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Krystalveil's Volcano

[b]Diamondveil City[/b]

Krystalveil invites everyone to Diamondveil City, but not for the city itself, but the mountain near it. Or inside the mountain.

A marble Palais is built at the bottom of the former Volcano, gems adoring the relief.

Inside the Palais, the rooms have a combination between white and coloured marble, gems and silver. At the end of the "Front Rooms", the guests are expected into a 2nd Amber Room, this one being 2 times the one in the Imperial Palace and estimated at 2 billion Crowns.

A golden door leads to a 5 meter wide and 10 meter tall corridor, built inside the mountain in a gothic architecture. The walls have the same krysal flowers as seen before in Lemon City.

The gallery is 10 kms in length and displays statues and paintings. At the end of this is a golden door that leads to the cone of the vulcano.

The whole interior has been cleaned and the walls have been adorned with marble, amber and gold, statues and sculptures, gems, diamonds and krystals, that shine - the room is priceless. 

Above everything, at about 30 kms (all the walls up to this point have the same design as below), there is a glass dome, that let's the sun enter the mountain.

The opening ceremony took place among various leaders and important people. 

The new tour let the leaders roam free inside the mountain and the galleries. 

HRH Emperor Theodore I waited his guests with a small statue of himself made out of marble, with a golden mask on its face and sapphires where the eyes should be. 

When the leaders left, they received a Shell - that opens up to let a pearl fly 5 cm into the air, then a song starts to play as holographic figures start dancing around the pearl.

The Empire of Krystalveil