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by The Imperial duchy of Republic of Vareshia. . 23 reads.

The Vareshian purity act of 2020

The Vareshian purity act, passed on 2:45 PM Sunday May 24th has gone into action
All non humans (vulpinids to be exact) without being second generation Vareshian are to be deported immediately from Vareshia any Vulpinids resisting will be apprehended by the Stasi and sent to protective Custody. Trade will still resume with [nation]Katrzynija[/nation] and [nation]Aurora Novis[/nation] along with its allies and Vulpinids can immigrate to the rest of [nation]Katrzynija[/nation]ís empire but no Vulpinids can come to Vareshia. 

Signed- Kaiser Romani Fritzberg of Vareshia, son of Kaiser Schmidt fritzberg

(The purity act in [nation]Ballistikov[/nation] is now used)