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the great Verrisian-Doronese war list of generals

the great Verrisian-Doronese or the VD conflict was a military campaign started by Verrisia and Estoronetalanovertona as a reaction to the slaughter of 2014 when the Doronese government enacted the systematic killing of the native jewish population in their borders. the generals who fought in this war were
General of the army Lorence Ashkenazi
Admiral-General Gradil Varon
Baron Alan Doenitz
General Len'te Vris
General David Leventhal the 3rd
General Lee "bloodthirsty" Teloronoleteritivantuvu
Admiral James Grey
Admiral Ai Sato
Admiral Lowly "sweetums" Greene
Admiral Grecii jiy
General of the army Linti Teloronoleteritivantuvu (Lee Teloronoleteritivantuvu's Cousin)
Admiral-General Haighl Tenelon
General of the navy Naighli Noghli
General of the air force Veten King
Commander of the yellow army Greg Thompson
General Tommy Yillion
General Reten'it Hora
General Demitriv Beerman
Admiral Olpna Aster
Admiral Teddy Holloway
Prince james lancer
Prince theo lancer
Prince william lancer
Prince harry lancer
General Tom Skipper