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F in Chat for Libumelland

CCL Nations in Languages!:

Council of Constructed Languages Nations in Each of our Languages!
In order of the following translated nations in alphabetical order, they are;
Astoria, Aenglide, Braussland, Czisra, Debut1, Eumebalo, Gorschia, Kilhosz, Kowani, Kuneenkrijk van Legerland, La Andalucia, Libumelland, Masinian Islands, Ngotintu, Novaja Viet’ Dielienaja, Nova Dalmacija, Paelles, Richtlant, Sarztoend, Slutsk Horde, (The) Dual Rep., Tisriu, Tungustan, Valkyrie Sprak, Viriam.

Astoria, Aenglisia, Braussia, Ceziria, Debutia, Eumebalia, Gorshia, Kíloshia, Kowanía, Kunenkrikia, Andalucia, Libumélia, Ilas Masinias, Nigotíntia, Nueve Viet Dielienia, Nueve Dalmacía, Payellia, Richterria, Sarshtoyendia, Orade Sluskia, La Republica Dasa, Tísria, Tungusia, Valkíria, Viria.

Libumelian Language (WIP)

ENG: Hello and welcome to this factbook, thank you for stopping by. This is a dictionary on the Libumelian Language. Libumelian is a mix of Spanish and English and a little bit of French and Catalan.
LIB: Elonas e élcomas comeso lírada mercadas ora paúsa. Eson dictióniren enel elingua Libumélien. Libumélien esun blendo Españen e Inglísien eñon petío Franćen e Catalen.
The Basics/Los Básicos
Hello: Elona
Hello to two or more people: Elonas
Welcome: Élcoma
Welcome to two or more people: Élcomas
Thank you: Mercada
Thanking two or more people: Mercadas
Goodbye: Odío
Goodbye to two or more people: Odíos
Please: Paí
Please to two or more people: País
How are you: Elcé es tu?
What is your name: Tu jamar es?
My name is: Mi ______ es jamar.

Getting to know someone/Gretas popuño
What is your name: Tu jamar es?
My name is: Mi ______ es jamar.
How old are you: Tu jares es?
I am __ years old: Mi jares es __.
When is your birthday: Tu vidadia es?
My birthday is: Mi vidadia es __.
What is your hobbies: Tu activís es?
I like to do: Adoro actívo __.

Random questions to ask someone/Misca asques popuño
What is your favourite colour: Tu colódoro es?
My favourite colour is: Mi colódoro es __.
Do you have siblings: Tu adijos?
My siblings are: Mi adijos es __.


Red: Rojo/Roja
Orange: Aranjo/Aranja
Yellow: Amaro/Amara
Green: Verdo/Verda
Blue: Azuro/Azura
Indigo: Indigo/Indiga
Violet: Violeto/Violeta
Black: Umbrado/Umbrada
Brown: Marróno/Marróna
White: Bianco/Bianca
Gray: Grio/Gria
Pink: Roso/Rosa

Misc. Colours/Colóres Miscas
These colours below have a meaning.
To make a colour light, add ‘lúmi’ at the beginning. These examples are below:

Cyan: Lúmiazuro/a
Lime: Lúmiverdo/a
Lavender: Lúmivioleto/a
Tan: Lúmimarróno/a
This is the same case for dark colours. Just add ‘úmbi’ to the beginning.
Navy: Úmbiazuro/a
Magenta: Úmbiroso/a
Forest: Úmbiverdo/a
Crimson: Úmbirojo/a


map list for reference

Libumelland - Andalucia, Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, Andorra
Castella - Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Leon, Galicia
Kowani (Prediction) - Portugal, Castille, Madrid
Braussland - Hispaniola (Haití Dominican)
Kilhosz - Krasnodar Krai (In russia)
Dawetid (Prediction) - Myanmar or China (TG needed)
Switzerland bN (Prediction) - Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Serzchepha - (Prediction) somewhere in slavic nations (TG needed)
Belgaam - (Prediction) - Low Countries

Libumelland WIP

The Principality of Libumelland

The Principality of Libumelland
La Royaria de Libumélia



Motto: ”The Peaceful Realm of Libumelland”
“La Realma Vécifia de Libumélia”

Anthem: Link”The Purple Flower” “La Fleura Morada”

Geological Location



Capital and Largest City


Official Language


National Language

Spanish, English



Ethnic Groups

Libumelian (78%)
Other (Kowani, Dawetidish etc.) (8%)


Christianity (predominantly Roman Catholic) (75%)
Other (predominantly Judaism) (10%)
Non-Religious (15%)



Leader Title

Prince Álbin IV


General Council




8.5 Trillion (Per Capita) #8


#4 (High )




from the fall of the Roman Empire, 476AD
The formation of Diocese Counts, 477AD
All Diocese Counts form in 1348AD

Time Zone


Calling Code

(Ex. +1)

Drives on the

Left / Right

ISO Code

Ex. U.S.

Internet LTD

ex. gov

Libumelland (lib-u-mell-land), officially known as the Principality of Libumelland (Libumelian: La Royaria de Libumélia) (Spanish: El Principado de Libumélia) (Catalan: El Principat de Libumélya) (French: La Principauté de Libumélie) is a small sovereign state located in the southern and eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe, bordering Kowani to the North and Northwest, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Continent of Africa to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the East. The origin of the country dates back to the fall of the Roman Empire In 476AD, where the Roman provinces of Betica and Eastern Tarraconensis formed the modern-day nation. It was then the smaller counts (houses of rule in a certain diocese province) of Catalonia, Valencia, Granadia and Andalucia were formed. The counts of Catalonia and Valencia were forced to merge by the Roman Charter in 1188, and Costia was created. The other two counts remained separate until 1348, when all of the counts United to become the present day Principality.


Libumelland’s Etymology is the most unique of any nation’s etymology in a certain way. Since Libumelland was the form of counts from the former Roman Empire, the major language was Latin. The Independence of the Principality on September 17th, 1348 meant that they needed a first leader and Prince Javiér I was the selected leader. Prince Javiér I’s birthday was coincidentally the Principality’s Independence Day. This then created the “Indeperthday”, a word combination of Independence and Birthday, which is celebrated on September 17th every year. The citizens of Libumelland were so glad to have this newly-anointed prince, that they wanted to celebrate his birthday. A man by the name of Cesar Ecapriona from the village of Ental, Alicante carefully baked a large cake with a lion and a crown on it to celebrate the prince’s birthday. This cake was so special that the cake is from today, the most famous cake of history and the leader remembered this cake so much that he named his own country after the cake. Libumelland was set, “libum” meaning “cake” in Latin, which is fascinating since the cake is not a national symbol of some sort, where the purple flower or la fleura morada is the national symbol. The cake is now unofficially known as ‘the cake’ or ‘la liba’, mainly by Libumelian residents who know about the etymology.














Foreign Relations





Template by Soleanna, template here

Phrase of the week requests/Frase de la ouíco recuestes

Telegram me a random sentence for the phrase of the week and I will translate it into libumelian, putting it into my forum signature.
However, if you are not familiar or not active on the forums, the phrases will be put here.

1: Dawetid: “I want to die.” “Jo anso-desiré destinatio suisadia.”
2: Belgaam: “I can do what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want and there is no way you can stop me.” Jo abél aćevo que-tieja jo anso-desiré, que-timos WIP I had to go somewhere xd


Provinces of Libumelland
Sudrísitos de Libumélia

Provinces - Provincial Seat
Sudrísito - Capitál de Sudrísito

1: I Esuevannio - Esuevannio
2: II Bajaterana - Puerto San Martín
3: III Golvo de Cowania - Evadora
4: IV Nortérno - Altória
5: V Plaja Grande - Cuidad de Paradiso
6: VI Éluélu - Éluélu
7: VII Rivio Teneras - San Andre
8: VIII Rayapeñora - Tarlotesa
Capitál Federales Sudrísito - Bahia de Aguaclara

Slang Words - Libumelian Style

INSPIRED BY Van Hool Islands
Friend - Evo - Naturally Libumelian
“Emmarcia is a really good evo of mine.” “Emmarcia es uño mućas biena evo de belonia.”

Down the street/Up the street - Callonar - Spanish in origin
“Hey Alberto, I will just callonar to the supermarket to get some food.” “Elóna Alberto, jo tascas minimál callonar destinatio el groceria acomplio poseća minimál efudo.”

Bro/Mate - Hermano - Spanish in origin
“Hey, it’s my hermano Alberto!” “¡Elóna, et es belonia hermano Alberto!”