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Dutch East Indies (Dutch Indonesia), Singapore


Point of Divergence: 14 century, Majapahit Era


The Point of Divergence is in the 1357, in the year that Majapahit Empire is ruled by Hayam Wuruk and Premier Gadjah Mada.
In our timeline, Gajah Mada had sworn the Oath of Palapa which aims to unite the entire archipelago under the Majapahiti banner. In OTL, this never happens because of Bubat Incident.

But in the Alternate History, Bubat Incident just never happened, thus King Hayam Wuruk and Dyah Pitaloka from Sunda Kingdom married and United the two kingdoms. Since that, they start to begin the expansion to the entire archipelago and uniting more and more kingdoms under Majapahit rules.

But this didn't last long. The colonial era finally arrived. Firstly, The Dutch established a colony near Batam, and yes the Majapahit is accepted them but this time, The Majapahit Empire only held Java, Nusa Tenggara Islands, Southern of Sumatera, Little piece of Borneo, and South Sulawesi. The British also came to this archipelago and established a colony in North Sumatra where the Sultanate of Malacca is located.

Initially, all these kingdoms received the arrival of the British and Dutch who were thought to be "merchants". However, over time the British and the Dutch had begun to interfere with the affairs of these kingdoms. They bring into conflict of the empires and kingdoms to fight with each other.

Time passed, the Dutch had already mastered Sulawesi, and half of Sumatra. Majapahit cannot do expansion anymore. Kingdoms in Borneo are under British Borneo now, and the others is now under the Dutch.

And finally, the brutallest fight in the Archipelago: Dutch-Majapahit War. This war is lasted 3 years long and resulted in the Dutch occupying Majakarta. Treaty of Palapa: The Dutch can take all of Java and South Sumatra, The Majapahit is still ruling, but it's now a puppet of Dutch East Indies.


1. 1600s: The VOC is established in East Indies archipelago (or the area we know as Indonesia)

2. 1800s: The British begin to influence The Archipelago after the collapse of VOC, and after Netherlands is under France (in Napoleonic Wars)

3. 1824: The Dutch came back but in this Alternate Scenario, The British keep their territories in Sumatra, Java and Borneo. But the Dutch still want to grab their land. So the British Empire give back the Dutch territories in East Indies

4. 1890: Commonwealth of Dutch East Indies proposed, Majapahit remnants is forces to agree. As the result, The Dutch establishing the Commonwealth with Singapore as it's capital city.