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The San Medician Provinces

The following list compiles the name of all the provinces found in [b]The Most Serene Republic Of San Medici[/b] and [b]The Isles Of San Medici[/b] and their capital cities. Note that in the case of [b]The Isles Of San Medici[/b], each province is a different island, except for Massa and Carrara.

[b][u]The Most Serene Republic Of San Medici:[/u][/b]

1. Giovanni (Capital city: Ciudad De San Medici)
2. Álava (Capital city: La Fortuna)
3. Alicante (Capital city: Alexandrina)
4. Agrigento (Capital city: Agrigento)
5. Bologna (Capital city: Bologna)
6. Cábris (Capital city: Corozal)
7. Córdoba (Capital city: Placencia)
8. Imperia (Capital city: Nervica)
9. Granada (Capital city: Andalusia)
10. Las Palmas (Capital city: Palmas Beach)
11. Reggio Calabria (Capital city: Calabria Falls)
12. Udine (Capital city: Fraser)

[b][u]The Isles Of San Medici:[/u][/b]

1. La Cruz (Capital city: Puerto De La Cruz)
2. Isla Tarragona (Capital city: Betancuria)
3. Aguas Blancas (Capital city: Candelaria)
4. Massa and Carrara (Capital city: Massa)