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Airborne Fortress

The Feuraxian Airborne Fortress

On the 7th January, five prodigious shapes cast menacing shadows over the Northern strip. These shapes were the first of the Feuraxian airborne fortresses. Steel winged beasts so massive they had to be built in a shipyard.

In August 2016, Feuraxian Chief of Airforce Jim MacDuffy sent an order to the top Feuraxian minds in the weapons industry to draw up designs for a new aircraft. 4 trillion Octolateral Credits were plucked from the defense budget to go into the project. There were two goals that this project had to fulfill in order for it to be adopted into the Corporate Airforce; It had to have versatile operational implementation, and it had to appear unexpectedly, do catastrophic damage within a short period of time, and disappear as swiftly as it had come. The code name for the project was 'Tax Collector,' and development was sent and approved by Castillia in early September 2016.
Designs were finalised and approved by December 19 the same year. MacDuffy sent an unorthodox order to Patterson Ship building to begin construction on five gargantuan sea planes. These planes would have a wingspan 1km wide, have 8 interchangeable jet/rocket engines for both atmospheric and non-atmospheric flight, and carry an assortment of experimental weapons that could be deployed from suborbital altitudes. No runway would be large enough for these aircraft to take off from, so they were built in shipyards and would take off from the ocean. Construction for the five sea planes took three years, and was finished in 1st January 2020.
The five sea planes were named Tax Collector 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 respectively, and they were reclassified from sea planes to airborne fortresses. Each airborne fortress has a crew of 100 personnel.

Photograph of Tax Collector 01 from the top side. The Feuraxian flag is boldly emblazoned on the wings.

Tax Collector 01 releasing molten ash over the target area.

Feuraxia won't be experiencing any more Oofsurgencies any time soon.

Printed with authorisation from the Corporate Airforce Head of Data Management
John W. Sydney
Administration for Weapons Intelligence 2020