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Prorescia For Senate

As a relatively new player to NationStates, I have already experienced so many great things. I have had fun on roleplay servers. I have participated in intellectual discussion on lots of topics. I have made jokes with lots of great people. This game is great fun and I am glad to share my experience with anyone who reads this. After some thinking about whether or not I should, I am now announcing that I will be running for senate.

If I am elected for senate, I promise that I will try to help make government and other activities more easily available for all types of nations. I will take suggestions and let others give suggestions to me so everybody including people that either wouldn't get an opinion or who disagree with me and others. I endorse all the other candidates and wish them the best of luck for the election, but I think that you should vote for me for senate because I will help make the region more accessible and make sure that everyone's opinion is heard.

I believe that events such as the Drewpocalypse can actually be highly beneficial for our region. Although there was ridiculous lag for a day, we have gotten quite a few dedicated nations out of it. On the topic of free speech and moratorium, I believe that sometimes it is necessary to enforce something such as a moratorium, but I believe that a law should be passed saying that the whole RMB can't be blocked from talking. In my theoretical law, up to twenty people can be banned for a set amount of time. The law will also say exactly where the line is on what will cause a temporary ban from the RMB and what will cause a ban from the region. For example, it is difficult to tell when exactly an argument justifies being banned from chat temporarily so we could set exact points on different types of arguments.

The current Constitution of The Union of Democratic States is flawed in multiple points, but the majority of it is good at this current point. If I am elected as senator, I will most likely not change the Constitution and if I do, it will be a very minor change about something such as wording.

If anybody would like to critique my methods or cite something that I have said that is either impossible or you disagree with, feel free to send me a telegram as I would love to see all of your opinions and respond.

The Republic of Prorescia