless they are unfit for any of the branches, they must apply for all one by one until they are accepted. Heavenly Medics are one of said branches. Their main requirement aside from health is high demand of educational accomplishments. Their education is funded by The Khan and therefore the state, but if they don't meet the requirements, they are forced to apply to other branches, preferably the enforcement as they also employ medical staff.