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Regional Reconciliation Pact Slows Policy

• "There's a bright dawn ahead for Polis Diamonil."
• "Anti-government political posters adorn every building like wallpaper."
(...partial archive recovery...)

• - It’s getting harder to keep these in order. The current era’s expected duration couldn’t be calculated ahead. These calculations were falling into chaos before the collapse; what were they thinking?

• (Genographic Institutes Cull Parenting Staff Rosters After Beach Surveillance Reveals Neglect)
• The government's giant servers are often used as a tourist trap.
• A government program is underway to revitalize Polis Diamonil's beaches.
• (International Report Praises Stability of Diamonil Textbook Market)
• (Peacock Gryphon Murals Proliferate On Offices Nationwide)
The nation's government buildings are remarkable for being ugly concrete boxes.
• (“Underworld Resonance: Meatmarket" Carves Place in Diamonil Urban Fantasy Market)
• Churches across the land are hurriedly installing auto-tune for their choirs.
• Polis Diamonil's Medieval Faire is renowned as one of the best in the region.
• Waste is frequently shipped to other countries.

(Responding to Criticism, Regional Allotments Begin Gearing Up for Expansion of International Medical Services)
foreigners must sell an arm and a leg to afford surgery in Polis Diamonil
the Gallery of Instasnap is the most popular museum in the country
(Chimeron Collective Posts Faction Budget; Shocks Nation; Establishes New Faction Subsidies)
(Polis Diamonil published "Interregional Price War Erupts Pursuing Trade Gains from Medicine)
"Pre-takeoff checks last longer than the flights themselves"
("Etiquette and The Unknown Universe of Our Cloning Vats")
Homophobia is off the menu
(Confederal Joint Resolution Reaffirms Central Religious Policy: "Thou Shalt Not Kill")
it is not politically correct to suspect that a serially convicted burglar might steal again
finding half a worm in your apple is an arrestable offense
(International Observers Declare Vegetarianism Policy Expected to Be Temporary)
serial commas clarify the relationship between one's lackeys, the taxpayers, and kinsfolk
- It was the only way

noises louder than a whisper have been prohibited by law, and the government has been criticized for giving away Polis Diamonil's territory to anyone who claims it
- We only took out a few noises. We only ever get a few of anything.