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Krystalveil's May Celebration

Due to the return of peace, HRH Emperor Theodore I decided to host a lavish party.

15,000 Crowns Golden Lilies encrusted with diamonds were offered as gifts to the leaders as they arrived.

3 million balloons were released.

As every members of the ruling families gathered in Lemon City International Airport, a zeppelin landed. It was be the mean of transportation for the first part of the day - an aerial view of Lemon City.

The Zeppelin landed near the Imperial Palace. The ruling families were expected inside the Museum for the first look at the exhibition prepared for opening on the 1st of June: Fabergé Eggs, paintings and sculptures, inside 7 m tall rooms.

As the leaders finish visit the museum, the 1st eating break was issued in the Amber Room. Similar to the IRL russian version, this room is completely made out of amber.

As they finish up eating, HRH Emperor Theodore I invited them across the street of the Imperial Palace to the National Opera to see the Ballet Royal de la Nuit. It was performed between 6pm and 6am.

The Hall is embellished in gold and various stones of different colours, mirrors and marble statues.

The Extravagant Court Spectacle had 45 entrees, 3 ballets within a ballet and 120 costumes changes. It featured mythological goddesses Venus and Diana and other fantastic creatures. The Emperor played as Apollo.

The 2nd day, before the ball, the guests received porcelain made tea sets with gold and sapphires in a porcelain made room. Then they proceeded to start visiting the Orangery, before stopping in front of a glass made palace - the ballroom.

As they entered, they saw thousands of crystal made flowers as they shine due to the _helios_.

As the clocks showed 6am once again, HRH Emperor Theodore I thanked everyone for their participation and offersed everyone a last gift: a krystal ball, which has inside a krystal flower, that will shine forever in different colours due to a small _helios_. The ball sits on a golden musical box, encrusted with pearls and rubys.

As a follow-up gift, HRH Emperor Theodore I sent each guest a smaller version of the Amber Room - only 2 sq ms, but very valuable and estimated at 25 million Crowns each.

Krystalveil spent 216,160,000 million Crowns on gifts alone (27,020,000 per nation). The total cost of this celebration was 600 million Crowns.

The Empire of Krystalveil