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by The Green Pheonix of New Vedan. . 47 reads.

A modest proposal

It is a undeniable fact that the Lazguard needs a major overhaul, The regulations we have now restrict us so much that we can no longer perform any operations whatsoever, aside from perhaps the occasional defence of a Warzones Incorporated member state.

This as most of you know, is due to the desire of some influential members for Lazarus to remain Neutral in R/D affairs. This has lead to great tension between those who serve in the guard, and those who seek to reign in on its activities, With the recent Warzones Incorporated treaty removing the ability to raid all of the warzones within the guards reach, coupled with the increasing scarcity of facist targets capable of being raided, the desperate need for reform cannot be more clear.

So how then do we open up our pool of potential targets while respecting both our agreements with the warzones and the domestic desire for neutrality? Why dont we look to the most neutral nation in the real world for guidance. The Swiss people have both a longstanding tradition of complete neutrality in all foreign conflicts..and the tradition of fielding of vast mercenary armys to bring riches home from said foreign conflicts, this is a system I belive Lazarus should copy.

I propose that the Lazguard be reorganized as a mercenary company that will provide service (be it raiding or defending) in exchange for cards, similarly to the UCR Mercenaries R Us. By accepting contracts from anyone we are not at war with, regardless of the political affiliation or R/D alignment (except the fascists) and only working when being paid, we can both maintain our neutrality and provide plenty of targets for our regional guard.

It would also fit in perfectly with our corporate theme, after all if were a corporation then what are we selling? Might as well be mercenaries. And I'm sure we can find a good use for the cards gained from it, whether we give it all to the guardsman or use it as a prize for some regional competition. With the reknown of a GCR and the lure of being able to earn cards, a Lazarene mercenary company should have no problem with obtaining both contracts and new recruits and provide a much needed solution to the stagnation of the guard.

The Green Pheonix of New Vedan