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by The Republic of Sparanoda. . 2 reads.

Vote FOR the "Ethical Treatment Of Animals In Research"

IN RESPONSE to the voting recommendation of the CSC Defense Office, Sparanoda recommends that all residents vote [b]FOR [/b]the at-vote legislation, as the reasons brought up by the CSC Defense Office are invalid, as explained below:

1. Clause 2 leaves the door open to continued experimentation as the purpose is not to ban experimentation but to prevent pointless torture. The clause is clear in intent and purpose as to not inhibit scientific or economic progress any more than necessary.

2. The newly established WA body does very little to regulate WA members, allowing for continued sovereignty of member nations.

3. Although additional financial resources MAY be needed, these resources are ultimately put right back into the economies of respective nations.

4. Clause 8 does not contradict clause 7; clause 8 merely establishes the death of an animal as a last resort and establishes that the death of said animal must be humane.

5. Clause 8, sentence c does not subvert sentences a and b of clause 8 as sentence c may only be employed when sentences a and b may not be fulfilled within the capabilities of the animal research institute.

Overall, the at-vote legislation protects both animals and nations' scientific and economic interests; as such, residents are encourage to vote [b]FOR[/b] the at-vote legislation.