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The land of Zhytine

Either the Russians did not find us yet, or the Ukrainians forgot about us. Whatever the news was, we don't give a crap about them! We are located on a remote section of Crimea. We are not a tribe, we are a very small country! Of course, we are near water, however we are not really located inland of Crimea. We surround some of the wild beaches of Crimea near Ukraine and the Black Sea. That being said, Zhytine is a small patch of land on the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by vast amounts of water on it. Around 71% of Zhytine is covered with water, and thanks to the progressive technology of our Zhytinian people, we have developed new technologies that can evolve us to becoming in-water Utopians. We are a nation surrounded by 29% land, however is covered with 71% water. Zhytine still follows around the land it inhabits, however it only uses the land for resources and miscellaneous activities. To thus being said, Zhytine is a unique country to having a very diverse and remote rainforest system that has been preserved for hundreds of years. The ecosystem underwater of Zhytine is also extraordinary. Many varieties of fish located in the Black Sea flock over to Zhytine to feed on what waste we have to offer for them. In a whole, Zhytine provides the ecosystem with great values back as a "thank you" for serving Zhytine.