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by The Democratic Republic of Akragas. . 13 reads.

8 Haiku for the NWI

Written for participation in the NWI Poetry Competition

Thematic categories:

A. Love of country/region

Diary in a lonely Outpost of North Akragas.

A humid morning|
Might hate living by the Sea;
I always r e m a i n

Minutes of the General Assembly.

A congregation:
All speak but all care for them|
O, New West Indies

B. Environment

The discreet Persistence of a Flowering Tree.

A carob tree, dry|
Rock as far as one can see|
Nature won again

A cold Night of Pea Soup Fog as seen through the Eyes of a Feral Pigeon.

Dense jet black smog;
Sweet embrace of NOx and smoke|
Uniquely human

C. Space

Aloof Spirit in the Sky.

Luminous giants;
Some of us just can't reach yet|
Keep fearing Caelus

Exoplanetary Blues.

Sanguine ammonia seas|
Are these hominids strolling?
Must be far from home

D. Other

Nevermind the Gap
(a.k.a. an Akragantine enters the Porto Empedocle Metro for the first time)

Damp tubes of darkness|
Termites in the city's nest||
"Next station: Red Square"

Pharmaceutical industry admits spillage in water supply.

A bright blue clownfish|
Endless rivers whirling green:
It was on the news