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Limicitian Punishment Law

The Federation of Liminyj
"Many freedoms in void"

The Laws Regarding Criminal Punishment
Parliamentary Recognition: Majority Agreement
Status: Passed

Standard Criminal Punishment

Regular Punishments
In a tribunal of law, citizens being trialed of criminal activity that are within these crimes:

  • Manslaughter

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Degree Murder

  • Theft

  • Assault and/or Battery

  • Illegal Firearm Possession

  • Illicit Substances Possession

  • Abuse of Children

  • Littering

  • Indecency

  • Threat/Conspiracy to Commit the Above Acts

Are to be fined or imprisoned(depending on severity) if convicted.

Fines and Imprisonment
When regular crimes are convicted upon a citizen, the punishment is to either be a fine or sentencing to prison. Fines can range 50 LYQ and 10,000 LYQ depending on severity, if the crime resulted in the loss of property, the fine can be elevated for the compensation of the victim. Imprisonments are also dependent on severity, with the punishment lasting between 3 years and a life sentence w/o parole, exceptions to this are when the crime elevates to a high crime(such as theft of >1 million LYQ value objects) or when a person is found mentally ill, in which they are sent to rehabilitation.

High Punishments
If citizens being trialed of higher criminal activity that are within these crimes:

  • Mass 1st Degree Murder

  • Treason

  • Intentional Governmental Property Damage >1 million LYQ

  • Property Theft >1 million LYQ

  • Extortion

  • Conspiracy to Commit the Above Acts

They are to be specially investigated and if the citizen has been charged with any of these crimes by the jury, then the now convict is to be stripped of their citizenship and executed by 3 methods: firing squad, electrocution, or lethal injection. These methods of execution are to be chosen by either the convict or the jury.

If a high crime is committed by a government official or foreigner, the charges would elevate to being an intolerable crime, which could result in heavy corporal punishment, deportation and ban from the country, or execution.

Special Criminal Punishment

Military Punishments
In a military tribunal, if a soldier/officer has been court martialed and charged by crimes mentioned in this factbook under the 'Court Martialing' section, then they are to go through a punishment of a similar degree to the crime they have been convicted of. The only exception to this is the navy, where if members commit any of the crimes listed, they will immediately go through corporal punishment, ranging from weak shocks to an execution by electrocution.

Government Official Punishments
In the case an official commits any of the previously mentioned crimes of the standard and special criminal punishments, it is immediately considered a high crime and they are detained and charged without trial. The official who is convicted will be stripped of their rank within the government, their citizenship, and have their bank accounts temporarily deactivated, then the convict will now serve in forced labor for a period ranging from 2 months to 5 years. After the convicted official has completed their service, they will regain their citizenship, bank account, and if they are willing to, a lower position in the government. If the official doesn't survive the service or attempted to flee service, their bank account is liquidated into the national budget and their citizenship fully dissolved.

AI Citizen Punishments
In the situation an AI violates the law, they immediately be detained and will go through a 2 hour trial. If the AI is found to be guilty, their memory is to be wiped of the arrest and their systems are to be reviewed by programmers to find any discrepancies within their programming.

Foreign Criminal Punishment

Tourist Misbehavior Punishments
If a tourist/foreign visitor were to violate the law, they will be detained by law enforcement and placed into jail for a period of 5 days. During the 5 days, law enforcement will decide if the foreign misbehaver is to be trialed, if so, the detained foreigner will have to wait an additional 5 days in jail for a trial to be organized with the jury. When the time for a trial occurs, and if they are found innocent, they will be set free and warned, otherwise, they are to be deported and marked as a offender if they were to revisit the country.

POW Criminal Punishment
If an enemy militant is captured, then they will be interrogated for information and if they misbehave during their capture, they will undergo light corporal punishment. POWs are to be generally kept unpunished for the sake of ethics.

Passed: May 12, 2008 Officialized: May 18, 2013 Amended: August 9, 2017
IRL| Passed: 5/12/2020 Posted: 5/24/2020 Edited: 5/25/2020