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Official List of Faronian legislative bodies and governmentally established organizations (FLB & GEO)

[color=red][b]THE GREAT MONARCHICAL EMPIRE OF FARONIA[/b][/color] / Official List of Faronian legislative bodies and governmentally established organizations
[b]SERIAL CODE:[/b] [i]3FIEN0N2ID3M7238-83D8[/i]
[b]LAST CHANGE MADE:[/b] [i]May 28th 2020 / 11:42 (GMT+2 - Zagreb)[/i]
[b]RESPONSIBLE BODY:[/b] [color=blue][i]Office for Law Publication[/i][/color]
[b]Viceministry of Internal Affairs[/b]
[color=blue]Ministry of Demographics[/color]
[color=blue]Ministry of Agriculture[/color]
- Office for Local Agricultural Development 
[color=blue]Ministry of Tourism[/color]
- Office for Coastal Affairs
- Office for
[color=blue]Ministry of Science and Education[/color]
[color=blue]Ministry of Military and Defence[/color]
- Office for Schools
- Office for Electronic Educational Development
[color=blue]Ministry of Sport and Recreation[/color]
- Office for Sport Events
[color=blue]Ministry of Finances[/color]
- Office for general Tax Managment
- Office for Industrial Tax Managment
- Office for Trade Tax Managment
[color=blue]Ministry of Work[/color]
- Office for Employment
[color=blue]Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Infrastructure[/color]
- Office for Road Infrastructure
- Office for Railway Infrastructure
- Office for Urban area Transport
- Office for Airport Infrastructure and Areal Transportation
- Office for Seaport Infrastructure
- Office for Underground Infrastructure
[color=blue]Ministry of Environment and Energy[/color]
- Office for Renewable Energy Sources
- Office for Nonrenewable Energy Sources
- Office for Local Energy Management
[color=blue]Ministry of Economy[/color]
- Office for economical development
[color=blue]Ministry of Health[/color]
- Office for Health institutions
- Office for Civil health protection
[color=blue]Ministry of Law[/color]
- Office for Court
- Office for Law managment
- Office for Law Publication
[color=blue]Ministry of Regional Development[/color]
- Office for Urban development
- Office for Rural development
[color=blue]Ministry of State Properties[/color]
- Office for managing State Properties
[color=blue]Ministry of Culture[/color]
- Office for Material Culture and Heritage protection
- Office for Nonmaterial Culture and Heritage Protection
[color=blue]Ministry of Sea and Maritime Affairs[/color]
- Office for Maritime Transportation
[color=blue]Ministry of Cartography[/color]
- Office for Internal Territory Management

[b]Viceministry of Foreign Affairs[/b]
[color=blue]Ministry of Regional Development[/color]
- Office for Regional Law Enforcement
[color=blue]Ministry of Interregional Relations[/color]
[color=blue]Ministry of Cartography[/color]
- Office for Foreign Territory Management


Faronian Football Association [b]FFA[/b]
Faronian Basketbal Association [b]FBA[/b]
Faronian Handball Association [b]FHA[/b]
Faronian Volleyball Association [b]FVA[/b]
Faronian Water Sports Association [b]FWSA[/b]
Faronian Rugby Association [b]FRA[/b]
Faronian Cricket Association [b]FCA[/b]

Administration of Military Divisions [b]AoMD[/b]
Army Veterans Association [b]AVA[/b]

[b]Culture and Heritage[/b]
National Parks of Faronia [b]NPF[/b]
Local Heritage Protection Group [b]LHPG[/b]

Faronian Human Rights Association [b]FHRA[/b]